Don't Hold Back!

Alright guys! Here is your chance to openly (or anonomously) tell me how you REALLY feel about this blog and how it is coming along. I have heard lots of feedback through the proverbial grapevine since I started it, but I would absolutely love it if I could hear directly from you guys.

A big part of blogging is reader feedback and interaction. Every time you leave me feedback or interact with my blog by liking things, or twitting them, it gives me some idea on how things are going and what can be improved. However, as much as I LOVE the 'likes' and the 'twits' and such, I adore comments as well. Those are the things I don't have to guess with, and those are the things that will allow for me to make this blog SO much better, and much more tailored to all of your reading and viewing needs.

So please, do, leave a comment here for me and be brutally honest! I can take it, good or bad! lay it on me THICK! Just make it low on calories please... I'm ingesting enough of those due to the holidays that are creeping up on us...

If you would prefer to message me privately to let me know your thoughts, you can send an email to me at if that is more to your liking!

(PS... comments posted here are going to be used for something in the future... something fun... something free... something... oh I have to stop before I say too much.)

Thank you my lovelies,

AND thank you for calling,

Death of a Weekend

So the weekend is over, which means a new week full of fun, fabulous hair and fantastic people shall commence in approximately 8.5 hours! I get the privilege of opening up the Courtenay location as the grand opening of the week to follow. You may think I'm crazy for updating so late, but I was just plotting my day at work tomorrow and felt like running to the blog to share my thoughts with you guys.

The Christmas staff party is taking place next weekend, and I've been contemplating what I want to wear. I could dress up and be totally uncomfortable, or I could be comfortable and not dress up. What do you think? Should I try and find a happy medium somehow? And if so... what would be appropriate for this 'dressed up comfort' sheik look? Keep in mind the gong show factor that is promised by the roots staff. We don't take parties lightly you know. In fact, they are serious 'bidnizz'!

In other news (is there any other news? Christmas staff party for Roots is pretty much as epic as it gets... but I digress) I am still trying to render those photo shoot videos and get something up for you. It's a struggle with this old computer. It really wants to retire and start collecting it's old age pension, but I refuse to let it. It still has another good year or two that I can beat it in to submission... it just means that things like this are taking time. I also have this urge to make the videos I post as close to perfection as I can... but I might try to shed a bit of that and settle for less in the name of posting SOME video. Just be aware that this old man *pats computer* is doing his best.

And just for a little idea of what is going to happen in this blog this week:

1. A new open forum for discussion on what YOU guys would love to see happen in this blog, as well as a welcome invitation for you to express your opinions on the blog so far.
2. TWO Roots personalities posts since circumstances disabled me from posting
one on Friday.
3. The big reveal on something totally AWESOME happening at Roots in December
5. POSSIBLE video of the shoot (if I can get it so I like it... enough)
6. A hint at the next Sadie the Receptionist contest and when it will be starting, prizes and how it will go down

That's what you can expect this week, as well as what's happening in the salon of course :)

OH, I'm not sure how many of you are aware that we have a color distribution business as well called 2U, which by the way distributes an amazing color line at lower cost than you will find from any of the other (heinously expensive highway robbers) color line distributors out there. We had an office for 2U in a building behind the Courtenay location, but the Huska folks spent a few days moving it to another location last week. I will do a little write up on the color line we distribute and how you can get in on it if you are a salon owner or stylist, but for now check out our 2U website. We use our own color line in Roots by the way... that's why you all get such fantabulous colors when you come visit us!

The above is not tooting our own horn either... I used to be a hair stylist and this color line totally OWNS any that I have ever used. For serious. I mean seriously you guys. So super serious.
So that's that folks, it's going to be a fun week at the blog, and at Roots of course. Hope you all had a delicious weekend full of doing fun and wonderful things... and yes, that includes lounging around in your comfortables!

PS: I just did a camera photo dump, so the photos you see scattered around this post are little gems that were hiding in my camera's memory.

Blog ya later!

Thank you for calling,

And the winner is....


Thanks to your fabulously bad hair day, and your participation in the first ever Sadie the Receptionist blog contest, you have won a $50 gift card for Roots the Salon! You can use this for anything in our salon, services, products, manicures... have fun with it!


