Hallowed be thy Ween, or something.

WARNING! WARNING! LARGE POST AHEAD! *tosses up caution signs everywhere*

This past weekend marked the passing of yet another Halloween in the world. Technically, it's Halloween right now, and it has not passed yet, but most of us celebrated this fine and freaky holiday yesterday! Roots celebrated it yesterday, as did 5th street! There were zombies, witches, vampires, weird things, batman(s), super marios, more weird things, more zombies, a few hairy beasts, the odd Cleopatra, gnomes, pirates and all sorts of scary and wonderful creatures walking around outside.

The zombie walk down 5th street happened yesterday, which is always funny. I think there were about 30+ zombies out there that started their walk right in front of Roots. One dude looked like he had his head blown off and there was a pile of gooey mess on top of his 'shoulders'. It was a rad costume, but not very factual. If you shoot a zombie's head clean off it's shoulders, that zombie would no longer be shuffling along, it would be dead. I guess they are already dead, so I should say it would be 'deader'? Yeah, that works.

Our beautiful and insanely talented Crystal-Lee was just slammed with makeup yesterday. She's quite popular, and here are some examples of why... Oh, and the dead lady on the bottom is our very own Sam Greeley! Her neck wound was making all of us gag. It even made her gag when she looked haha!

Just a little 'ps': You can go to my Flickr (click me!) to see more photos I took yesterday, and larger versions of the ones I am showing you here.

It was so much fun watching Crystal do her thang, and I have to admit that watching her do that all day made me once again crave going to school to learn how to do it myself. I probably will never follow through on that though, I'll just keep playing with makeup on a hobby level and making myself look disgusting. No really, I looked pretty gross yesterday! I got in to Crystal's makeup, and she so graciously didn't slap my hands away as I was digging through her kits. I made myself up to be a zombie (obviously...I love zombies!) It was fun bleeding all over the place at work, and I'm proud to say I did not leave one drop on anything! Mad skills.

Crystal dressed up like a stitched doll, and her costume could have won awards. She looked so cute that it really was a shame that I had to bite her. It was a zombie urge and I could not help myself! Thankfully she is a makeup arteest and covered up the bite marks. I wonder how she's feeling today....
*creepy music*

Anthony was busy working away in the Salon all day with
some zombie makeup that Crystal applied in the morning. He got in big trouble when he wiped it all off though! Zombies... so undisciplined. Not only was he bad with taking all his makeup off, he also could not resist the urge to come steal some candy from the front desk. I caught him in action though! I guess the chocolate tasted a lot like braaaaaaaaainnnnnssss?

Our wittle Andrea was a sparkle queen leaving trails of sparkles behind her, and on everything. She looked super pretty, and it was nice to have a bit of sparkle to counter the massive amounts of blood from zombie attacks.

Even Ida-Marie got in to the spirit of Halloween and makeup festivities! She looked AMAAAAAAZINGGGG (Hi Mike!) with her sexy wig and hawt makeup (compliments, yes, of Crystal!). I almost had to wrestle her to get a picture, but I won in the end, and voila! Look at this diva!

Bex got her bro and buddy in to give them ridiculous (SEE: Aweeesome!) hair cuts. It's pretty rad when people not only do their hair for a costume, but go all out and actually get it cut in to something that would work. These guys walked out of the salon lookin' like real charmers hey!? Hahaha, so good. SO good. Well done Bex!

We handed out TONS of candy to the little kiddies for the 5th street trick or treat festivities. They were soooo cute! I think I scared them a little though because some of them were asking me if I was really bleeding. Fake blood is getting better every year apparently!

It was super windy and raining pretty hard, so after a while of standing outside tossin' around candy, Ida and I sacrificed Anthony and Annierose to the streets and let them finish up with the kids. They came in looking like frozen popcicles! hehe.

After close, a few of us went to Staysea Brown's place and had a super fun Halloween party! We drank ice water and ate chips and told ghost stories. That's totally a lie, and you all know it! It was such a fun night, complete with fireworks and shinnanigans. Yes I have pictures, yes I will post a few. I'm debating which ones to post because we have an image to uphold and I can't let a few paparazzi type pictures ruin our futures as top models and high paid actors!

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween, or are HAVING one as we speak! Remember, friends do not let friends drive drunk, bitten or rabid. Look after each other and eat lots of candy!

Scare ya later!

Thank you for calling,

Roots is a Phoenix Baby!

Today marks our fire anniversary, in other words, today is the anniversary of the day a really mean and scary fire threw a tantrum and destroyed our salon. But, today, we are proof that the mystical bird called the Phoenix does exist in some way or another. For us, it exists in spirit, as we too, rose from the ashes in more ways than one.

On October 28th/2008 at 5:00am, a suspicious fire was started in the recycle bin at the back of the building, and then continued to rage its way in to our salon, scorching and burning everything inside, and making the roof collapse in to the back of the salon.

Despite all of the smoke and really bad smells, there were some laughs though! We had mannequin heads stored up in in the back of the salon which, due to the ceiling being on fire, decided to fall down and land in the sinks, and some were hanging from the remnants of the ceiling here and there. The poor Fireman had to walk in to a very dim and smokey building after the flames were gone, and see these eerie heads strewn about. They were not warned of the heads of course, because having plastic heads around is quite normal for us *wink*

One of the Firemen kept one of the heads as a souvenir and drove around with it in his truck until he was asked to return it. Further proof that positive attitudes and helping hands can make the best of any situation.

