There is a Reason...

Hello folks!

I know. It's been a LONG time no? There is a reason, and though it is rather personal, I can say that I have had problems with the public nature of this blog and people coming back from the past to 'haunt' me. Let's just say that being an open sort and sharing things on the internet is very rewarding, but in situations like this, is VERY bothersome.

I have been dealing with this privately, and of course, had to stop the posting in this blog while I was dealing with it.

Honestly, I'm sure nothing can be done to ensure my peace of mind now, as the damage has been done. However, I do have some ideas and refuse to be silenced because these ghosts of life past decided to stick their noses where they certainly do not belong.

Just wanted to post and let my readers know what the dealio is. Sorry for not informing you sooner, but it was in my best interest to say nothing at all given the situation.

I will be posting here and there, and more there than here eventually. The blog will be moving and the person writing in the blog will be waaaaaay more anonymous. Lesson learned, never be so trusting.

I will be providing a way for those of you that follow my blog to follow me to the new one. I will have to be a bit tricky as I don't want these people following me as well, but rest assured, I have a solution!

Anyways, if you do still read this thank you for your patience!!

Thank you for reading,

Spring Motivation

Internet, oh internet. Throw me a bone.

You would think in this technological age it would be super easy to find work. I mean, this town isn't coughing up anything for me yet. It's a funny place, it seems busy and ripe with opportunity, but then it still has that small town 'I'll hire you if I know you' thing to it. I keep turning to the online world to search for something, anything really, that I can call 'my new job' but so far so fail.

The good thing is that it is Spring, or so the fat little Robin perched in the tree this morning told me. The birds are cheering me on outside the window... probably just begging for food, but food costs money, so in a way it's like cheering me on right?

My nocturnal nature is hard too... perfect for working from home, but horrid for pretty much everything else. It's hard when you are nocturnal, all of your senses and ease of thought come in the wee hours of the night when silence allows you to gather yourself and get inspired. It's like a drug, super hard to kick and very very addictive. It's hard to have much of a 'life' when you are a later nighter though, unless you find other people made from the same mold. Funny thing is, we nocturnites don't know who is a fellow nocturnite because we keep to ourselves and are pretty much solo. Maybe I should start a group and see who all is out there. We can start a revolution and reverse the natural order of the world! YEAH!

I keep staying up longer than I want in hopes to sleep REALLY weird for a couple of days and then be tired enough to go to bed at a decent time on day three. It worked before I got that damn swine flu, and that blew it all to Hell really fast. Now it's back to this nocturnal stuff again. I guess I'll try that three day night cleanse soon. I just tend to think like a 'normal' person when I sleep normal and that, guys, is really harmful to the creativity!!

Decisions, decisions. Someone just give me a job already so I'm forced to sleep normal!! That always works!

Anyways, off to sleep for a couple of hours and set twenty alarm clocks so I can get up around noon. Yep, two hours sleep for me woooo! Maybe I'll drop dead (SEE: sleep really deeply) tonight at a decent hour.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,

Anarchy in Tokyo

^ Not really, but it is a song from a really rad band and Japan is on my mind... but so is music, so there you go. Oh, and I haven't slept in a long time. My brain is super complex and convoluted ok? I have to deal with it so you must as well.

I went out this morning and I swear the rain saw me coming. About 20 minutes after stepping out my front door it started to pour (soaking the clothes I wore? Too much bad poetry? I think so, moving on...) I actually loved it though. It's -almost- a spring rain. Speaking of Spring, I noticed that the birdies were all super active and chirping at the dawn this morning. SPRING SPRING I LOVE YOU SPRING!

I was in a great mood until I drove by a sign outside of a local fish and chips restaurant that said 'all you can eat' and I got really angry at it. Maybe I just find things like that tasteless when things like the slaughters in Libya are happening right now and oh, oh yeah, the epic destruction in Japan. Why not a sign that says 'You buy one meal, we will help feed Japan!' or something? All you can eat... pff. Like the people of the western world need all we can eat. Seriously? It's just disgusting to see people sitting inside literally stuffing their faces until they can barely move out of sheer greed and a sick mania.

I've always admired the Japanese people and their culture, but after watching how they have handled this crisis and seeing footage of them actually helping each other, not looting businesses and homes, not rioting, not freaking out, not clamoring for food when food DOES come but rather taking it politely... wow. So much more respect than ever. The entire world could learn a million lessons from these people. Such a difference from 'all you can stuff your face with!!!' huh?

There was a story on the news where a reporter from the United States heard of ONE looting 'finally' and she went to talk to the business owner. She told the man everyone was surprised that there had been no lootings, but that it must finally be happening because she heard about this one incident. The Japanese man behind the counter said 'No, you are mistaken. The looter was white'


I wish those people the best. I also wish their animals the best. Anyone see the two dogs in the news? One was super injured and the other stayed with it until help came days and days later? Looks like we could learn a lot from animals as well.

I need to stop being so dismayed over these things though, I'm starting to want to become a hermit!! Oh oh, or maybe a hobbit! I love them hobbitses, and hey, I have Irish blood so it almost fits! I need to grow hair on my toes before I can become authentic though. Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm going to go work on some stuff now, stay dry and stay classy and don't eat all you can!! Eat what you need :)

Thank you for reading,

Chocolate Face

Well guys, the fact that I don't work in a salon anymore is REALLY starting to show. My eyebrows are heinous, my roots are over an inch long, it is all starting to go downhill.

In an attempt to correct one thing at least, see: skin, I have been applying various face masks that I have acquired from Wal-Mart. They sell these little one time application masks for about a dollar a piece, and they are really fun. I tend to collect all different kinds. Recently I applied a chocolate one and I literally wanted to eat my own face. The smell of delicious chocolate being so close to my nose for a good 20 minutes made me want to wash it off (or you know, lick it off) and go raid a candy store. By raid, I mean deplete them of their entire chocolate supply.

It made my skin feel great, but it was torture considering I
am trying to watch my diet. I certainly don't recommended this one to any of you who are sailing on the diet boat like me, but hey, if you can eat chocolate like it was going out of style, try this mask... just make sure you have a supply of candy bars beside you for after you wash it off.

Just to show you how pathetic my life has become, here is a picture.

I see Roots is having a makeover contest... feel free to nominate this girl *cough*

Thank you for reading this brief update in to the world of me,

Debate or Shut Up?

Yeah, that is the question folks.

