Every Day is a New Day

The sun is shining here today. It's not money, but it IS golden and makes me feel all fuzzy inside, so I'll take it!

I have to go in to Roots in about an hour to pick something up. It will be the second time I've been there since that fateful day. It's weird, you can work somewhere for a while and feel at home, then this happens, and you kind of feel like an outsider every time you walk in. I guess technically I am an outsider, if you wanted to get right down and dirty! It's nice seeing all the people there though, even though they are busy little bees.

Do you think they would notice if I just sat down behind the desk and started doing confirmation calls? I bet Annierose would love the help! The fact it would be helpful would totally mask the creepy factor right? I mean in life, you really do have to put things on a scale and weigh the negative vs. the positive, and that would be a positive! Too bad for Annierose, I'm a realist and that would never happen! Sorry darlin!

I did more newspaper/internet ad stalking just now. BLEAK! WHY IS IT SO BLEAK! I demand answers. I should set up a little camping situation outside of City Hall and reside there until someone hires me. I wouldn't be homeless because I do have a home, but I would be making a point that there needs to be more jobs! Oh god... oh noooo... I am starting to sound like the rest of the unemployed in North America. We're all cynical and bitchy, raising our fists towards the injustices of the world today. I don't really like being on this side of the fence guys, throw me a bone here! (please boil it severally first...)

I recently posted a status update on my personal Facebook saying 'I wish free time was actually free'... how true is that?! When you don't have to work, you are stressed, when you have to work, you wish for a holiday. OH MURPHEY! Your laws are so very annoying good sir!

I shall turn this day in to something productive though. Once I get back from my daily errand running I will lay in to layout making and maybe while I'm out, take some photos. I have to keep pressing on with all these plans because inevitably, one (or hopefully more than that) will pan out for me.

I hope your sunny day is treating you well, and if it is not sunny... I apologize. Make the best of the gloom if it's gloomy... comment here and entertain me and we can be gloomy together!! I'll make popcorn hehehe.

Here's to another day... *crosses fingers for something good*

Thanks for reading lovelies!

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