Despite finding humor in things, this fire definitely did take it's toll on the business, especially the few months directly following the fire. It was a huge stress on everyone trying to find somewhere to continue being available for our clients. Nobody wanted to be put out, as it would put our clients out, and that's just not something we are ok with!

Thanks to the HUGE support shown to us from fellow Comox Valleyites such as Leanne Boyd from Level 10 Eurospa, Dianne McPherson from Cockeye'd Optical, Karen McKinnon (to name a few) we were offered space to cut hair, places to hold meetings and so forth. However our epic rise from the ashes had a lot to do with Aimee Harrison of Salon Pure in Comox, who so heroicly offered to share her space with us until we could get back on our feet!

Months of squishing together and surviving the crisis past for the stylists. Some of our stylists had to become athletes just to get to and from work every morning. Anthony, for example, had to ride his bike from his place all the way to comox and back every day. However, he looks fabulous doesn't he?! See, something good always, ALWAYS, comes from something bad.

It has been two years since it happened, and to walk in here you would never ever know. What Ida-marie and Michael have done to rebuild this place is awe inspiring. It's bloody brilliant actually, and from what I hear, we are busier than ever. I'm personally stoked about the reception desk having deep red stone like surfaces with shiny parts. It's sexy, and I get to stare at it all day!

But seriously, it's amazing, and I did not work here then, but I remember what it used to look like, and I remember how many staff we had back then, and I've heard so many comparison stories... let me tell you, we are, well, let me allow Daft Punk to say it best; 'Harder, better, faster, stronger'

To top it all off, we even had a few very brave people stay behind and remain in Comox to push through and make our Roots mark there. Thanks to them, our Comox location is starting to really take off, so we're so grateful they flexed their muscles and braved that storm for us!

So I suppose in sum it would seem that we should thank the fire, but that would be very misplaced thanks. All thanks, all claps and highfives, should go to every single person that helped this fabulous business survive, and to those that nurtured it to be a bigger and better place overall.

Here is to another billion years! (I'm serious, one billion. Don't argue with me!)

PS: Fire sale at Roots tomorrow! All Roots brand products are on sale for 50% off! Come in and get 'yers'!

Thank you for calling,

A Hairy Situation...

Howdy ho you ravaging people!

How is the end of October treating you all? Crazy that it's almost over... and even more crazy that it's almost Halloween already! I keep forgetting, and then getting bombarded with minor heart attacks every time a fire cracker goes off and startles me. Maybe I'm just turning in to a big wuss in my new found old age... senility is kicking in early. You would think after being startled more times than I can count, that I would realize 'hey Sadie, Halloween, remember?!'

I worked in our Comox location today, which was a treat. I don't think it was a treat for the staff there though, I was a bit on the hyper side for the better part of the day. Me + hyper + being at a desk for 9.5 hours = shinannigans. It's super fun though, so -I- am not going to complain. They are all such good sports out there though, and don't get me wrong, they dish out their fair share of verbal abuse and word slinging! Only to staff though, never fear. We only harass each other, promise.

The lovely Desiree was super busy again today. She sure knows how to pamper a person! I keep wanting to get in to see her and take another film of me getting hair torn out of my body, but I would not want to steal time from her clients. I'll have to kidnap her for a few hours. DISCLAIMER: By kidnap, I mean bribe with delicious treats, money and a box full of open ended IOUs.

Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices. ~Shana Alexander

It got me thinking about the world of esthetics, and where men are starting to fit in to that scene. Men are getting more and more comfortable with booking appointments for things such as eyebrow waxing, back waxes, eyebrow tints etc. which is super awesome! However, I think we need to progress with this trend a little further, you know, refine it. A lot of men are still on the fence with it, and most never admit to having anything done. It's totally manly! You can't get more manly! Come in, get MAN-i-'cured' and walk out fist pumping and flexing those muscles!

PRO TIP: If you are a man, and you are reading this, please don't let this happen...

That, fellas, is just not cool ok? Never do that! This is just one picture I found, but I didn't want to post a bunch more because frankly I know you guys... you are going to see this, ignore my warnings and say 'DUDE! That's AWESOME!' and go get it done.


But hey, it's fine, we at Roots do not discriminate against new trends. We're cutting edge baby. If you want funky back hair designs, we will do it up. I promise to hold judgements, as long as you don't go convincing my boyfriend to wax 'l33t Gamer' in to his chest hair.

Tata for now! Tomorrow marks our one year anniversary since we had a massive fire at Roots, so I'll be revisiting that day in another post :) Bring the marshmallows and weenies! It's story time!

Thank you for calling,

Who spiked my coffee?!

Today was a great day of plotting future goodness at ye ol Roots Salon with Ida, Staysea and Annierose. I only worked for a couple of hours due to a massive migraine that's been plaguing me for a few days. I think Andrew spiked my coffee at work hoping that I would stay away and not be able to report his shinnanigans. Or, perhaps it was Anthony trying to keep me away for a while until he gets the perfect hair style to rawk and feels 100% film star ready.