I pose the question because I find my mind is in the minority these days, more so than yesterday and certainly more so than a year or two ago. Now a year or two ago, it was in the minority as well, but as the world becomes more liberal and, dare I say, extremist, I find that my thinking is not really meshing with the times. I can not become a conspiracy theorist overnight because frankly, that mentality makes my skin crawl and shake my head so fast I get whiplash in my neck. I have very unpopular political views, very unpopular social views and just... well if I spoke my mind I would be very unpopular indeed.

And you know, as I type that, I am reminded that it is not true. I just reminded myself (thank you writing, thank you) that there are a lot of people feeling exactly like I do, almost afraid to speak their opinion because the extremist, aka popular, voices drown us out... rather violently sometimes.

This may have you curious as to what my views actually are, and once again, I am in a corner. I can not really openly share them unless I wanted to start a wide open debate in my nice little blog. If I wanted a rock throwing contest between sides, I would have started this thread with the title 'I DISAGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR' and then braced myself for the proverbial pelting.

I bring this up because, for some reason, recently on my personal Facebook news feed there have been oh so many debates going on. Generally, 20+ are all in screaming 'GEORGE BUSH PRETENDED TO BE AN ALIEN AND CALLED SPACE TO ARRANGE TO BOMB THE TRADE TOWERS!' in unison, and the very very odd (SEE: me) person is saying 'ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!'

These things have gone beyond opinion in to crazy territory. I should have been screen shotting the conversations over the past month. I can't even have real debates anymore with people, which by the way used to be interesting, without them wanting to tear my head off for having an opposite view. Same goes for religious debates and social debates. None of them are anything other than a duck and cover situation, and yet I have a very hard time (more than ever) keeping my mouth shut.

I think it is the sheer insanity of some of the things I have been reading these days. Insanity mixed with ignorance, such a nasty combination. I mean, it's great people are trying to be involved and have opinions, I just wish that they would maybe read a book or two before claiming to know how to solve the world's problems?

Political debates are useless anyways being that we, the little man, will never know the real truths or facts. They just used to be fun and interesting before people drank the crazy water.

We have a possible Chernobyl (or worse) on our hands in Japan right now, and people are still debating if Bush staged 9/11, conspiring with alien terrorists wielding your mom's spatula of course.

I guess the best bet is to just ignore these things and focus on the real issues of the world. My attention is better spent being aware of reality than arguing with conspiracy lovers I guess.

Now, back to looking for a job /sigh

Hope you are all having a good week! Watch out for aliens!!

Thank you for reading,

Taking a Moment

I just want to take a moment and break from my regularly scheduled program of 'Me'.

Japan, wow. In the aftermath of the Earthquake I have seen so much about humanity that I do not like. So much that makes me question where we are going with this race of humans. So many comments that make me shake my head. I have been reading news stories online, trying to keep updated in more ways than just keeping CNN on full time. Underneath every news story are comments left from people. These comments are what have me utterly confused and dismayed at our new generation.

Comments stating Japan deserves this. Comments making fun of their race. Comments about 'what if this happens to me OMG' and yet nothing about the poor people in Japan that it JUST happened to. Arguments over religion. Arguments over governments helping Japan, and by arguments, I mean a lot of people are saying nobody should help them because they are a 'rich' country.

I ask you, if this were to happen here, would these same people be so wrongfully opinionated? Would they turn away Japan if they came bearing food for their children based on the fact we are a 'rich' country? Would they be yelling out racial slurs as they were trapped on their rooftop, left for days, maybe left for good? Would they be so quick to condemn? My guess is no.

It is sickening. It makes me literally nauseous. I can't believe the sheer mass of comments such as these in comparison to comments that are made in caring and showing love for the people there. There are not enough of those comments, not enough love. That's the problem today. So much self love, not enough directed outwards to your fellow man.

Sorry, but in times of crisis, your Playstation and your pizza pops are not important. Your 'sweet ride' sitting in the driveway does not make you better than someone without a car. Your opinion on world politics is not only useless at the moment, but it is probably wrong and uneducated. I say this because your opinion on this situation is very far out in left field, which tells me you are ignorant on a cellular level.

It pains me to say that the only thing that would ever rid the rot of selfish ignorance in north america is to have some of these huge disasters of our own. How sick is it that we are so spoiled here, so protected in our ignorant bubbles, that it would take mass death and destruction to shake us and wake us? LOOK AROUND. Extend your sympathy for someone other than your pathetic self. There are people DYING EVERY DAY. It does matter, they are humans like you, no different, no less important.

It is not about how much money you can donate. It is not about how loud you can make your voice so that you are heard and get attention. It is about honest to goodness caring. Real sympathy for people other than yourself, in any country, any where.

Wake up before it is too late modern generation. Things will not always be this cozy for you, and when bad things happen, I bet you will be wanting someone to show you a little selfless love.

Thank you for reading,

Alive Again

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk. Feelin good today. Still a bit stuffy but hey, I can handle that! It's a heck of a lot better than a few days ago when I was making the activities of a Sloth look like a kid at playland compared to how slow I was moving.

I managed to make a few graphics for my friend Teena/new boss yesterday. They look pretty sexy, not going to lie. Today, once I tackle cleaning my house, I am going to stalk for work online and send off a few more resumes.

Do you guys want to know what happened yesterday that was, oh, shall we say, SO VERY MURPHY?! My boyfriend's car blew a fuel pump, but we were not sure what it was so we tried to jump it with my car... in the process, something in my engine went BOOM and my car is dead as well. Two cars one day, almost like two birds with one stone? Or shall we say two birds with one tow? Either way, Murphy's Law was hard at work in my world. Good game Murphy, you have foiled me again!

The above story is why the resume pumping out action is commencing now, post sickness. I need money guys! My life is one big Murphy party over here!

Oh, but it is my mom's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I hope Murphy doesn't pay you a visit today too!!

Roots put up a new video from their photo shoot. My boyfriend took the day off work from both his jobs to film that all day, so I just want to thank him for doing that. Maybe when we have a bit of cash and Murphy has decided to move on to greener pastures, I can get him a camera as a gift and he can start filming short films like he's always wanted to do. Too bad he doesn't have one now, the whole Murphy thing would be good footage! A Calamity of Me, is what we could call it, and it could be dedicated to my life post having a job. I do actually find hilarity in chaos. If you look at things at the right angle, pardon my french, but shit gets funny.

Anyways, off to clean this house. If anyone wants to come help me I would gladly accept, and in return, bake you delicious cookies and make you a fresh pot of hot coffee!

