It's been a busy busy couple of days over at the Receptionist camp!

I was lucky enough to get to work two days in a row at the Comox location! This is exciting news because I haven't gotten a chance to show those guys some love in a while, and I think they were starting to think I didn't love them anymore! BLASPHEMY! If you guys are reading this, 1/4 of my heart belongs to you. The other 3/4 is shared between the Courtenay crew, my family and my dog. He gets an entire quarter, sorry everyone!

So anyways, I managed to snap a few pictures of their gorgeous mugs, and get a bit of video to add to my collection. I suppose saying I am collecting video footage of my co-workers sounds a tad on the creepy side, but honestly, I'm keeping it to make a long video to share with the world. That, too, sounds a bit creepy, but far less creepy than hoarding it for myself... right?

Scattered throughout this entry you will see a few of the pictures I took. Looking at the pictures of Mel reminded me of something though; Yesterday I was schooled in a fact about Mel. She normally wears her bangs swept to the right. However, when she sweeps them to the left, she becomes 'Alyssa'. Apparently 'Alyssa' is the nice one, so I guess I'm working with 'Mel' all the time and that's the scary one? Oh dear... I better not make her mad!

Also, I tried to get a picture of Richard, but apparently he didn't want to let me. I'm sure you can pick out his picture from that bit of information ;)

It has been super foggy the past few days, especially yesterday. I can tell it's October! The weird thing is every time I go out to Comox, SOMETHING reminds me of a zombie outbreak. Yesterday was super quiet and eerie outside, and the fog was so thick you could not see past the first row of cars in the parking lot. It was reminiscent of the old zombie flicks that had lots of fog (they could not afford higher quality effects ok!) and a horde of zombies would always pop out of the fog. Well, not pop, more like shamble and twitch, but you catch my drift.

One good thing though, is that despite the impending doom of zombie outbreaks whilst I'm in Comox, inside the salon is always fun and full of energy. IF a zombie outbreak happens, I'm totally cool with riding it out with those guys. I'd have to find a way to get the Courtenay peeps over there though... we'll work on that in another entry.

It's been fun talking to the clients this month. Everyone is chittering away about Halloween and what they are going to be. One of our clients is dressing up like a zombie bride and she promised I could take pictures of her when she comes to get her hair done, or, if I don't work there that day, she will bring me some pictures. Super stoked, she's an awesome lady and a former client of mine when I used to be a hair stylist (ohhhh revealing part of my past, dun dun dunnn) and she'll look FABULOUS as a zombie bride. She had a little visit with the stunning miss Desiree today (back off, she's mine!) but she'll be in to see Jen on Saturday, so stay tuned for pics!

We have our Christmas staff party booked, and boy oh boy will I have goodies for you all after that one! Not the next day though, I'll be recovering from abusing myself in the name of a holiday. You know, the usual tradition! Santa is going to be there handing out presents and I'm not sure if we are still supposed to offer him milk and cookies being that it's a crazy staff party. I don't want to offer him shooters though because if I make Mrs. Clause mad, I wont get anything under my tree :(

A little Birdie told me that Andrew was our Santa last year. The same Birdie also has some footage of this. That SAME Birdie was willing to trade me the footage for some delicious seeds (of laughter) and so, yes, I will post said footage once I get it *snicker*

Just a couple of reminders before I go! Tomorrow is Friday, which means we are giving away something fabulous on our facebook fan page!

ALSO, there is still time left in this spooky month of October to book a full head of hi-lites and a haircut to pick up a free flat iron (worth $70 retail I might add!) We love putting smiles on faces as a free service, so if your face is lacking in smiles let us help you with that! It's e
ven pain free!

I'll update tomorrow for sure, just give me time to peek in and scope out the scene over in Courtenay. I'm sure they have found some shinannigans to get themselves involved in within the past couple of days that I've been gone. Maybe I can yank on the branches of the gossip tree and see what tasty morsel falls down!

I will be putting up some contests once I have enough followers, so be sure to tell your friends about the blog :) I have some fun ideas that I want to get started on, so let's get this blog-ball a'rollin shall we *fist pump* Also, I will be interviewing our stylists and putting up a fun little fact sheet/survey combined with a sexy photo of each of them starting next week. It will be a weekly treat for everyone.

Blog ya later folks! Stay classy!

Thank you for calling,
♥ Sadie

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