Either way, someone has been conspiring against me at work and I shall do some heavy sleuthing to find out who exactly was spiking my drinks with the Migraine Pox Virus that they secretly engineered in the wee hours of the morning in their basement. Once I find this out, I shall expose them to THE WORLD right here in this blog, and begin posting a million photos and stories of their trials and tribulations!

Maybe I should have said that with my brain voice... now they all know I'm on to them, and the real culprit may never surface! Dratsssssss!

However, back to reality *cough* ...

Ida had a faboo idea, and I should be posting it by the end of this week both on our fan page and here on this little bloggie. It sounds rad, so I can't wait to share it with you once we work out the kinks and iron the wrinkles!

Oh! And we also further plotted out our Christmas staff party! Basically we are trying to find a place to host our Christmas staff party with the least amount of 'following day tabloid damage' possible, IF that's possible.

For the record, this will be my first Christmas party with the Roots family, but from what I hear... we are CRAZY. I'm not sure if I should be excited, or morbidly frightened for my life. Time will tell, as they say. Who 'they' are, I'm not sure, but 'they' sound really smart.

I'm off to get a good night's rest and get back up to tackle the day tomorrow. Stay safe, have beautiful dreams, and I'll blog you tomorrow!

Thank you for calling,

Holy Jeez Batman!

Hey beauties!

No post in TWO DAYS?! What's going onnnnnnn!

Oh wait, it was my (20th... shhh let me pretend) birthday!

I took a couple of days off to revert to a lazy, gluttonous, spoiled little brat. I haven't done anything important in over 48 hours. It was nice, but I'm starting to feel like the world has a few steps ahead of me now, and that's never good! I figure I should get crackalakin and start living again. Pause buttons on life are great things that we are not allowed to push that often, but it's time to hit play and get back at it!

Just thought I would pop in here and let you know I haven't died or ran away, and that I'll be back tomorrow with some words of Roots wisdom(?) for you all to feed on with your eyeballs :)

PS: Andrew has sent me death threats over me posting footage of him being Santa. I feel safe right now because I am at home, but if I never post again, you all know why!

Much love to you all,

Thank you for calling!
♥ Sadie


It's been a busy busy couple of days over at the Receptionist camp!

I was lucky enough to get to work two days in a row at the Comox location! This is exciting news because I haven't gotten a chance to show those guys some love in a while, and I think they were starting to think I didn't love them anymore! BLASPHEMY! If you guys are reading this, 1/4 of my heart belongs to you. The other 3/4 is shared between the Courtenay crew, my family and my dog. He gets an entire quarter, sorry everyone!

So anyways, I managed to snap a few pictures of their gorgeous mugs, and get a bit of video to add to my collection. I suppose saying I am collecting video footage of my co-workers sounds a tad on the creepy side, but honestly, I'm keeping it to make a long video to share with the world. That, too, sounds a bit creepy, but far less creepy than hoarding it for myself... right?

Scattered throughout this entry you will see a few of the pictures I took. Looking at the pictures of Mel reminded me of something though; Yesterday I was schooled in a fact about Mel. She normally wears her bangs swept to the right. However, when she sweeps them to the left, she becomes 'Alyssa'. Apparently 'Alyssa' is the nice one, so I guess I'm working with 'Mel' all the time and that's the scary one? Oh dear... I better not make her mad!

Also, I tried to get a picture of Richard, but apparently he didn't want to let me. I'm sure you can pick out his picture from that bit of information ;)

It has been super foggy the past few days, especially yesterday. I can tell it's October! The weird thing is every time I go out to Comox, SOMETHING reminds me of a zombie outbreak. Yesterday was super quiet and eerie outside, and the fog was so thick you could not see past the first row of cars in the parking lot. It was reminiscent of the old zombie flicks that had lots of fog (they could not afford higher quality effects ok!) and a horde of zombies would always pop out of the fog. Well, not pop, more like shamble and twitch, but you catch my drift.

One good thing though, is that despite the impending doom of zombie outbreaks whilst I'm in Comox, inside the salon is always fun and full of energy. IF a zombie outbreak happens, I'm totally cool with riding it out with those guys. I'd have to find a way to get the Courtenay peeps over there though... we'll work on that in another entry.

It's been fun talking to the clients this month. Everyone is chittering away about Halloween and what they are going to be. One of our clients is dressing up like a zombie bride and she promised I could take pictures of her when she comes to get her hair done, or, if I don't work there that day, she will bring me some pictures. Super stoked, she's an awesome lady and a former client of mine when I used to be a hair stylist (ohhhh revealing part of my past, dun dun dunnn) and she'll look FABULOUS as a zombie bride. She had a little visit with the stunning miss Desiree today (back off, she's mine!) but she'll be in to see Jen on Saturday, so stay tuned for pics!

We have our Christmas staff party booked, and boy oh boy will I have goodies for you all after that one! Not the next day though, I'll be recovering from abusing myself in the name of a holiday. You know, the usual tradition! Santa is going to be there handing out presents and I'm not sure if we are still supposed to offer him milk and cookies being that it's a crazy staff party. I don't want to offer him shooters though because if I make Mrs. Clause mad, I wont get anything under my tree :(

A little Birdie told me that Andrew was our Santa last year. The same Birdie also has some footage of this. That SAME Birdie was willing to trade me the footage for some delicious seeds (of laughter) and so, yes, I will post said footage once I get it *snicker*

Just a couple of reminders before I go! Tomorrow is Friday, which means we are giving away something fabulous on our facebook fan page!