We have a draw winner! I placed all the names of those of you that participated in the draw portion of the contest in to a hat... on the internet... and randomly drew one name. That name is Katrinna Louise!

Congrats Katrinna, you won yourself a $30 gift certificate for Roots the Salon!

So, my lovely winning ladies, I will be in touch with you via email! Congrats again!

I will be having another contest soon, and the next one will be a bit larger in scale... in all areas! Mysterious I KNOW! I'm super excited for the ideas I have for it, and I will let you know a little closer on when I plan to have it so that you can prepare for what is coming!

I had so much fun doing this contest for you guys, and I thank you ALL for your participation! You guys are freakin RAD! I consider you all to be my new 'BFFs' or 'Besties' ♥♥♥♥

Much love, and thanks again!

Thank you for calling,

Bad Hair Day Contest: VOTE!

Hello my lovelies! It's time to vote! This isn't like an actual election voting process, there are no long lines or miserable people who are sick of standing in said lines. This is just you, me, this blog, and a one click vote that you will cast for your favorite bad hair day candidate!

I have narrowed it down to the top 3 submissions! They were ALL great, and I thank you all for submitting to this contest. I also assure you there will be future contests of this sort with different themes, and I would love to see you all submit again! I had a nice amount of submissions this time, and I hope to double, triple, quadruple and... something it next time around!

So here they are folks, your top three! It's like America's Next Top Model, only better, duh.

Cast away!

VOTING CLOSED! I will post the results later on today! Thanks for voting everyone!

I will be leaving voting open until the 26th, and then I will be announcing the winner and giving you a hint on when the next contest will be... and what the prize will be. Ohhhh lala!

The draw winners will be announced on the 26th as well, so you still have one day to Twit, Blog, Like etc. this blog and our affiliated sites to get some credits to win the $30 gift certificate. For a quick way to do this see the contest post (click me) and just click the links :)


Thank you for calling!

When Photos Attack!

The photo shoot was a complete success! We all congregated at Crown Isle for it, and everyone involved did an amazing job at creating, quite possibly, our best collection yet! It was a blur of noise, flashing lights, hair, makeup, artistic banter and overall creativity.
The hair stylists that participated this year blew my mind with how wonderful they were with their models. They seriously put a ton of work in to trying to not only make them look good for the shoot, but to put their own personal stamp on the image they were trying to create on the models. This is good because that's the entire point of doing this... you want to show the world what you can do!
The models did a fantastic job rocking their styles, and each one had their own unique personality that I think totally comes through in the photos... I admit to peeking at Karen's camera display here and there... the sneek peeks I stole with my ninja eyeballs got me super excited to see them all polished up and complete.
In total I believe everyone involved put in a decent 12+ hours that day, and Karen shot 14 models, plus group shots at the end. By 'shot', I mean with her camera... no guns were involved! Although, she probably felt like actually shooting some of us by the end. We ARE the Roots crew, and we are a bit, shall I say, unique and bratty at times.
It became a bit of a party for those of us that did not have as much to do with the actual shoot. You don't want to put us in a situation where boredom could strike or we make like rebellious teenagers and start sneaking drinks! I thank those NOT being rebellious teenagers for having patience with the rebels in the group.
Bryden, my boyfriend, works at Crown Isle and I have sent him to work with further thank yous and gratitude for letting us use their beautiful space! It was perfect for the mood we wanted in the photos, and they were very gracious. So, thank you Crown Isle, it was a blast!
We got a LOT of footage that day... like, I'm not kidding... Bryden was shooting the whole time with the little hand held and there is over 2 hours of footage, plus reams of photos. He is going to edit a nice little video to put online so you can all see it. Not too sure when that will be up because he has two jobs and is going to do it on his time off, but I'm hoping in a week at the most. I promise I will nag him to death about it and take his wrath! hehe...
I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Mike and Ida-Marie (owners of Roots) for making this photo shoot happen, and for letting me and Bryden be involved in some small way. We had absolutely nothing to do with the success of this shoot, but it was amazing to see the collaboration of everyone involved, and see this thing happen from concept to completion. Thank you, as well to my beautiful co-workers for putting their hearts in to this. The models looked like they came straight from a Vogue magazine... you guys rock!
Thank you, of course, to Karen McKinnon of McKinnon Photography and the people of Revival Arts Studio for being so professional and fantastic! Can't wait to see the finished product guys! You're awesome!