Cheers folks, happy HUMP DAY! (Hi Sam!)

Thanks for reading,

Buckley's, Tastes Awful. Period.

I'm up... still. It's quarter past five in the morning. Why am I up? HACKING COUGH OF DOOM!!

I have never been a fan of cough syrups as they, to put it bluntly, make me throw up. Very taste sensitive over here *points to self* However, the cough drove me part way to insanity and just before I reached that crazy destination, I bolted out of my chair and on auto-pilot, slammed back two tablespoons full of Buckley's cough syrup. First time for everything. It does taste awful, the commercials are right. It did manage to suppress the cough a bit, for now. I can feel it lurking in my lungs still, the bastard.

Sick Sadie is angry at being sick. Anyone want to buy a hacking cough? Oh and I'm now on antibiotics due to a sinus infection from this virus. WORST VIRUS EVER. Maybe not ever, but I'm mad at it so for now I am allowed to be dramatic ok? Ok.

On a lighter, and much less hissy fitting note, I can see again! Well, almost... longer periods of time are being spent on the computer which is extremely necessary right now. I have things to do... nay, WORK to do! Real honest to goodness 'I'm getting paid for this' work. Thankfully my new freelance boss/friend knows how sick I am and doesn't want me to die before I truly get started.

What do you guys think, should I try to start my own website and actually set up some sort of pricing system for freelance stuff? Would that help? Maybe get some business cards? I never feel good enough to go that far, but you know what... I am dammit! Besides, the only way to improve is by being challenged, and the only way to get challenged is to open yourself up FOR challenges.

So yes? No? Wait a bit? What are your thoughts!

More comprehensive and productive posts coming soon. Less whine for your cheese!

Now, this is me signing off to try and sleep again. GO TEAM BUCKLEY'S!! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Thank you for reading,
♥Sick Sadie

What Came First, the Job or the Money?

It's amazing when you fall from your throne how most people scurry away from you like rats in a sewer, but the odd faithful companion remains by your side to help you rebuild.

I have been slowly seeing who my friends are, and even though there is always bitterness in the wake of something like falling from said throne, a slow and steady faith and hope rises from your inner ashes and you start to feel a new beginning. Through those few friends that stuck by me I have been given support and opportunity. Both are very important to me right now as you can imagine!

On top of making posters for Lightburn Productions, another friend has offered to hire me to build her a website and get her business off the ground. This friend has been a friend to me through a lot of things, and she is pulling through for me again. It's going to save my arse!

On top of arse saving, it is going to allow me to build more of a portfolio. Who knows, maybe all these scattered 'talents' I have will provide me with that solo career of being artistic and free after all. This starving artist might actually not starve! See? Hopeful. I have hope again.

This is a bit of a mushy post, but I'm sick as ten dogs and feelin' pretty mushy right about now.

Now, all I have to do is line up a few more projects and I should be ok for a couple of months. This should allow me the time I need to find a job, pay off these ever mounting bills and breath for a while... well, the breathing thing probably will not happen until my face is not plugged from the plague!

Off to rest, have to get better so I can get working again!

Leave me home remedies!! I need to get better!

Bad Times in Sadie Land!

The title of this post is a wee bit more dramatic than things in my life actually are. I mean, there -are- some nasty things lurking about, but there are also lots of positive things and mouse sized doors opening up here and there. With a little love from my friend 'TNT' those mouse sized doors will become large enough to fit giants through!

So um, where can I get some TNT?

I will spare you a lot of the negative, because frankly who wants to hear about it and who really cares? The internet is full of griping, whining and woe is me'ing already so I need not add to the pity pile. (I reserve the right to take this back in a future entry when I am feeling especially sorry for myself and feel the need to form my own internet support group)

I will just say that EI sucks and is useless and didn't pan out for me. THAT being said, now I'm pushing harder to find work. This is not whining, this is just fact stating!

I've had to put the blog layout on temporary hiatus as I was working on a few projects and yanno, looking for work. I made a new resume and I've sent it out hither and thither but no bites yet. It really is like fishing, and you really do hope to catch the big one, but so far guys... stagnant waters still.

Maybe the ol' resume isn't attractive enough. I wonder if the colors make it look fat, or if it is wearing the wrong shoes on it's footer. Maybe I'll give it a third makeover today.

Thanks to Jessie Lightburn for giving me my first real shot at freelance work! You rule sista!

Maybe now that I am finished with that poster I'll get back to finishing the blog layout. Things that pay before things that let me play, you know how it is. I do think I should deal with this cold I've got brewing first though as it is making my eyes run as if they were in a marathon, and they are starting to cross at random... you know when you are about to have a REALLY big sneeze and your face contorts in to a shape you never knew was possible? Yeah it's like that, but then no sneeze comes, just a flood of watering eyeballs.

My face is art, very very abstract art.

Thank you for reading!


What's up party people!?... or non-party people?

How has everyone been enjoying the lovely cold weather we've been having?! I, personally, have been hating it! I have icicles forming all over me and my nose is always cold. It's the worst.

This nasty time of year hampers my desire to take photos, so I can't wait for Spring. Green popping up through all of the grey colors, flowers blooming... mmm yes please. It feels like it's been almost a year since I last saw Spring. Wait... nevermind.

I am in desperate need of a hair color and an eyebrow wax, time to hit up my girls April and Staysea from Roots and see if they can squeeze me in sometime. One look at me and you can tell I don't work in a Salon anymore.

I've been working out though, getting my fitness on! It doesn't show yet... I'm waiting patiently for my pants to start being too big. The patiently part was a total like, I'm actually not very patient at all.

I've been doing posters for Jessie Lightburn and her promoting. Just spent the past couple of days working on one for a big project she has coming up in March. Once she has given the poster the final 'OK' I will show ya and fill you in on all the details.

She is throwing a show at The Bridge Lounge tomorrow with one of my favorite bands, Ninjaspy. If you have nothing better to do tomorrow night (and you wont, trust me!! there is nothing better than Ninjaspy!) come on down around 9pm. It's 10 bucks to get in, which is a sweet deal for being able to throw down with these boys from Vancouver.

I have a good friend who might hook me up with some side work too, so if that pans out then I'll actually be making a little bit of my own money with this freelancing idea. It would be a first, and a very welcome change! Ultimately I'd love to just be a freelancer... not freeloader, freeLANCER. Don't confuse the two!

I may drunk post tomorrow night... I tend to get home from events where alcohol is involved and unleash myself on the internet for a few hours. It should be good times, good times indeed.