ALSO, there is still time left in this spooky month of October to book a full head of hi-lites and a haircut to pick up a free flat iron (worth $70 retail I might add!) We love putting smiles on faces as a free service, so if your face is lacking in smiles let us help you with that! It's e
ven pain free!

I'll update tomorrow for sure, just give me time to peek in and scope out the scene over in Courtenay. I'm sure they have found some shinannigans to get themselves involved in within the past couple of days that I've been gone. Maybe I can yank on the branches of the gossip tree and see what tasty morsel falls down!

I will be putting up some contests once I have enough followers, so be sure to tell your friends about the blog :) I have some fun ideas that I want to get started on, so let's get this blog-ball a'rollin shall we *fist pump* Also, I will be interviewing our stylists and putting up a fun little fact sheet/survey combined with a sexy photo of each of them starting next week. It will be a weekly treat for everyone.

Blog ya later folks! Stay classy!

Thank you for calling,
♥ Sadie

Love for Jenn? We have LOTS!

Ello Ello ma'lovelies!

Today was my day off, so I don't have any insider information to share with you :( I do however have a very important thing to discuss and let you all know about.

On November 14th Roots is holding our second annual 'Fun Razor'. Fun Razors are where we make people beautiful in order to get donations to give to a deserving cause or person. This year, we are raising money for Jenn Zahavich.

Jenn Zahavich is simply an amazing young woman who just so happens to be battling terminal cancer. She, however, will be the first to tell you that the word 'terminal' does not describe her, so I strike that word and I will just say 'cancer'. Her attitude over the entire ordeal is simply awe inspiring, and though I have never met this lady, I have heard nothing but praise and words of admiration come from each and every person that has mentioned her.

Jenn has a family that loves her more than life, friends that feel the same, and even strangers that have never met her (like me) that have been so deeply touched by her story.

As I mentioned above, the Love for Jenn Roots Fun Razer will be held on November the 14th between 11:00am and 4:00pm. We will be giving hair cuts and basic blowdrys for a minimum donation of $30. This will all be a first come, first serve kind of deal, but we will do our best to get each and every one of you in a seat so you can get beautiful and support Jenn at the same time!

Cash only for this fund raiser... err, fun razor... please guys :)

ALL PROCEEDS go to Jenn to help her save money so that she can go to a treatment center in Mexico, and spend very important time with her family... and most importantly, GET BETTER and kick this disease to the curb!

The Comox Valley is very well known for supporting our own, but the love for Jenn doesn't need to just be confined to this little town. If you want to donate to a very important cause, there is an account set up for Jenn at the TD bank under her name. The account number is 5680 5221457. Cheques can be made out to Jennifer Zahavich.

Head on over and join the Love for Jenn facebook group, and also, go read Jenn's very own blog. It is a very touching read, and will let you get to know her a bit better.

If you have any questions about the Fun Razer for Jenn, you can give us a call at the salon at 250-703-0181 or 250-890-0160, or you can comment here and I will be happy to assist you. We look forward to seeing you guys there on the 14th!

Monday? Is that you?

Happy start of a new week everyone! I know so many of you hate mondays, and probably for good reason, but just look at it this way, having a Monday means you get another Friday soon, and we all LOVE Fridays!

It's pretty quiet here at the Roots camp today. If you are reading this, and we are still open, you should come in and get pampered! If you get pampered every Monday, you will start to love them... that's my attempt at psychologizing you in to coming in to visit us. Did it work? Do I have to throw in some cookies and warm milk as well? I hope you have the same taste as Santa Clause because that's all I have to offer!

I did not end up making it to the staff bowling party, which means, I don't actually have any photo proof of the debauchery from that night. I heard faint rumors, a few rumbles of gossip, a tad and a titch of info that leaked down through the gossip chain, but no VISUAL PROOF. Visual is always so much more fun than words for those things. They can't wiggle out of visual incrimination, but with me only packing the verbal ammo, they can just say 'we were playing a nice game of Cribbage and sipping tea by the warm fire while classical music softly played in the background'... we ALL know that would be a lie, but I can't prove it.

I'm sorry, I tried to paparazzi my co-workers for you, but they were on to me and stayed one step ahead the entire night. I got a few photos of other people *cough*myself*cough* doing silly things that night, but why would I want to show you THAT? Not going to happen!

Enjoy your Mondays everyone. Remember, pamper yourself today at least once, and if you want to come visit us, we would love to see your face!

Blog ya later,

Thank you for calling,
♥ Sadie


Heyyyyy guys! Sadie the Receptionist here! Duh, right?

Just a quick little update to throw down for you since I didn't update yesterday! I was too busy having the fabulous Staysea Brown do my hair. She is slowly turning me in to a blonde for the first time in my life, minus when I was a natural blonde for about 2 years when I was a little kid. That doesn't count.

She has taken me from jet black hair, About 10 or so deposits of black color mind you, to a strawberry blonde in just two sittings. Not to mention, she gave me an inverted bob from long, drab and yawn-boring hair. It's another transformation in Sadie camp from yet another heroic person at Roots.

I am sure it will only take a couple more times before I can say I'm a blonde! Thank you darling Staysea, you rock my toe-socks off! We ate sushi afterwards in celebration, this should become a hair appointment ritual. Let it be written, let it be done son!

