What's up party people!?... or non-party people?

How has everyone been enjoying the lovely cold weather we've been having?! I, personally, have been hating it! I have icicles forming all over me and my nose is always cold. It's the worst.

This nasty time of year hampers my desire to take photos, so I can't wait for Spring. Green popping up through all of the grey colors, flowers blooming... mmm yes please. It feels like it's been almost a year since I last saw Spring. Wait... nevermind.

I am in desperate need of a hair color and an eyebrow wax, time to hit up my girls April and Staysea from Roots and see if they can squeeze me in sometime. One look at me and you can tell I don't work in a Salon anymore.

I've been working out though, getting my fitness on! It doesn't show yet... I'm waiting patiently for my pants to start being too big. The patiently part was a total like, I'm actually not very patient at all.

I've been doing posters for Jessie Lightburn and her promoting. Just spent the past couple of days working on one for a big project she has coming up in March. Once she has given the poster the final 'OK' I will show ya and fill you in on all the details.

She is throwing a show at The Bridge Lounge tomorrow with one of my favorite bands, Ninjaspy. If you have nothing better to do tomorrow night (and you wont, trust me!! there is nothing better than Ninjaspy!) come on down around 9pm. It's 10 bucks to get in, which is a sweet deal for being able to throw down with these boys from Vancouver.

I have a good friend who might hook me up with some side work too, so if that pans out then I'll actually be making a little bit of my own money with this freelancing idea. It would be a first, and a very welcome change! Ultimately I'd love to just be a freelancer... not freeloader, freeLANCER. Don't confuse the two!

I may drunk post tomorrow night... I tend to get home from events where alcohol is involved and unleash myself on the internet for a few hours. It should be good times, good times indeed.

Now it's off to work out, stalk help wanted ads and whore myself out online for more freelance work.

This post can be considered whoring... if you have any graphics you need done, writing you need done, alien invasions that need to be stopped or even sheep that need herding do let me know!

Thank you for reading,

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