Monday? Is that you?

Happy start of a new week everyone! I know so many of you hate mondays, and probably for good reason, but just look at it this way, having a Monday means you get another Friday soon, and we all LOVE Fridays!

It's pretty quiet here at the Roots camp today. If you are reading this, and we are still open, you should come in and get pampered! If you get pampered every Monday, you will start to love them... that's my attempt at psychologizing you in to coming in to visit us. Did it work? Do I have to throw in some cookies and warm milk as well? I hope you have the same taste as Santa Clause because that's all I have to offer!

I did not end up making it to the staff bowling party, which means, I don't actually have any photo proof of the debauchery from that night. I heard faint rumors, a few rumbles of gossip, a tad and a titch of info that leaked down through the gossip chain, but no VISUAL PROOF. Visual is always so much more fun than words for those things. They can't wiggle out of visual incrimination, but with me only packing the verbal ammo, they can just say 'we were playing a nice game of Cribbage and sipping tea by the warm fire while classical music softly played in the background'... we ALL know that would be a lie, but I can't prove it.

I'm sorry, I tried to paparazzi my co-workers for you, but they were on to me and stayed one step ahead the entire night. I got a few photos of other people *cough*myself*cough* doing silly things that night, but why would I want to show you THAT? Not going to happen!

Enjoy your Mondays everyone. Remember, pamper yourself today at least once, and if you want to come visit us, we would love to see your face!

Blog ya later,

Thank you for calling,
♥ Sadie

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