Tonight is staff bowling night. It is going to be a crazy night of Roots staff wielding heavy round objects and throwing them (hopefully) down a long strip of wood to knock over some pins. I am hoping the bowling balls go where they are intended to go, and don't go knocking over stylists rather than pins! I'm not saying there will be any alcohol involved. I didn't say it. I said nothing. No..thi..n....g

It should be great fun though! I promise to try and sneak a few photos of the debauchery on to this blog for you all to partake in giggling at. I will try and get some that are funny and entertaining, but that wont result in me getting multiple face punches on Monday morning from my fellow co-workers!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with MORE SUNSHINE. It's been beautiful, we're very lucky!

Happy Saturday my lovelies!

Thank you for calling!
♥ Sadie

First Video!

Shh, don't look at the time that I posted this. Blogger lies, it's not really this late...

I come to you bearing a video! This is the video of April ripping hair off of my forehead that I promised you a couple of days ago. She is actually a lot more graceful and professional than that sounded, but I will let the video prove that :)

It was a giddy little waxing session with sir Anthony working the camera. Thank you Anthony and April for making this much needed experience so much fun! This isn't a high action shoot'em up movie, more of a cozy little piece of footage to share while we collect and store the high action shoot'em up bits in a secret bunker somewhere in Europe with 'Top Secret' labels written all over them.

We will share them with you all when we feel the world is ready... which will be sooner rather than later!

I am working on a bit of a new blog format, something along the lines of 'more fun, less babble'. It's going to have a bit of a schedule to it with certain types of posts going on certain days. It is going to be fun, so stay tuned!

Below is the video of April bush whacking my eyebrows. You can watch it here, or click to go to Youtube to see it on a much bigger screen size :)

Blog ya later folks!

Thank you for calling!
♥ Sadie

Do you love the way I lie?

I have to apologize folks. I promised you a video tonight, and I don't have one to serve! I am a dirty, filthy HORRIBLE liar! I feel terrible, and I am super sorry! Just so you know though, it -is- in the finishing stages of being rendered and WILL be here tomorrow!

Here are a few technical notes, or updates if you will, on the blog front; I changed things around a bit so that anyone can comment, regardless of you having a blogger account, gmail or Twitter. Logging in with those accounts is still an option, but you can now choose to just leave your name and a comment, or comment anonymously. I hope that helps, I know it is lame when you want to say something but you are confined to the red tape of the internet!

(this is a huuuuuuge huge hint to leave comments by the way. If I could set up a nice table full of cookies and other baked goods to bribe you with, I would do it. I have not figured out how to upload delicious food yet, but I'm working on it... )

Also, I am plotting out a blog contest to host either weekly or monthly. I am not going to get in to great detail yet because I like to dangle carrots, but it should be really fun. I want to tap in to your artistic side, and award you with something for being creative! It miiiiight have something to do with photography... maybe... shh.

Speaking of photography! The Roots photo shoot is coming up pretty quick, November to be more precise. We will be putting out a model call, as I mentioned earlier somewhere down there *points down towards the sea of text below this entry* If you happen to have modelling experience, or know someone who has had modelling experience feel free to contact us and let us know. You can email us at rootsthesalon@shaw.ca, we'd love to hear from you!

We're going to have a blast at the shoot! I'm so excited! I need to go on a costume and prop hunt. I should drag our lovely miss Ida-Marie out for a treasure hunt (and take pictures... bwahaha) one of these days. We could dress up like pirates and get away with it since it is so close to Halloween!

Too far? Ok, ok, scrap the pirates idea, even though now I'm sad :( Yarr.

Speaking of that spooky holiday we all love, Crystal-lee and I were going over my costume idea (Audrey Hepburn meets old school secretary) and she is going to do my makeup. This is exciting news! I've been waiting for an opportunity to have her work her magic on me!

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone - Audrey Hepburn

I should add costume bits and pieces to the list of things to treasure hunt for. This is another very valid reason why I should be 'hunting' with Ida. She has an amazing eye for things like this, and I could get her to help me pick out my costume.

Ida-Marie, this is a 10,000lb hint I'm dropping, by the way ♥

Anyways ladies and gents, I am off to watch a movie and wind down for the day before drift away to dream land. Ok, I'm lying again, I'm not going to watch a movie, I'm going to watch the latest episode of Dexter. Probably not the best pre-dream land thing to watch, but it's SO GOOD!

I am excited to go to work tomorrow, as always! I still feel weird loving my job so much, it's never happened before. I quite literally l.o.v.e going to work every single day. I would be super envious of me if I were not me, which I am, so I'm not envious I suppose. One deadly sin I can cross off the list! Score!

I do hope that tomorrow is a less strange day... Annierose and I were discussing how weird our days were. It seemed like one of those off days for everyone, almost like the day of calamity! I was even clumsy today, and I can't count how many times I tried to beat myself up on walls, burnt my mouth with tea, smacked myself and ran in to random objects! I did it so much that the furniture in my house was starting to cower and shudder in fear of me ramming myself in to them again! Thankfully the clumsy part of my day did not start while I was at work, our clients might have thought I was less than sober if I was walking around bumping in to things all day.

I assure you, my clumsy day had zero to do with substance abuse!

Maybe there is some sort of astrological explanation for this! I should call up my buddies in NASA and find out what is going on!