Now it's off to work out, stalk help wanted ads and whore myself out online for more freelance work.

This post can be considered whoring... if you have any graphics you need done, writing you need done, alien invasions that need to be stopped or even sheep that need herding do let me know!

Thank you for reading,

Adventures of... mucus?

You may be wondering 'Sadie, where have the posts been? Have you been off having crazy fun adventures that you want to tell us about?!'... or you may not... but if you are, well the crazy adventures took place on my sofa with blankets and a lot of movies/Prison Break. I've been coming down with a flu, some of you if you are unfortunate enough may already have said flu, it's going around. The 'coming down with' part apparently revolves around sleeping as if you are in hibernation, and feeling nauseous. People were calling 'pregnant!' and to that I say 'HA! hahaha! FLU!'

Apparently people want me to reproduce. If I could reproduce several clones of myself RIGHT NOW that would be amazing. I could send them out to continue searching for a job for me while I lay on the sofa and moan... and sleep. mmmm sleep. So good when you're sick.

Between couch hibernation I've done a few things towards my projects, but it's hard to think and be creative when your head feels like it's underwater. Maybe I could convert that feeling in to a fish theme? Blue colors? Maybe green for seaweed?

The 'coming down with' part seems to be over as I woke up today with a head full of mucus and a slight cough. Isn't that the most attractive sounding thing EVER guys?! I know, you wish you were me.

I might be collaborating with a good friend of mine, once this flu passes, and helping her set up a website for her crafty little self. Step one: Find friends that will let you freelance for them. It's nice when people come to me for things when they know I need the help right now. Thanks darlin!

My mom bought me a new pair of slippers yesterday, in celebration of flu season. They are pretty cute... super fuzzy baby blue with a yellow and white moon/clouds all care bear like and sparkly. They somehow make the flue a little more 'bear'able if ya'know what I'm sayin. Nothing like new warm fuzzies on your feet.

On another note... WTF IS WITH THIS SNOW?! I demand answers. I know it's still technically winter, but we were teased with warmer weather, sun and the odd spring like rain. Then I woke up to a white out and thought I was going blind or that my vision was severely impaired. After a few blinks, some eye rubbing and a head shake, I realized it was that nasty white stuff. I saw some Facebook statuses this morning saying 'more snow' so I now refuse to look outside.

If I ignore it, it isn't true... right?

I hope you all don't have the flu, but if you do, go get yourself some new slippers and watch Prison Break... pretty good cure, or rather, nurse, if you ask me.

Thank you for reading,

Flu Pest!

Hello out there internet land!

I have been 'hermitting' again with this layout and coding thing I've been working on. I swear it is like going back to school, only I feel like I am sitting in an empty class room devoid of a teacher! Self teaching is hard work kids, don't try this at home. Especially not with a flu, which is something that has been trying to drag me down the last couple of days! BAD FLU!! BAD! Go to the corner and think about what you have done!

I swear I went to sleep last night and saw CSS and HTML codes forming in to shapes and getting personalities. You know you have been doing something too long when you start humanizing things like coding. However, said humanized coding is both friend and foe at the moment. What started as trying to simply do a quick and painless makeover on this blog layout has become a long and complicated 'me being a perfectionist' marathon. I can't just let it go... can't just ignore things and leave them alone, oh no no no.

So, dissecting codes has been the name of the game for about a week now. It has been interesting and mind numbing with equal parts maddening. But with every battle comes a new victory, and I -have- been learning. If it were not for the temporary blindness and headaches from reading too much, I would probably be done by now.

It is coming closer to a reveal.

The good thing is I've been paying a lot more attention to the things you will not see (well, technically you will see, but you know what I mean) and less time on the actual graphics part. This is good why? Well because once I nail the coding I can freely and a lot more quickly play with the pretty shiny graphics of layouts from now on.

I would not be spending SO much time on things like this if it were not for two things; 1: I need to know this stuff to appease my own creative OCD and 2: I want to make layouts and freelance some cash flow in to my empty and very much starving pockets.

My pockets are starting to grumble like an empty stomach. I think I have heard rumblings here and there, and they are starting to grow restless. I have to find a way to feed them, and soon!

So ladies and gentlemanlies, once I am done hermitting and torturing my eyeballs, I will have this done.

PS: Newspaper and online job postings are still being meanies. Nothing new on that front.

If you guys happen to be nerds like me, share your bookmarks from your fave design sites! I would love some new reading material to torture my eyeballs even more!

Alright, back to the grind...

Thank you for reading,

A Rainy Story

It was 10:35 on a rain soaked Saturday morning. Sadie the unemployed Receptionist sat at her computer, staring at a blinking cursor, wondering what words would fill the empty space. She stared at her coffee cup for a second, wrinkling her nose at the realization that her coffee was cold. Had it been that long spent in contemplation? Not even a moment of thought broken to take one small sip from her delicious morning crutch?

Sighing she pushed the cup aside, shaking her head and resting her finger tips on her keyboard. 'Just start typing' she thought to herself, 'the words will come'

A gust of wind blew through her open window, forcing the curtains back. She turned her head and caught a brief glimpse of the outside world through the window before the curtains scrambled back to their respective place.

She pondered going out there, to feel the rain, to feel the wind, but she had to write something first. It had to happen, it was part of routine. So much had happened in the past few weeks to throw her routine off kilter, she could not let this be another thing thrown to the wind, literally.

Frustrated, she hammered out a paragraph. Pure and utter gibberish. She held down her backspace key until all the words vanished, and with each one that was erased, she grew more frustrated.

A second attempt at writing something meaningful was attempted, this time it almost formed in to something that had substance... almost. The only thing missing was honesty. She had to be honest with her readers, nothing less would suffice, and thus, once again the backspace key got a daily dose of exercise.

She sat there staring, once again, at an empty white space on the computer screen. The blinking cursor was taunting her now, almost like a slow and visual 'ha, ha, ha, ha' and she wanted so badly to show it up and pound out several paragraphs of pure gold, but it just wasn't her morning. She glanced at her coffee cup once more, 'Ok, I get it' she said to the cup, 'you and this cursor are trying to tell me something. You want attention and the cursor wants to sleep. It's a master plan you both have concocted and you will stop at nothing until you win'

Looking back at the cursor, it no longer was laughing. It was blinking with a slow and steady 'coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee' and she nodded back at it in agreeance. 'For today, you win. But rest well cursor, for tomorrow you are going to sink down that text box under the pressure of a thousand words, and I will be ready for you with a giant mug of steaming hot coffee.'