What a memorable evening, one that I shall never forget. Thanks for all these memories Roots xoxoxox

PS: Larger versions of these photos can be seen at my Flickr :)

Thank you for calling!

Photo Shooting! BANG!BANG

Just one more post for today... maybe...

Tomorrow is the Roots photo shoot of epicness! We are having it at Crown Isle and the theme is *crackling noises...bzzpt..zzztt.....* nne *zzpptb* art *bzzzshhhhh* ogu *crackle* oot.

Sorry, really bad reception over here! I guess you will have to wait and see! I am so excited, it's going to be amazing and so much fun!

If you are all interested in some little tidbits of information, possible 20lb hints and paparazzi shots ala Sadie the Receptionist, do tune in to my Twitter feed and my Twitpics feed. I will be updating constantly throughout the day.

My boyfriend, the amazing silent camera man named Bryden, got the day off just to come hang out with us and take some video. (oddly enough, he works at Crown Isle, so is it REALLY a day off? The answer after the show!)

We'll be filming, snapping photos, Twitting, Twitpiccing, paparazzi-ing, gossiping and doing a lot of laughing tomorrow and I would love to share that with you guys. It's your only way in and I have unlimited tickets!

See you at the shoot!

Thank you for calling,

Roots Personalities: Staysea Brown

It's that time again! Well, it was supposed to be that time YESTERDAY but Stays was a busy bee and I was a busy bee, and together we buzzed about and did everything but this. However, it's here!

Staysea and I still have to have a little photo session for this, but for now I ganked some photos off her to put up temporarily. She's too cute hey? She could con cookies off the cookie monster EASILY. I will let you all know when her feature photos are up for the peepin!

Staysea is one of the sweetest, and funniest, people I have personally ever met. I love the girl, and so I am super excited to present you with a little peek in to our lovely Downtown Staysea Brown!

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Roots?

Andrew in his tight jeans!

Q: When did you decide you wanted to become a hair stylist and what made you decide to become one?
I knew when I was pretty young. I have ADD and I needed a job where I could burn off all my energy and be artistic at the same time. Plus I was sick of living with 25 women and cleaning honeymoon cabins in Jasper.

Q: Do you want to specialize in one particular area of hair design in the future? Example: Platform artist, working on movie sets, owning your own salon etc? Or are you content with having your own clients and working for Roots?

Ohhh thats kinda a bad question Sadie! If I say I want my own salon, will I still have a job?!? Maybe I can open a sister salon and call it "No Roots"

Q: Now on to the more personal and random stuff... What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths - well to keep it short... my eyes!
Weaknesses - I don't have any.

Q: What's your number one goal in life?

To live life to it's fullest, and never look back!

Q: What do you think the world needs to learn?

"sharing n' caring "

Q: What is your dream concert lineup starting from opening band to headliner?

Well lets start out with a little Sublime, follwed by some Nirvana and lets end with Johnny Cash ♥

Q: If you could have anything delivered to your doorstep each morning, what would it be and why?

The 'What Not to Wear' team to dress me, do my hair and my make-up! Ohh and maybe they could bring a coffee with them too...

Q: If you could write one message on a ten dollar bill that people would see as the money circulated, what would it be and why?

"call me 331-3**4" ... LOL

Q: If someone were looking for you in a bookstore, which section would they be most likely to find you?

In the movie section renting the movie instead of reading it.

Q: What is something you used to love, but have outgrown?

My mullet

Q: What is something you used to love and refuse to outgrow?

The Sears Christmas book. I still look through it every year and dream of my dress up trunk.

Q: Is there anything that you enjoy that would probably surprise most of the people that know you?

Lately I've been playing Katy Perrys CD in my car and singing my heart out to #6, but I always turn it down when I pull up to another car... shhhhhhh!

Q: What is your biggest fear, and how did you come to fear it?

I hate snakes!!! I used to have a dream all the time when I was a kid that I would walk out into the field to get my cat off of the fence, and a snake would jump up and bite my butt =(

If you could only keep one of your five senses, which would you decide to keep and why?