DISCLAIMER: The calling up of buddies in NASA only exists in an alternate reality where I actually HAVE buddies in NASA. In other words, it doesn't exist.

I will see you all tomorrow WITH a video to post!

In the mean time, we would love to see you over at our fan page on Facebook, so if you haven't done so yet and you want in on the fun, head over and 'like' us. We would like you back, but I guarantee you we already do like you!

Thank you for calling!

Miners and Monster Eyebrows!


It's been a great night over here! I've been having an uplifting evening of sipping warm drinks and watching news footage of the Chilean miners being rescued. It's been so inspirational, emotional and... GOOD! News that makes you feel happy? Wait... WHAT? impossible! I am having a hard time going to bed because I am so captivated by the footage, and I don't want to miss seeing one more come up safe and alive.

The happy story of the miners seems to completely overshadow anything I have to say today, just because in light of mass rescues that are complete success stories, most things seem trivial. I know they are not all rescued yet, but I know they will be!

But you don't need my reporting on the issue, I'm sure most of you have been watching as well. It's all over the place, as it should be!

I do however have my own piece of epic news to report... my eyebrows are waxed! I finally had April tame those beasts. I made the mistake of tweezing my own about a month ago, and I did a horrible job! They looked like two very misshapen, very odd, very deformed caterpillars. I kid you not. This is not comedy central, I'm dead serious. Anthony did a fantastic job of recording the entire saga of this epic eyebrow transformation, and I will have it posted for you tomorrow. I am putting myself out there for ridicule, and for a visual lesson in why you should never, never, EVER, attack your own face with metal pinchers.

April is an eyebrow master. She takes those eyebrows, whoops their arses and makes them behave and sit like a lady! She sent my eyebrows to bootcamp and they came back very obedient!

I am very overtired at the moment. It's been a great day, with a slight sleepless night trailing behind it. The combination of the two, with a side of 10+ coffees, have left me extremely hyper and yet so very tired. It's an interesting contradiction, but going to sleep soon is probably for the best... maybe?

I do want to rest up because I am working at the Comox location first thing in the morning, and I don't want to have to greet our beautiful clients with the groggy eye! In case you were just wondering, groggy eye kind of looks like this...

That would be bad, amirite?

Oh, and in case you've noticed weird words with links in my blog, they all link to my 'Sadieisms dictionary'. What the hell is that you say? Well, I tend to make up words, or use two words, mutilate them horribly and then string them together to form a completely unintelligible word that scholars all over the world would wince at. However, being that I do it regardless of said wincing, I decided to put a little dictionary up for you to reference when you don't know what I am going on about. Enjoy or mock, no extra charge!

Click me - Sadieisms

One last thing before I drag my sorry self off to beddy bye land; I took some random photos today in the salon as well, and I will share one with you. It was one of my favorites from today, and is oozing with hotness. I will leave you with this photograph of miss Annierose, Andrew and April the Eyebrow Ninja!

I promise to post a much more detailed, and slightly more embarrassing post on the morrow. You have my word. WORD!

Thank you for calling!

Day off update!

ello' ello'

I didn't work at Roots today because it's Sunday and we are not open on Sundays. We believe it should be a day of rest and self pampering. And that folks, is precisely what I did! I hung out with my old friends 'Senior Pajamas and Sir Coffee' and together we sat around the computer listening to a wide variety of tunage and catching up on what's going on around the internetz.

I admit to venturing out in to the world just once, and that was to take my dog Chester for a walk and to... well, get more coffee from Tim Hortens. I know that a lot of you that are not from Canada haven't discovered the sweet sweet nectar that is Tim Hortens coffee, but in my personal opinion, it puts Starbucks to absolute shame! It was so worth leaving my proverbial comfort zone for, I assure you.

So, back to my day of slothing..

I admit to having a bit of a guilty pleasure in reading celebrity gossip blogs from time to time. While on one of these blogs today, and still very much in the company of my dear friends Senior Pajamas and Sir Coffee I might add, I came upon a picture of Rihanna's new 'do'. Personally, I love it, but it seems the popular opinion is that she should go back to her dark hair 'bad girl' image. Maybe it's just me, but I have yet to see a hair style on the girl that she can't rock, and rock hard. It helps that she is drop dead gorgeous, and that you could probably shave her head, smear lipstick all over her face and tar and feather her and she would still look stunning!

Anyway, what do YOU guys think? Is this a hair style you would get? What about the color? I always love it when clients come in to our salon and want something completely crazy. They check in, then go 'poof' behind the big wall in front of the reception desk, and then they come around the corner to pay and it's like BOOM! New person!

It is not often that someone wants to go from a very casual style and color to something like the lovely miss Rihanna's new hair though. I almost want to put out the challenge to someone to get her new look just to see how many would actually take me up on said challenge!

Speaking of crazy transformations, I was creeping around online trying to find some unique costume ideas for Halloween because I'm always ALWAYS last minute with these things. I have a few ideas, but still haven't come up with anything conclusive. Maybe I should just go as myself, a receptionist, but give it that old school secretary feel. It would be fun to pull off an Audrey Hepburn look and secretary it up a bit! Just look at the picture to the right and imagine it... ok, ok, I think that might be fun, and I might just do it!

(Pssst, Crystal-lee? Are you reading this? I may need your magic makeup skills girl!)