With that, she pressed the glowing blue button on her monitor to turn it off. Sometimes, as the saying goes, you gotta know when to hold em' and know when to fold em' and know when to walk away and turn the coffee pot on.


Good morning lovelies, hope you are doing what I am doing and that is restfully enjoying your Saturday morning with a hot cup of coffee :)

Thank you for reading,

Every Day is a New Day

The sun is shining here today. It's not money, but it IS golden and makes me feel all fuzzy inside, so I'll take it!

I have to go in to Roots in about an hour to pick something up. It will be the second time I've been there since that fateful day. It's weird, you can work somewhere for a while and feel at home, then this happens, and you kind of feel like an outsider every time you walk in. I guess technically I am an outsider, if you wanted to get right down and dirty! It's nice seeing all the people there though, even though they are busy little bees.

Do you think they would notice if I just sat down behind the desk and started doing confirmation calls? I bet Annierose would love the help! The fact it would be helpful would totally mask the creepy factor right? I mean in life, you really do have to put things on a scale and weigh the negative vs. the positive, and that would be a positive! Too bad for Annierose, I'm a realist and that would never happen! Sorry darlin!

I did more newspaper/internet ad stalking just now. BLEAK! WHY IS IT SO BLEAK! I demand answers. I should set up a little camping situation outside of City Hall and reside there until someone hires me. I wouldn't be homeless because I do have a home, but I would be making a point that there needs to be more jobs! Oh god... oh noooo... I am starting to sound like the rest of the unemployed in North America. We're all cynical and bitchy, raising our fists towards the injustices of the world today. I don't really like being on this side of the fence guys, throw me a bone here! (please boil it severally first...)

I recently posted a status update on my personal Facebook saying 'I wish free time was actually free'... how true is that?! When you don't have to work, you are stressed, when you have to work, you wish for a holiday. OH MURPHEY! Your laws are so very annoying good sir!

I shall turn this day in to something productive though. Once I get back from my daily errand running I will lay in to layout making and maybe while I'm out, take some photos. I have to keep pressing on with all these plans because inevitably, one (or hopefully more than that) will pan out for me.

I hope your sunny day is treating you well, and if it is not sunny... I apologize. Make the best of the gloom if it's gloomy... comment here and entertain me and we can be gloomy together!! I'll make popcorn hehehe.

Here's to another day... *crosses fingers for something good*

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Shh, I've been busy...

I have entered a state that I like to title 'Hermitting' the past few days. I have been doing major research on the new age of coding, which I haven't dabbled heavily with for a few years. There are a lot of new codes to fiddle with, and a ton of new ways to do things in the way of building layouts from the ground up. Yes, this is massive geek talk, and yes I've been enjoying the research!

I want to put a new layout on this blog, one that is me to a 't' and one that I can call home. I loved the layout I had when I was blogging for Roots, but yanno, times apparently change and the theme does not fit well anymore. It's all good though, now I can go layout crazy and have fun with it.

As for progress, well, like I said I've been researching. Not much has happened in the way of producing a result, but I feel like I am almost ready to give it a shot.

As for my help wanted ad stalking... it's a pretty dry pond out there in the work force. I don't see a lot of options that are presenting themselves. No call backs, no nothing. I didn't expect to get back on the horse right away as apparently, someone came in the night and kidnapped all of the horses. I can walk though, no matter how far I have to walk, I'll get there. I might have to buy some new shoes along the way, and that is why I'm hoping for odd jobs! Odd jobs = shoe money! Shoe money, in the non metaphorical sense of things means food money, but that's not as much fun.

Just wanted to post a little update! Wish me luck for the rest of this week. Maybe one of those horses will come galloping in, sun rays shining down from the heavens, trumpets playing in the distance... after all that drama, the damn horse better be galloping with a job offer!!

Later folks!

Thanks for reading,

Watch out! It's a ZOMBIE!

DISCLAIMER: The following post was written by an extremely tired person with a lack of coffee.


Today... today today. ODE TO TODAY I say.

(see why I put in a disclaimer?)

I'm going to be honest and state a fact: Today was a very very unproductive day. I know I don't have a job and so taking a 'personal' day is a bit redundant, but you know what? I took a personal day. The only thing I got done today was to get some of my newer photos edited, and by some, I mean three. I also did some research in to more... eccentric means of making money. No, I'm not thinking of standing on the corner of 'Desperate' and 'Measures' just yet, but I was looking in to odd ways to make extra money.

By far the most eyebrow raising I read about are as follows;

1. Dog Sniffer.
That's right.. a dog sniffer. There is actually a job out there that requires you to sniff dogs weekly and evaluate their breath and grade it from a zero to a ten and then catagorize it as either sweaty, salty, musty, fungal or decaying. The reason they do this is to evaluate the effect of a dog's diet on their teeth.
Would I do this to make money? No. I have to smell my own dog's breath enough as it is, and believe me, it isn't willingly.

2. Ostrich Babysitter
Yep... an Ostrich babysitter. Job description is pretty much exactly what the job title is. The person sits around with a bunch of Ostriches and ensures they do not peck each others eyes out, partake in varying acts of sibling rivalry, and to make sure that late night Ostrich hijackers do not make off with their feathered friends. Sounds like a pretty exciting job to me... *cough*
Would I do this to make money? Perhaps, if the job came with hazard pay. What about MY eyes getting pecked out?!

3. Island Caretaker
This one made me perk up, that's for sure... An Island Caretaker takes care of Islands. Duh right? But listen, this is serious 'bidnizz' here guys. It's a very demanding and dangerous job (sun tans demand hazard pay right?!). You have to explore new Islands to find out what they have to offer would be buyers, however if an Island already has an owner, they would hire one of these rugged types to take care of their property and the buildings on said Island. One must be smart in... well, staying alive, a bit of carpentry, gardening etc. The pay is $$$ and of course, you get to live on an Island.
Would I do this to make money? Does a chicken have lips?! Wait... Yes, I would do this, but only if the Island in question was somewhere with ridiculously blue/green water and white sandy beaches.