Is my voice a sense??? Cause I couldnt live with out that!!! Im sure my co-workers wouldn't mind though.

Q: What are the five things that make you happiest in life?

Family, "my roomates", Friends, Andrew's tight jeans, the beach and of course my 2 cats (their soooooooooo cute)
Q: Other than being a hair stylist, what is another career you would pursue if we had not have kidnapped you to our dark side?

A late night talk show host, but if that didnt work out I would work with youths with addictions.

Q: What type of hair styling excites you the most? For example, crazy rockstar hair styles, conservative hair styles, trendy styles?

I love it all, but after working for Bed Head, I would have to say I just got to love the 'rockstar' look

Q: What are your biggest pet peeves?

Slow walkers who take up the entire sidewalk

Q: And finally, what would you like to say to the readers? What would you like them to know about you?

I've never been the 'textbook hairstylist' and I have always talked about ALL of the stuff we are told never to talk about. So if you want to be entertained, come on down! I'm an open book, if you want to know something about me, just ask! That's how I roll.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me... Downtown Staysea Brown!

I've Got A Feeling...

It has been a completely random and inspiring day today! I can't even begin to explain all of the crazy ideas that are going through my head right now! The level of creativity that is in my bloodstream at this very moment is unbelievable and I seriously owe all of this to the people I have met through working at Roots.

I'm talking staff AND clients. Every day I am inspired, but today was just... wow.

I could write a novel of a post to explain the day, but to give you a much more eye friendly, and less blindness inducing version, I will sum it up quickly. I met a girl today named Jessie who is pretty much one of the raddest people ever, and one of our models on Sunday for the photo shoot!. She's a music promoter, I used to be/still am a music promoter. We talked, I got inspired, ideas started running amok in my brain, and now I must talk to Ida-Marie about said ideas... I know that made NO sense to you guys, but at least you (a) didn't go blind and (b) didn't fall asleep and face roll your keyboards (I hope!)

Ida-Marie is a huge advocate of artists, by the way. She's extremely inspiring with how much she supports them, and it's so nice to have people like this around me for once! I promise you all, cross my heart and hope to die (not really... I don't want to die!) that big things are going to happen. I know you can't possibly be as stoked as I am, but trust me, you will be eventually!

Other than all this crazy and creative energy that was flying around today... IT SNOWED! I was SO hyper because of this that when I came in to work today, I preeeetyyy much just wanted to start a dance party. I feel like Frosty the Snowman when he came to life with the first snow! It is actually just starting to snow again, so I will see some of you guys tomorrow with your
hats made of snow! I say we have a snowball fight right in the salon! Ida? Sound good?!

In other big BIG news... Jared, our lovely resident apprentice, did his first client today! He did a root retouch and did
an awesome job! Totally impressed everyone and was super confident while doing it. Good job buddy! Stoked for you!... although, it seems Jared developed a touch of sass after this milestone. He started bossing me around and telling me to fetch him things... now, hmm, how should I respond to this new sass? Since he is the apprentice, that means he's still in his 'hazing phase', which means I could totally justify making him do some very demoralizing things. You reading this Jared?! ARE YOU!? (Just kidding, it's all hearts and kittens homie!)

Next week I will be starting a new fun thing on the blog where I feature one of YOU! That's right... I really really appreciate all of you out there that read this, and the amount of support so far has been wonderful. I will be doing this periodically, and the featured reader that is chosen will receive a nice little token of my gratitude. I'll be updating you with how it is going to work around Tuesday, so look out for that!

Sleep tight my lovelies, and watch out when driving! I hear we are in for a massive dump of snow. I'm very upset about this. Terribly... horribly happy... I MEAN UPSET about it! *wicked grin*

(And yes, I sprinkled funny animals with crazy hair through this post. Why? Because it made me laugh, and I was hoping it would do the same for you. Happy gift of laughter everyone!)

Thank you for calling!

3am Blog Tweakage

*stares like a zombie*

I am a bit tired, but lack of sleep is good for one thing... productivity! I know that sounds totally insane, and I know proper sleep is supposed to be beneficial to the whole being productive thing, but eh, three cheers for being different (Also known as: stupid, backwards, wrong and asinine)

Anywho, I was messing around with the whole RSS feed concept. I've never really streamlined the RSS world to any blogs I've managed, but since this is a brave new world of online comfortability and ease of use, I figured I would make it a bit easier for all you RSS'ers to subscribe to the blog.