What's on the agenda for tomorrow? It's a National holiday still, which means one more day of slothing! Or maybe I should embrace the Halloween costume idea I just came up with and go tackle some of the pieces I would need. Time to hit up the old faithful thrift stores!

Let me know what you all plan to be this year! I love hearing about Halloween plans, it is my second favorite holiday of the year, next to Christmas of course :)

Blog to you all soon, for now I'm off to go attempt to channel Audrey Hepburn and see if I can pull off her sultry stares and seductive pout face....

Thank you for calling!

Oh look! It's a Turkey day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there in e-land!

What are you all thankful for this year? I'm thankful for a lot of things, but mainly I'm thankful for my beautiful mommy Linda, and my loving boyfriend Bryden, and my awesome uncle George and aunty Betty. I'm also, and this goes without saying, thankful to the Huska family for having faith enough in me to hire me at Roots Salon, and for providing me with every opportunity to use my talents, and to vastly improve on them. I'm now, officially doing what I love, and I can never thank them enough for that.

One second please... I'm getting faklempt... *grabs tissues*

I hope you all have a safe and love stuffed (see what I did there?) turkey day folks! Eat lots, and remember, there is no better feeling than undoing the top button of your pants directly after eating a huge Thanksgiving dinner. I even suggest doing that and laying on the floor. Groaning optional... but highly recommended!

Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow. ~Edward Sandford Martin

It was another stormy day today! Beautiful! I love it... but then I'm an October baby, so the more violent the storms get, the happier I am. Our clients braved the pounding rain and the tantrum throwing wind and still came in to get all dolled up. It's always cozy in the salon when it's nasty outside. Kind of gives it more of an intimate setting!

We had a lady come in today by the name of Joleen, who was last week's Roots Facebook FREEBIE Friday winner.

Pro Tip: Every Friday at Roots, we give away something splendiferous and awesome through our Facebook fan page. We randomly select one person from those who have 'liked' Roots, and drape them in gold!... or you know, haircuts, products, manicures and the like. I still say those things are as good as, if not better than, gold!

Back to Joleen!!

Last Friday she won a free makeup application and a free tube of our uber sexy lip gloss by Jane Iredale. She had something special to do tonight so she decided to come in and have Crystal-Lee make her look like a movie star!

She was super cool, and had no problems with me turning in to a shutter bug and snapping a couple of pictures of her pretty face!

Here is a before and after for your viewing pleasure! (Notice Anthony creepin' in the background pretending to be concerned with a client file when he really just wanted to cam whore! ... diva ♥ )

Pretty rad huh? I hope she had fun tonight, despite the INSANE wind outside... I seriously just heard it attempt to vandalize the windows in my house. WOW! :D

Much love to all of you, eat lots, be happy, have food fights, and I'll blog to you soon!

Thank you for calling!

Strike a pose, my darlings

Hello beautiful people!

I just got home from an intimate little gathering of ideas with the lovely Ida-Marie (Roots owner and visionary god extraordinaire!), Annierose, Andrew Adams, Mel Dorey, Catherine Joiner and Jen Routley. Kelsey, another of our lovely receptionists, stopped by for a while as well.

We had a little sit down to chit chat and unleash our creative vision for the upcoming photo shoot! (You know, the one I said I can't talk about but would leak information if I absolutely had to...)

Well I have to. Here is the deal folks. After the meeting, a group of really angry suit wearing mafia types with cookie logos on their chests ambushed me. They kidnapped me and took me hostage! They brought me to a secluded warehouse where they threatened to feed me chocolate until I died. Don't get me wrong here, I love chocolate, and it was a very tempting way to go, however, I fought back like a brave woman on a diet! They wanted photo shoot information, and they wanted to see it posted on the blog by midnight or they would come back wielding massive chocolate bars! Frightening isn't it?!

So, I guess I have to share something now, le sigh, le moan *wicked grin*

I can tell you that the photo shoot this year is going to be the biggest photo shoot Roots has ever done. I'm talking epicsauce here guys. The people at Vogue might be a bit jealous by the time we are done, but whatevs, you can't blame the Roots family for being so talented can you? Vogue will have to just suck it up and accept our rivalry!

I can't tell you too much, but I can say that the theme is dramatic, sexy, cutting edge, theatrical and very very delicious.

Our Valley's own lovely miss Karen McKinnon from McKinnon Photography is once again going to be gracing us with her exceptional and envy inducing talents. Speaking of Karen, I got to meet her today for the first time, and after hearing so much about her, I was super excited when she walked in. What an awesome lady, and she is ridiculously sweet! Love her... ok, I will stop fangirling now...

As well as Karen, we are having a second photographer come from the glitzy Vancouver to shoot for us (not with bullets I promise!) I will keep his name a surprise... for now... *cue dramatic music* Between the two of them it is safe to say that the world needs to LOOK OUT! The world isn't ready for the stunning and highly fashionable photos that will come out of this shoot!

While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see. ~Dorothea Lange

We are going to be putting out a model call, so be sure to check our Roots Facebook page, and keep an eye out on this blog, as well as local newspapers (if you are local!) for this. Have I said too much?! Oh dear... what a predicament! I want to spill the peas! Or was that beans? Whatever, I want to spill something!