4. Crime Scene Cleaner
So, here is your life... you had big dreams of becoming a detective for a big city police force. You were going to be first on the scene to a crime, investigate, follow up on leads and eventually apprehend the bad guy and get your face on the front page of the local paper right? Wrong. That didn't work so you settled for being a beat cop am I right? Wrong again! Ok, ok so the detective and the beat cop thing didn't pan out so you decided to become a police force dispatcher, but oh cuuuuurrrssssesss, foiled AGAIN! You didn't have the tone of voice for the job! Do not worry! You could always become a Crime Scene Cleaner and still get in on some of that crime scene action. Unfortunately for you, you get to go in and deal with all the nasty for absolutely zero recognition and very small pay. Sorry, please try again.
Would I do this to make money? Uhhh no. I would have stopped at beat cop and re-rolled my career.

5. Organ Procurer
Remind anyone of the movie 'Repo Men'? Great movie but I don't think I like the concept of this in reality. I know it SEEMS like they innocently go to hospitals and take organs from deceased people that actually signed up to give their organs away, and I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but... you never know. What if repo men exist? What if aliens have hired them to go around taking our organs and sending them up in light beams to... I've said too much. *shifts eyes*
Would I do this to make money? I have the heebies just thinking about it, not to mention this would happen...
'Hey nice to meet you, what do you do for a living?'
'Oh, you know, I collect people's organs after they die and transport them around the country.
Doesn't really sound like an introduction that would cultivate a lot of friends.

So I guess, judging by those jobs, I should keep looking in the normal range of jobs. I did however see a help wanted ad for a professional sleeper. I would have applied as it seems like an absolute dream job (see what I did thurr?) but, judging by the fact I haven't really slept in two days, professional sleeping isn't really something I would be very productive at. I would probably wind up getting laid (did it again...) off of that job as well!

Dawn: When men of reason go to bed. ~Ambrose Bierce

Off to update Lucid Muse and peek in on my DeviantArt and then maybe sleep? Maybe...

Until next time, keep it classy!

Thank you for reading,

Newspapers LIE

So I've become a stalker. Not a people stalker, not an internet stalker, but a Help Wanted Stalker. It is becoming such a full time hobby that I think I might need a support group or something. I have become so obsessed with it that I even look in help wanted ads for out of town. By out of town, I mean across the Country... Hell, in OTHER Countries even.

What, exactly, I am trying to find through this obsessive stalking is beyond me. I think I am hoping an ad will pop out that looks something like this...

Looking for someone experienced in awesome to help us do all of our Social Networking, blog for us, handle all of our writing and graphic design. Successful candidate will be willing to work from home on a full time basis. Salary will be negotiated based on level of awesome. Candidates made of 100% pure awesome will receive maximum benefits and receive one lunch delivered to their house per day. Please respond by email to with the title 'Sadie' to apply.

^ I have always said I am a dreamer with a firm belief in wishful thinking. I do, however, realize this is pushing the envelope just a tad.

But on the realistic side, I -am- looking for freelance work. Freelance writing, freelance social media services, freelance graphic design, freelance photography... even freelance listening. I am a good listener!!

If you have any freelance work, send it my way. If you have someone that needs freelance work, I will bribe them with delicious home baked cookies and specialty brewed coffee made by moi in return for said freelance work. Freelance stands for 'Sadie needs this job' from now on ok? Ok.

Other than help wanted stalking, I made a poster for Lightburn Productions today for a show she is throwing at The Bridge Lounge. Go check out the facebook event page, if you are local, you might be interested. Sounds like a good time to me.

Now it is back to stalking for me... maybe that ad I've been hoping for DOES exist! Only one way to find out...

Ta ta for now!

Thank you for reading,

Blog for a Job day 1

YAY first post to this blog with my new mission in mind!

My day was spent putting together a bunch of pieces to this proverbial puzzle that I call my life. See I have all of these different so called 'talents' that I have always pitter pattered with over the years. All of them self taught, all of them thus far useless. I say useless because I am 30 years old and obviously am lacking in a thing they call career.

I am currently working on trying to tie all of these loose ends of talent together to make it in to something. I figure hey, I can write, I can take pretty decent photos, I can do pretty decent graphic design, I love networking... it's clear that I should stay in the online world and work on making all of these things get me somewhere using the internet as a tool. Not a tool for world domination mind you. That tool is hidden in my basement under a dusty tarp and I shall not tell you about that... yet.

Anyways, this blog, as I've stated, is where I plan on documenting my push forward in life. My journey to get a new job, my journey to make my own way and possibly one day work for myself. However, this blog is not really that good of an outlet for the other stuff, like the photography and web design stuff amirite? I am right. So, the answer I came up with for that is to make a second blog where I can post all of my creative musings that generally happen at or around 3am.

There is a certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse! As I have often found in travelling in a stagecoach, that it is often a comfort to shift one's position, and be bruised in a new place. -Washington Irving

The second blog is created, mind you it is not pretty, hasn't been stamped with my seal of 'me' yet in the form of a layout. Isn't complete with information and only has two posts. But the point? It is a beginning, and a beginning guys, is a start.

//Lucid Muse - A Self Journey in Art <-- Join me over there :)

My own domain/website is in the near future, but first I have to raise some money for it. A domain costs around $100 a year, give or take a few pennies and dimes. Once I secure a home base on the internet, plans B through Z shall commence. I have a few brilliant ideas, a couple so-so ones, and a handful that will probably flop. However, this year I am growing some gonads and I plan to at least give everything a very good shot. If it fails, well, I can go cry in to my ice cream and watch sad movies!

I've been told I should put up a pay-pal link for donations... I've never been one to put a hand out, but I do actually need help so it could not hurt. I could send my mom to the link, I am sure she would LOVE that!!

So join me over in my new blog, I'll be posting daily in there as well and trying to better my photography and graphic design. The betterment part comes when you hang your work out for the public to see and they either love it or laugh at it. If they laugh at it, it certainly makes you step it up a notch!

PS: A new layout for THIS blog will be coming soon as well. Time to clean house!

Blog ya later!

Thank you for reading,

The Inevitable Post

Well ladies and gents, I am finally mustering up the courage and sucking up the ego and posting about the recent news in my life.


I no longer work for Roots the Salon.

*gasp* *shock* *ohh* *ahhh*

Yerp, last week I was let go from my position as Receptionist due to company cut backs. As most of you know we had two locations, one in Courtenay and one in Comox. Those two became one, and because of that, one receptionist had to be let go. I was that unfortunate 'one'.

