Heyyyyy guys! Sadie the Receptionist here! Duh, right?

Just a quick little update to throw down for you since I didn't update yesterday! I was too busy having the fabulous Staysea Brown do my hair. She is slowly turning me in to a blonde for the first time in my life, minus when I was a natural blonde for about 2 years when I was a little kid. That doesn't count.

She has taken me from jet black hair, About 10 or so deposits of black color mind you, to a strawberry blonde in just two sittings. Not to mention, she gave me an inverted bob from long, drab and yawn-boring hair. It's another transformation in Sadie camp from yet another heroic person at Roots.

I am sure it will only take a couple more times before I can say I'm a blonde! Thank you darling Staysea, you rock my toe-socks off! We ate sushi afterwards in celebration, this should become a hair appointment ritual. Let it be written, let it be done son!

Tonight is staff bowling night. It is going to be a crazy night of Roots staff wielding heavy round objects and throwing them (hopefully) down a long strip of wood to knock over some pins. I am hoping the bowling balls go where they are intended to go, and don't go knocking over stylists rather than pins! I'm not saying there will be any alcohol involved. I didn't say it. I said nothing. No..thi..n....g

It should be great fun though! I promise to try and sneak a few photos of the debauchery on to this blog for you all to partake in giggling at. I will try and get some that are funny and entertaining, but that wont result in me getting multiple face punches on Monday morning from my fellow co-workers!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with MORE SUNSHINE. It's been beautiful, we're very lucky!

Happy Saturday my lovelies!

Thank you for calling!
♥ Sadie

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