The Inevitable Post

Well ladies and gents, I am finally mustering up the courage and sucking up the ego and posting about the recent news in my life.


I no longer work for Roots the Salon.

*gasp* *shock* *ohh* *ahhh*

Yerp, last week I was let go from my position as Receptionist due to company cut backs. As most of you know we had two locations, one in Courtenay and one in Comox. Those two became one, and because of that, one receptionist had to be let go. I was that unfortunate 'one'.

I have spent the past seven days going over it in my mind. I've gone through all of the emotions, as you can imagine. I have two very prominent feelings left in me right now. One is a serious drive to push forward in my life and make the best of this entire thing. The second being the continuous feeling of missing my co-workers, even though I can still go harass them any time I want *wink*

Things happen, I'm not going to whine on endlessly or write sad sad songs that I sit in a corner and sing out loud while I strum on my guitar that I honestly can't play. I'm not going to trash on Roots either. It is a great salon full of the most amazing hair stylists I've ever met, and more than that, the most amazing people! I would still send people there to have their hair done because I know how hard those guys and gals work, and I would never say or do anything to harm business or relations for them.

I am going to take this opportunity to pull my big girl socks up, smile a goofy smile and make this some sort of adventure. I love adventures, and this can possibly be a great one if I play my cards right! I am going to keep blogging. This, friends, is blogging material right here! We have all the makings of a good drama story and hell, I am not beyond exploiting myself! I will write tabloids about myself and take trashy pictures to mail to... myself.. and write... about.. myself? Well the format worked there for a second in my brain.

Moving on! No really, I'm moving on! Let's do this!

I want to send out a very very heartfelt and sincere thank you to each and every one of you out there that have supported me from day one, and to those that jumped on this ride a little late but have left no shortage of love for me. You guys are what made this blog amazing to write, and why would I want to abandon you!? Being abandoned is NO FUN I SAY!

I will miss seeing some of your faces in the Salon. I say some, because I know I have some readers that are not from around here. I would have missed your faces if I had ever seen them, I promise!

I love you guys, you are awesome. I hope you stick around as I turn this blog in to my new mission...


That's right... I shall blog about my woes and whoopies in the unemployed world until I land a job somewhere. And then? Then I will blog about the job there and continue to take you all along with me for the adventures ahead. Hey, maybe I can get a bit more personal now... I don't know if that is a good thing? I promise not to start writing about how delicious the toast is that I am eating and exactly how much peanut butter was spread... I'll make it a bit more interesting than that.

Blog ya soon lovelies, and hey, if you need a receptionist.... *cough* *cough*

Much love!

Thank you for reading,

7 Response to "The Inevitable Post"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    February 5, 2011 at 6:06 AM

    Go Get 'em Girl...I am sure you will have tons of great job offers!! You really are an amazing person!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:
    February 5, 2011 at 6:09 AM

    Come on everybody!!! Let's get together and join Sadie in her mission!! One for all and all for one!! We Love you Sadie.

  3. Sadie the Receptionist says:
    February 5, 2011 at 6:18 AM

    Heh, thanks guys! I'm glad you are on board with me!

    Thanks for your love and support! I will try to keep you entertained :)

    <3 Sadie

  4. Anonymous Says:
    February 5, 2011 at 7:04 AM

    I can NOT believe they let such a good thing go...

    I wish you all the luck in the world, and I'm sure someone will snap you up soon! They would be a fool not to!

    Keep blogging! I will be reading and cheering you on!

  5. Anonymous Says:
    February 5, 2011 at 8:28 AM

    With your positive attitude I am sure everything will work out. I always loved to read your blog and I still will read it. It is really cool you decided to keep doing it despite what happened.

    I agree with what someone said above. somebody will hire you soon because you have a lot of talent.

    take care!

  6. Doomz says:
    February 5, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    I guess it's time to change your Twitter handle, eh?

    Well, you've made it through these trenches before, and I'm more than positive that you'll do it again :) If I can be of any help, you know how to find me. Some ways I think I can help?

    *checking over the resume
    *having you guest post on my self-improvement blog to get you more exposure — you could post about what you're doing to grow as you look out there in the job market. Cross-promotion or whatnot

    And are you finally using LinkedIn?

    Anyhoo. Just thoughts :)

    Later, my dear — best of luck, and if there's anything I can do, you be sure to let me know!


  7. Sadie the Receptionist says:
    February 5, 2011 at 11:36 PM

    Oh I would love to guest post on your blog! That would be funnnn! Keep me in mind when you need something like that ^^

    And yeah, I have to go change all the Twitter (etc..) stuff now. There is a lot to go change. I should outsource it haha!

    Not really using LinkedIn yet but I plan to now. It's time to kick it up a notch and a half!

    Grateful for the support as always old friend! You are the rad <3