I have spent the past seven days going over it in my mind. I've gone through all of the emotions, as you can imagine. I have two very prominent feelings left in me right now. One is a serious drive to push forward in my life and make the best of this entire thing. The second being the continuous feeling of missing my co-workers, even though I can still go harass them any time I want *wink*

Things happen, I'm not going to whine on endlessly or write sad sad songs that I sit in a corner and sing out loud while I strum on my guitar that I honestly can't play. I'm not going to trash on Roots either. It is a great salon full of the most amazing hair stylists I've ever met, and more than that, the most amazing people! I would still send people there to have their hair done because I know how hard those guys and gals work, and I would never say or do anything to harm business or relations for them.

I am going to take this opportunity to pull my big girl socks up, smile a goofy smile and make this some sort of adventure. I love adventures, and this can possibly be a great one if I play my cards right! I am going to keep blogging. This, friends, is blogging material right here! We have all the makings of a good drama story and hell, I am not beyond exploiting myself! I will write tabloids about myself and take trashy pictures to mail to... myself.. and write... about.. myself? Well the format worked there for a second in my brain.

Moving on! No really, I'm moving on! Let's do this!

I want to send out a very very heartfelt and sincere thank you to each and every one of you out there that have supported me from day one, and to those that jumped on this ride a little late but have left no shortage of love for me. You guys are what made this blog amazing to write, and why would I want to abandon you!? Being abandoned is NO FUN I SAY!

I will miss seeing some of your faces in the Salon. I say some, because I know I have some readers that are not from around here. I would have missed your faces if I had ever seen them, I promise!

I love you guys, you are awesome. I hope you stick around as I turn this blog in to my new mission...


That's right... I shall blog about my woes and whoopies in the unemployed world until I land a job somewhere. And then? Then I will blog about the job there and continue to take you all along with me for the adventures ahead. Hey, maybe I can get a bit more personal now... I don't know if that is a good thing? I promise not to start writing about how delicious the toast is that I am eating and exactly how much peanut butter was spread... I'll make it a bit more interesting than that.

Blog ya soon lovelies, and hey, if you need a receptionist.... *cough* *cough*

Much love!

Thank you for reading,


So I've been surfing the internet today gauking at amazing eye makeup trends. I'm a sucker for LOTS of color on the eyes, but then again, it has to be done well as to not look gaudy or trashy. There is, of course, a time and a place for wearing crazy colors on your lids... oh who am I kidding, I would wear these all the time, EVEN TO BED! Multi-colored pillow slips here I come!

Personally, I used to find it really hard to do my own makeup, and I still kind of do because I lack the makeup to do these looks properly. However, it's a small matter of reading through some tutorials, finding one you absolutely love, and making a solid effort to purchase the products needed. Any good tutorial will list off exactly what they used (what line, the color name, brush type etc) to create that specific look, and so really it's like a little ready made shopping list!

I find a lot of the really popular 'tuts' use MAC makeup... duh? MAC is amazing. Our very own Crystal-Lee carries around a TRUNK load of the stuff in to the salon to use in combination with our Jane Iredale line whenever she's got a ton of makeup to do. If you are from the Comox Valley, getting your hands on MAC may seem hard, at best, but it's really not so bad. If you ever take a little trip to Victoria there are some MAC outlettes there. I'm not certain, but last year I was in The Bay in Nanaimo and they had a little kiosk set up. Also, the easiest way would be to order online right off the MAC site.

Normally ordering online for things like makeup can be sketchy, but as I said, these 'tuts' provide a shopping list with everything you need, so you can just order that specific list and be done with it, no worries!

Keep in mind that our Jane Iredale makeup line is AMAZING and we carry a very wide selection of eye shadows and everything else your little heart desires! Be sure to check it out before ordering out of the valley :)

So here is a collection of eye looks that I absolutely LOVE. I had to stop myself here, because there are literally hundreds on the site I got them from that I adored.

PS: Go to Temptalia and get your eye shadow fix! If you find one you love, it's all gravy, they happen to have awesome tutorials!!






Aren't they prettyful!? I for one am going to try some of these out with our Jane Iredale makeup line!

Anyways ladies and some gents, I am going to get ready to close up shop here. PS: Bex is super funny ;) (loev ya girrrrllllllll)


Howdy hoooo people!

So I have about 4 blog posts saved in my drafts that I've been working on. It's surprisingly hard to accumulate images I like for new trends this year. They are kind of all over the map, and a lot of them in my opinion are just... not 'trendy'. I have found a lot of things on celebrities that I feel like gossiping about, mainly anti-gossip gossip if that makes sense. I have also been peeping the clothing trends, so I may dabble in to that a bit as well.

All of that up there is why there are four draft posts cluttering up my blog! I'll be putting them up randomly as we go along!

It's a nice quiet little night at Roots. Just sitting here creeping the internet for blog fodder and listening to the faint murmurs of voices over the wall.

I shall be posting more pictures from our salon soon, sorry about the lack of em' these days! I got a new camera for Christmas so I am going to buy an extra cord to bring with me to work that will allow me to onload them on the computerrrr and put them up for you guys.

Annierose just brought her brand new bull mastiff puppy in to visit me, along with her pug-a-lug! So cute and so friendly, I love animal visits! Thanks Annierose ♥

I posted a link on our Roots fanpage on Facebook earlier about 'pre-pooing'... I know right? WTF?! Well, when I first read that I thought it was something revolting revolving around bowels, but there was a picture of a lady's hair next to the link. I took a deep breath, got up the courage and clicked on the link, half expecting to be taken to nasty images and/or stories, but to my surprise it was actually awesome!

Check it out, and if you are already a 'pre-pooer' do let me know what you do to 'pre-poo' (lol) because I would like to write up a little recipe post for what everyone does. It seems like a great thing to do for your hair, and I am going to try it!

Pre-Pooing for Dummies

So that's all for now guys, just wanted to give you a little update and let you know what's up! Stay tuned for one of the four draft posts to go live before the weekend... possible tomorrow... dun dun dunnnn

Much love from me to you,

Thank you for calling,

Sadie's Trend Picks 2011: Hair

I never was a trend setter, but I never was a trend follower either. I certainly do have an eye for things I find attractive and/or interesting in all things. I've spent the better portion of the morning at work today browsing over all the 'top trends 2011' and 'hair you must have in 2011' type of articles in all of those fashion websites out there. Honestly? No. Just no.

I see some I like, while most just seem dull, predictable and drab. I see 2011 as a year for changes, a year for starting over and a year for taking that extra step... this includes in what we wear and with hair. If you are not claiming to be fashionable and trendy, this excludes you of course. However if you are one of those people that tries to keep up with the year to year trends, this totally concernes you.

