Flu Pest!

Hello out there internet land!

I have been 'hermitting' again with this layout and coding thing I've been working on. I swear it is like going back to school, only I feel like I am sitting in an empty class room devoid of a teacher! Self teaching is hard work kids, don't try this at home. Especially not with a flu, which is something that has been trying to drag me down the last couple of days! BAD FLU!! BAD! Go to the corner and think about what you have done!

I swear I went to sleep last night and saw CSS and HTML codes forming in to shapes and getting personalities. You know you have been doing something too long when you start humanizing things like coding. However, said humanized coding is both friend and foe at the moment. What started as trying to simply do a quick and painless makeover on this blog layout has become a long and complicated 'me being a perfectionist' marathon. I can't just let it go... can't just ignore things and leave them alone, oh no no no.

So, dissecting codes has been the name of the game for about a week now. It has been interesting and mind numbing with equal parts maddening. But with every battle comes a new victory, and I -have- been learning. If it were not for the temporary blindness and headaches from reading too much, I would probably be done by now.

It is coming closer to a reveal.

The good thing is I've been paying a lot more attention to the things you will not see (well, technically you will see, but you know what I mean) and less time on the actual graphics part. This is good why? Well because once I nail the coding I can freely and a lot more quickly play with the pretty shiny graphics of layouts from now on.

I would not be spending SO much time on things like this if it were not for two things; 1: I need to know this stuff to appease my own creative OCD and 2: I want to make layouts and freelance some cash flow in to my empty and very much starving pockets.

My pockets are starting to grumble like an empty stomach. I think I have heard rumblings here and there, and they are starting to grow restless. I have to find a way to feed them, and soon!

So ladies and gentlemanlies, once I am done hermitting and torturing my eyeballs, I will have this done.

PS: Newspaper and online job postings are still being meanies. Nothing new on that front.

If you guys happen to be nerds like me, share your bookmarks from your fave design sites! I would love some new reading material to torture my eyeballs even more!

Alright, back to the grind...

Thank you for reading,

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