Newspapers LIE

So I've become a stalker. Not a people stalker, not an internet stalker, but a Help Wanted Stalker. It is becoming such a full time hobby that I think I might need a support group or something. I have become so obsessed with it that I even look in help wanted ads for out of town. By out of town, I mean across the Country... Hell, in OTHER Countries even.

What, exactly, I am trying to find through this obsessive stalking is beyond me. I think I am hoping an ad will pop out that looks something like this...

Looking for someone experienced in awesome to help us do all of our Social Networking, blog for us, handle all of our writing and graphic design. Successful candidate will be willing to work from home on a full time basis. Salary will be negotiated based on level of awesome. Candidates made of 100% pure awesome will receive maximum benefits and receive one lunch delivered to their house per day. Please respond by email to with the title 'Sadie' to apply.

^ I have always said I am a dreamer with a firm belief in wishful thinking. I do, however, realize this is pushing the envelope just a tad.

But on the realistic side, I -am- looking for freelance work. Freelance writing, freelance social media services, freelance graphic design, freelance photography... even freelance listening. I am a good listener!!

If you have any freelance work, send it my way. If you have someone that needs freelance work, I will bribe them with delicious home baked cookies and specialty brewed coffee made by moi in return for said freelance work. Freelance stands for 'Sadie needs this job' from now on ok? Ok.

Other than help wanted stalking, I made a poster for Lightburn Productions today for a show she is throwing at The Bridge Lounge. Go check out the facebook event page, if you are local, you might be interested. Sounds like a good time to me.

Now it is back to stalking for me... maybe that ad I've been hoping for DOES exist! Only one way to find out...

Ta ta for now!

Thank you for reading,

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