If a man had as many ideas during the day as he does when he has insomnia, he'd make a fortune. ~Griff Niblack

To your left you will now see three new things. They are not totally shiny, and they don't promise a spot in heaven if you click them or type things in to them, but what they DO do is provide other ways for you to follow my jibber jabber! You can now subscribe by email, subscribe through feedburner and become a fan on FanBridge.

Now FanBridge is used mostly for musicians, but hey, I like music, have lots of friends in the music industry, and well... who pays attention to rules anyways?! I happen to think it's a great little tool, and more importantly it's fun! You can ask me questions which will be posted over there, and I can answer them. Ask me whatever you want, I'm not shy so you shouldn't be either :) It also has other nifty features that I fully will be using later on... such as? Such as the ability to give you downloadable content as a thank you for subscribing, mailing lists and more flexibility in all things social media based.

PS: CONTEST CONTEST CONTEST! Only five more days before I toss up the three best bad hair day submissions and start calculating those credits for the draw. Get'em in guys! Don't even TRY to tell me you all wake up with stunning, perfect and flowing locks in the morning... I know better! I can't be alone in the 'OMG MY HAIR IS A CROW'S NEST' mornings! It's science, hair likes to be a rebel in the wee hours of the day.

Now, it's off to research more of this thing they call social media. It's a great big dragon all of us bloggers get to wrestle with and try to slay... or tame. I guess tame would be more appropriate.

One more 'ps'... I will be starting a new fun thing on the blog that I hope will allow you and I to interact a bit more. Check in tomorrow. Yeah, I like to keep a bit of suspense in the air, that's how I roll.

If you have literally one spare second to vote in the following poll, that would be greatly appreciated! Feedback can help me make this blog much better :)

(For some reason the server that hosts the poll is down... lol? I will put a different one up if it doesn't fix itself soon!)

Adios amigos (my accent sucks, sorry)

Thank you for calling,



What's crackalakin guys? I didn't write to you beautiful people yesterday because it was a day off in Sadie land. I spent the entire day NOT being lazy. It's shocking, I know, but I actually went out and did stuff. I have to admit I stopped by work twice though, and hung out for a bit both times. Is that a bad sign? Should I be joining some sort of 'I love my job too much' support group? I have heard people asking 'what's wrong with you?!' when people go in and hang out at work on their days off before, and I have to admit I agreed with that question. However, now that I am in that boat, the one that docks at work a few times on it's day off, I don't see what is wrong with it.

Denial? or...

I had to bring the video camera in because Michael called me DEMANDING it. Seriously, he was like 'if you don't bring it in, I'm going to fire you and give horrible references to any future employer that you try to get to hire you. Bring the camera right NOW!'... ok he didn't say that, but he probably thought it (didn't you Mike!? haha). He wanted it because we had our model fittings and test runs for the photo shoot on Sunday. I am SUPER excited about the shoot by the way! Anyways, I wasn't able to stay for the trial run night as I had other lifey things to go dabble in, however apparently it was super fun!

I haven't seen the footage that was taken yet, so I have none on me to update with, but I'll work on collecting everything and showing you guys (and me!) what went down. Apparently one of our models was sent home from work because of her hair color (pink!) and she had to come back to the salon and borrow Ida-Marie's black halloween wig! Too funny, but on the other hand, how horrible! What is with all the pink hair haters!? Having pink in your hair shows a lot about who you are, and mainly it screams 'I am a fun and daring person that you want to know!'. Apparently some people hate awesome people? I don't know, but it's just silliness.

Thankfully Ida-Marie saved the day yet again!

I would post pictures from my shift today but a sneaky Anthony has kidnapped my camera and is holding it hostage somewhere over at his station... or in his pockets... or in a secret government lab somewhere. I am sure he will release it sometime before the end of our shifts, but if not, I will have to break out my inner ninja, scale his building, sneak in to his appartment and kidnap it back!