Unfortunately two very sexy people could not make it to the meeting tonight, as they were busy making people even more beautiful. We missed you Megan and Anthony! We had a moment of silence and shed a few tears due to your unforeseen absence. It was a sombre meeting without you two to share your exuberance, promise.

I hope you are excited! I'm super excited! If I had seams, they would be bursting! I will be at the shoot keeping you updated and leaking as much as I can leak that day. We'll also be shooting on location, so hopefully I can get a few little sneak peeks out to you that day. I'll post some photos, and make like a ninja and stealthily post a bit of video too. I'm not going to be able to contain myself for very much longer.

Now I must once again bid you adieu. It's curtains for me, time to go listen to the raging storm outside and dream big.

Much love and thank you for calling,


I am SO hot right now!

(Title Disclaimer:  Title dedicated to Michael Huska due to a conversation we had earlier in the day where I said I was too hot and he told me to blog it.  Happy now Mike!?)

Where is everyone today!?  The mall is so quiet... I'm starting to fear that a zombie outbreak is imminent or something.  Any sign of life out there?  Or should I be barricading myself inside the salon, peering out the windows for zombies all night?  Thankfully some of you non-zombies are inside our salon safe and warm and getting your hair prettified!  Gives me hope that if I do see a zombie today, that it's just someone in a Halloween costume that didn't get the memo that Halloween is on the 31st.

Speaking of memos... I really need to sort out my notes, I have a billion!  Not -literally- a billion, that's a slight over exaggeration.  Should I invest in an iPhone?  Do those things actually make your life easier or is this a total myth that was created just to push techno-junkies like myself in to getting the pretty new 'shiny'?  If you think it would help me be more organized though, let me know!  I have to find some way to justify to my boyfriend that I 'NEED' one, shhhhh.... I do have a short term memory at times so I could go with that spin?

One thing I did want to share with you all, before I forget (see?  No short term memory!) is this amaaaaaaaaziiiinnng (dedicated to Mike again!) website that I happened to come across a while ago and have been having far too much fun with!  It is one of those websites where you upload your photo and give yourself a makeover online.  However, all of the sites I've been to have been epic fails, and the end result had me looking like I had made a plastic version of my face and hair, stuck it in an easy bake oven for about an hour, and removed it in all it's melting wax horror museum glory!

The website I found is not like that, I promise!  If you actually take a proper photo of yourself (looking straight at the camera) and upload it, follow the very simple instructions, you can get some very accurate results.  You can makeover your hair, makeup, even eye color!  Maybe I will make a before and after of me to prove to any skeptics that this one actually does work!  I was a skeptic too, no worries...
You could even go so far as to doll yourself up on there and print it out when your done and bring it to your next appointment with us at Roots!

Alrighty then ladies and gents, I'm almost off work for the day but I will talk to you all 'on the morrow' and see what's crackalakin over at the Courtenay location!  I was tucked away all cozy and warm in Comox all day today enjoying that beautiful mountain view we are so lucky to have!

PS:  For the record, our lovely little miss Mel Dorey was super busy today... STIRRING THE POT!  She had some nice 'sick burns' to throw around. Way to go Mel!  +10 points for being awesome and burning Mike!  'Are those shoes too big for you'? *snicker*

Thank you for calling!

Finishing Touches!

Hello to all of you out there in 'internetz' land!

I know it's been a while since the last update, but I absolutely promise you there is a very good reason behind that! I have been busy whipping up a new layout for this blog *gently pats it*

The layout you see before your very eyes consists of 2 parts vision, 1 part sweat, 3 parts headache, 5 parts sore eyes and 10 parts determination. It is the product of me rising from the ashes of web design, where I put myself to rest five years ago. It's a whole new world out there in graphic design/coding land, so it was especially interesting creating this out of a generally basic, and slightly archaic, knowledge of how these things work.

It's not 100% awesome yet... I still have a few tweaks and adjustments to make coding wise, so please, if something is broken for you, not aligned correctly, popping out at you and waggling it's tongue, do comment and let me know so I can fix it.

Other than the above, I've also been busy at the lovely salon I call my second home. We're all crazy and happy, save for a handful of us that have come down with some sort of plague, for lack of a dramatic tone, how about we use the term 'cold'.

Save for a pretty nasty flu (See: not a cold) that I had a couple of weeks ago, I'm doing ok and I don't seem to be coming down with it. A couple of my poor fellow receptionist gals, miss Annierose and Crystal-lee, have been stricken however.

Despite the germ army invading our staff, we're all slugging through it and working as usual.

I've been collecting video footage so I can put together a little bit of a goodie bag of hilarity for you all, so that is something to look forward to! I look forward to sharing it with you so you can see what I see on a daily basis!

I did, however, steal a nice little photo of our famed and loved Anthony Hepburn, sporting a rather stylish and in your face hairdo!

In other news, there is a buzz going around the salon these days. Something about an epic photo shoot! I have to remain tight lipped about it, but I promise, if I can leak something out to you... I will. Shhhhh, don't tell!

I'm going to run and play with this layout a bit more, but I just wanted to give a shout out to all of you and let you know that the proverbial ball is rolling! And hey, you can follow this blog using the 'follow' section over yonder to your left, and there is a handy little RSS feed icon to the left and slightly up a bit.

I fail at directions for the most part, so if you just got lost... I apologize.

Until next time my lovelies!

Thank you for calling,