I am making my own damn list! Yeah Elle magazine has the 'smarts' behind what they write about... but so do I right? I do work in a salon, I am an ex hair dresser and I am extremely opinionated. Pretty much the perfect combination of what is needed to have your own list right? Well I think so, and since this is all about my opinion, I guess I'll roll with that! :)

So here it is, Sadie's top hair picks for 2011!!

The Short:

There are a TON of short cuts that I absolutely love... picking just four took me 'four'ever. I literally am going half blind from scoping the internet for styles, and then even blinder from narrowing it down. These are my top four, enjoy!

The Medium:

Picking four here was almost as tough as picking four for the short hair, but again, after a long time squinting at the computer, scratching my head and doing a lot of grumbling and murmuring, I have decided on my top four.

The Long:

Long hair cuts are hard to find faves for, just because it's part cut, a LOT styling. Long hair needs a lot of tender loving flair for it to look like it does in model shots, but still, after even more squinting I cut through the blow drys and curlers and found four that would look good even without all the styling... or not... but they look good here!

(PS: I cheated and chose one of the same from the medium styles section because, well, it is both medium AND long and I loved it for both, so... neener!)

The 'Tame' Color:

I love color. I love it more than I love hot coffee and toast in the morning. I love looking at it, seeing the new trends and drooling over what 'could be' if I could put my hair through endless torture. This being said, I have to have two color catagories. One is for the more tame colors, and the second is for the crazy color. Here are my top four 'tame' colors for 2011... even though my version of 'tame' is a bit more edgy than most.

The 'Crazy' Color:

Crazy color in hair makes my life. I see it, and I squee with glee and birds start to sing and everything becomes alright!! Ok.... woah, slow down there crazy. Anyways, I love it, and you should to. Here are my top four picks of CARAAAZAAAY color for 2011!

The Men's:

Men need some love too. I am a sucker for longish and messy hair on dudes, so here are my top four! It was a bit hard to narrow it down and also, to not be biased to the rockstar hair cuts... I didn't even put any in here because they sort of don't ever change, and this is based on trends so... here they are!

Th-th-th-that's all folks! I'll be doing one of these for makeup trends, nail trends, clothing etc...

Peace out homies!

Thank you for calling,

Have you 'Scene' These Kids?!

Ahhh the Scene kids, or 'emo kids'... or 'scemo kids'. No matter what you want to call them, you either love them, or you despise them. Some say they are the new 'punk kids', some say they are 'posers', some say they are 'individuals'... the list goes on, but they have many stereotypes placed on them from society, and possibly even themselves.

How do I feel about the Scenesters? I fall in the 'love them' category. They are freaking adorable. I know, I know, 'but they are all trying to copy each other and that is so lame!' right? Wrong. And why do you care so much? Every decade has something about it that stands out in common styles for youth. Hello 80's anyone? The 80's was absolutely insane for fashion and trends and today we look back on it and laugh and smile while we get hit by nostalgia and miss it. Don't tell me you 80's kids haven't had nights where you played nothing but 80's music, looked at old photos from 'back in the day' and rode that nostalgia train.

Speaking of the 80's, anyone remember her? I rest my case!

So common you guys, don't be hypocrites. How did you feel when you were exploring yourself as a youth, and trying new things and new styles, and people got all up in your face about it? Did you like being labeled? I doubt you did.

These kids today are just trying to explore themselves, be themselves and yes, fit in. Is fitting in really an alien concept these days? We all try to, in some way, even if we are unaware of it. Even those non-conformist types (I see you out there) try to fit in in some way at some point. Who hasn't bought something at some point because it was 'the in style'. Not to mention stores tend stock their shelves with 'in' styles, so we kind of buy in to it all anyways, even if we are not trying to.

Cheer up emo, these scene kids are just like you were, and are. Leave them alone and try to see them as they are, not as you portray them to be. Let them have their fun and dress how they want to, we all did it, do it, and will continue to. Stop being a bully! I've met a lot of these kids and honestly, they are really cool people that are either totally off the wall hilarious to be around, or super brainy and smart with a lot to say. Doesn't sound very different from the rest of us and our diversities does it? I think not.

These kids are not going away and are going to do what they want to do, despite your stares and pointing fingers... I guess in a way that is pretty punk rock... minus the fires and face punching.

In salute to all of you scene kids out there, I bring you some way cool hair photos. I personally love this stuff... it's crazy, artistic and quite often vibrant and creative. I dare any one of you naysayers out there to get a "scene/emo" hair style just once and I bet you would have fun with it for a while, if nothing else. Hell, some of you might even become converts!

This is my challenge to you for 2011. Try something new, something new from that something that you don't quite understand. Maybe, just maybe, it will make you a much more open minded person. And hey, that's ok!

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Tis a new year, which means everyone is making resolutions and new plans for this new year that is ahead of us. I personally have a few resolutions up my sleeve, but I am not going to call them official resolutions because we all know how that goes! If you resolve to lose weight, you end up gaining. If you resolve to quit smoking, you end up smoking more. If you resolve to get tanned and cut your hair short, you end up pale like a vampire with hair like Cousin It.

But 'off the record' I would 'like to try' to do a few things this year. Don't get too excited, it's just boring self absorbed stuff like losing a bit of weight and changing my skin tone so I don't look like that vampire I was referencing above. I also plan to throw more shows in the valley and get more bands here, and to blog more!

The holidays just ate my time away and if I did get down time the computer was the last place I wanted to be... then there was the eye twitch. I totally resolve to not get an eye twitch again!

I did get a new digital camera for Christmas... it's a beauty. I resolve to 'try' to take more pictures! See what I did there? I resolve to try... I'm going to copyright that and sell it on t-shirts nation wide. None will sell, but that's not the point.

I am going to do some inventory counting today which will either keep me awake or put me to sleep. First day back to work after a nice long holiday and my internal clock is still set to holiday time. Needless to say sleep did not come easy! But depending on the inventory and how it effects my sleepy meter, I will either get really hyper, or prop myself up against the wall and make like a statue.

If you come in and you see me leaning, face squished in to the wall, clipboard shielding the sunlight from burninating my eyeballs... just consider me a new piece of art in the salon for the day ok? You can hang your coats on me if you like!

Speaking of all that, I should get to it... time to get'er all taken care of to start the new year fresh in all areas :)

Happy 2011 guys and gals, I hope it will be a fantastic one!

Thank you for calling,