If I plan on going 'ninja-ing' tonight, I better lose this feeling in my belly. I just ate the world's largest chili and cheese hotdog, compliments of Annierose who was lovely and bought it for me before she left work today. It feels like I just ate an entire Thanksgiving dinner, I'm that full! I can't see the building scaling working out too well when I'm stuffed full and feeling like a sloth.

OH! And I still have to do my stumbles, sorry about the delay!

I'm going to go and see what kind of trouble I can get in to... maybe I'll throw stuff at Mike over the wall. Refer to latest Twitpic to see the wall I am referencing... it would be perfect for projectile pen missiles!!

Blog ya later!

Thank you for calling!

Holding Monday for 'Rainsom'

What is it they say? The early fish catches the bird? Or was it the worm catches the early fish? Or oh hell, nevermind! It is EARLY! It's an early post for once. And not my usual 'post midnight' kind of early, but a true, honest to goodness MORNING post.

I'm a little in shock with myself right now, I'm not going to lie. This coffee of mine is mocking me quietly on the desk telling me I'm a blathering idiot and to stop what I'm doing and drinkkkkk moooooreee. I swear these Tim Hortons coffees should come with little 'drink me' notes just like the potions in Alice in Wonderland.

It is one dark and moody looking Monday, complete with complimentary rain. It's better than snow though right?! Right. Oh no... I just said snow. I have jinxed us all!

ROOTS STUFF! Yesterday was our annual Fun Razor, and this year we were raising money for Jenn. I wrote about in this here bloggie earlier in the month... well I am not sure about the exact amount that was raised, but I will update this post when I find out :) I wasn't able to make it here yesterday due to feeling extremely ill and trying to get stuff done inbetween laying down. I'm not asking for cheese to go with my whine, but I did want to be here for the event and for that, I'm whining.

I'm hoping everyone took pictures and have stories to share. I'm sure I'll hear more as the day rolls on!

I never know what I think about something until I read what I've written on it.
William Faulkner

*time warp*

It's 2 hours after I started writing this post. Time flies when people want to get beautified! It's great that it's busy today, that means lots of people are telling Monday where to shove it, and doing stuff they enjoy!

I have a bit of a 'photo dump' to do, so I'll start here and post a couple of my faves from the past week. One is of Anthony and his client thugging it out, and a couple more shots of her AMAZING hair!

The other is of the beautiful Annierose with mud and seaweed on her face... I know, I know. I was super impressed with her for letting me take this photo. Not only letting me, mind you, but actually telling April to come get me to take the photo. This girl knows me... I like the compromising shots *devil grin* Thanks babes, you're the best wifey ever!

I will be updating later tonight as well with my Stumbles, and then tomorrow with more photos and some updates on the Fun Razor! I also know who I am featuring this coming Friday for my second 'Roots Personalities'. I'm not going to tell you, it's MY secret, MINE! My precciiiouuussss! You only have to wait a few more days, suck it up princesses! :D

I just realized I've been writing this post for about 3.5 hours now, and that means I'm too busy to be writing, which means I should probably make like cars at a red light and just STOP.

(would you believe I came back an hour after writing that last sentence?... apparently I didn't stop and I got a ticket for running the red light. Le sigh.)

*screeches to a halt at the next set of lights and ends post*

Thank you for calling (talk to you later tonight shhhh...)!

Roots Personalities: Jared Mogensen

Here we have it folks! The very first Roots Personalities Profile! I mentioned in the last post that I chose our newbie Jared Mogensen to profile first, since, well he's new and we all are super stoked to have him with us!

Sit back, grab some coffee or... hot rum... and have a peek in to mind of JARED! Wooooooo *cranks noise makers and throws confetti around the room*

(PS: I took a few more shots of this awesome dude, and will have them posted to my flickr in bigger and better quality on the morrow!)

Q. Welcome to Roots Jared! What is your favorite part of working with us so far?

Well, this is only my 2nd week in my new career choice, and I've learned so effing much! But aside from that, this place is a blast! Never a dull moment and soooo much fun!

Q. When did you decide you wanted to become a hair stylist and what made you decide to become one?

Honestly, thought never crossed my mind until about 2 weeks ago. The 'BFF' Staysea Brown, who also works here, suggested I consider it. A week later, here I am!

