A Rainy Story

It was 10:35 on a rain soaked Saturday morning. Sadie the unemployed Receptionist sat at her computer, staring at a blinking cursor, wondering what words would fill the empty space. She stared at her coffee cup for a second, wrinkling her nose at the realization that her coffee was cold. Had it been that long spent in contemplation? Not even a moment of thought broken to take one small sip from her delicious morning crutch?

Sighing she pushed the cup aside, shaking her head and resting her finger tips on her keyboard. 'Just start typing' she thought to herself, 'the words will come'

A gust of wind blew through her open window, forcing the curtains back. She turned her head and caught a brief glimpse of the outside world through the window before the curtains scrambled back to their respective place.

She pondered going out there, to feel the rain, to feel the wind, but she had to write something first. It had to happen, it was part of routine. So much had happened in the past few weeks to throw her routine off kilter, she could not let this be another thing thrown to the wind, literally.

Frustrated, she hammered out a paragraph. Pure and utter gibberish. She held down her backspace key until all the words vanished, and with each one that was erased, she grew more frustrated.

A second attempt at writing something meaningful was attempted, this time it almost formed in to something that had substance... almost. The only thing missing was honesty. She had to be honest with her readers, nothing less would suffice, and thus, once again the backspace key got a daily dose of exercise.

She sat there staring, once again, at an empty white space on the computer screen. The blinking cursor was taunting her now, almost like a slow and visual 'ha, ha, ha, ha' and she wanted so badly to show it up and pound out several paragraphs of pure gold, but it just wasn't her morning. She glanced at her coffee cup once more, 'Ok, I get it' she said to the cup, 'you and this cursor are trying to tell me something. You want attention and the cursor wants to sleep. It's a master plan you both have concocted and you will stop at nothing until you win'

Looking back at the cursor, it no longer was laughing. It was blinking with a slow and steady 'coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee' and she nodded back at it in agreeance. 'For today, you win. But rest well cursor, for tomorrow you are going to sink down that text box under the pressure of a thousand words, and I will be ready for you with a giant mug of steaming hot coffee.'

With that, she pressed the glowing blue button on her monitor to turn it off. Sometimes, as the saying goes, you gotta know when to hold em' and know when to fold em' and know when to walk away and turn the coffee pot on.


Good morning lovelies, hope you are doing what I am doing and that is restfully enjoying your Saturday morning with a hot cup of coffee :)

Thank you for reading,

2 Response to "A Rainy Story"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    February 12, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    Not to worry Sadie; just a "lil" dust on the lens of your imagination!! Blow it off!!! Actually, it was a GREAT post...VERY honest!!

  2. Sadie the Receptionist says:
    February 12, 2011 at 10:24 PM

    Haha, yeah for sure! I dusted that sucker off after a few good cups of coffee. Back to layouts and coding tonight :)

    Thanks for your compliment m'dear <3