I am SO hot right now!

(Title Disclaimer:  Title dedicated to Michael Huska due to a conversation we had earlier in the day where I said I was too hot and he told me to blog it.  Happy now Mike!?)

Where is everyone today!?  The mall is so quiet... I'm starting to fear that a zombie outbreak is imminent or something.  Any sign of life out there?  Or should I be barricading myself inside the salon, peering out the windows for zombies all night?  Thankfully some of you non-zombies are inside our salon safe and warm and getting your hair prettified!  Gives me hope that if I do see a zombie today, that it's just someone in a Halloween costume that didn't get the memo that Halloween is on the 31st.

Speaking of memos... I really need to sort out my notes, I have a billion!  Not -literally- a billion, that's a slight over exaggeration.  Should I invest in an iPhone?  Do those things actually make your life easier or is this a total myth that was created just to push techno-junkies like myself in to getting the pretty new 'shiny'?  If you think it would help me be more organized though, let me know!  I have to find some way to justify to my boyfriend that I 'NEED' one, shhhhh.... I do have a short term memory at times so I could go with that spin?

One thing I did want to share with you all, before I forget (see?  No short term memory!) is this amaaaaaaaaziiiinnng (dedicated to Mike again!) website that I happened to come across a while ago and have been having far too much fun with!  It is one of those websites where you upload your photo and give yourself a makeover online.  However, all of the sites I've been to have been epic fails, and the end result had me looking like I had made a plastic version of my face and hair, stuck it in an easy bake oven for about an hour, and removed it in all it's melting wax horror museum glory!

The website I found is not like that, I promise!  If you actually take a proper photo of yourself (looking straight at the camera) and upload it, follow the very simple instructions, you can get some very accurate results.  You can makeover your hair, makeup, even eye color!  Maybe I will make a before and after of me to prove to any skeptics that this one actually does work!  I was a skeptic too, no worries...
You could even go so far as to doll yourself up on there and print it out when your done and bring it to your next appointment with us at Roots!

Alrighty then ladies and gents, I'm almost off work for the day but I will talk to you all 'on the morrow' and see what's crackalakin over at the Courtenay location!  I was tucked away all cozy and warm in Comox all day today enjoying that beautiful mountain view we are so lucky to have!

PS:  For the record, our lovely little miss Mel Dorey was super busy today... STIRRING THE POT!  She had some nice 'sick burns' to throw around. Way to go Mel!  +10 points for being awesome and burning Mike!  'Are those shoes too big for you'? *snicker*

Thank you for calling!

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