Q. Do you want to specialize in one particular area of hair design in the future? Example: Platform artist, working on movie sets, owning your own salon etc?

Hmmm, it's only been 2 weeks, haven't thought that far ahead! I'm still taking it all in... it's quite overwhelming!

Q. Now on the the more personal and random stuff... What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths: My blue eyes! Weaknesses, strawberries and Asian guys!

Q. What do you think the world needs to learn?

Don't sweat the small stuff!

Q. What is your dream concert lineup starting from opening band to headliner?

Gaga, Madonna and then throw in some Cirque du Soleil... not sure who would open and who would play last. Maybe Madonna would open for Gaga...

Q. If you could have anything delivered to your doorstep each morning, what would it be and why?

A hot sexy Asian guy with my morning coffee in hand (and some fruit loops...)

Q. If you could write one message on a ten dollar bill that people would see as the money circulated, what would it be and why?

I've always lived by this rule... Do unto others as you would have done unto you. That's what I would write on it.

Q. If someone were looking for you in a bookstore, which section would they be most likely to find you?

I don't read...

Q. What is something you used to love, but have outgrown?

Tonka trucks!

Q. What is something you used to love and refuse to outgrow?

Fruit Loops! (kinda fitting huh?!)

Q. Is there anything that you enjoy that would probably surprise most of the people that know you?

Documentaries on the Royal Family.

Q. What is your biggest fear, and how did you come to fear it?

Bees, I walked through a nest of them when I was little.

Q. If you could only keep one of your five senses, which would you decide to keep and why?
Sight... well if I'm going to become a hair stylist, I kinda have to see right?!

Q. What are the five things that make you happiest in life?

Family, friends, Staysea Brown *heart*, strawberries (Staysea is allergic to these by the way!), and Asian guys!

Q. Other than being a hair stylist, what is another career you would pursue if we had not have kidnapped you to our dark side?

Working with children that have special needs.

Q. What type of hair styling excites you the most? For example, crazy rockstar hair styles, conservative hair styles, trendy styles?

I love crazy Fashion Magazine hair!!

Q. What are your biggest pet peeves?

Weak handshakes, white socks with dress shoes or sandals and people who are impatient (ANDREW!)

Q. And finally, what would you like to say to the readers? What would you like them to know about you?

I have a twin brother, no he's not gay. And yes, ladies, he is single!

There you have it folks! I feel like I know him a bit better, so I hope you do as well! Feel free to leave comments for him in this post and I'll be sure to send him here to read em'!

He is going to be manning his own chair one of these days, so keep your senses sharp for when that happens!

I am going to try to get these linked to their personal profiles on our website, so stay tuned and I'll let ya know if that is a green light or not, and if it is, when you can step on the gas! Ok ok, in other words, I'll let you know if and when that happens :)

Quickie.. (get your mind out of the gutter!)

So I totally had a bunch of photos I wanted to put in this post, but lo and behold my computer has decided to throw a temper tantrum and quit recognizing my camera, ergo, no photos today! I shall scold, punish and threaten my computer within an inch of its life tomorrow, then send it to the corner for ten minutes to think about what it has done, and after that we should be good to go for photos! Sorry folks, apparently computers can get hormonal too!

A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila.
Mitch Ratcliffe

I have something fantastic that I am going to post on Friday. Remember when I said I was going to start profiling one staff member per week? Well this is the week it starts! We have a new recruit amongst us, and his name is Jared. He is apprenticing with Roots to become a hair stylist extraordinaire! We only produce the best don't'cha know! So far he has done a lot of cleaning up behind us and getting our lunches, the poor thing. It sounds like we practice the whole college hazing thing with our new staff doesn't it? It's not true I swear! We don't give him wedgies or make him streak down 5th street naked in the snow... yet.. *cough*... I mean, no, we would neeeeeever do that!

But in all seriousness, he's going to be a great stylist, we can tell already! And that is why I have chosen him to be my first to profile :) Stay tuned for that Friday at some point, probably after dinner time. You can all get to know him a little better and start booking your appointments now, because once he hits the floor I'm sure he'll be a popular lad!

OH! And I've been struggling with my computer (yeah, yeah... more compie struggles I'm afraid) to get a nice chunk of video edited and tied together in a nifty little package for you all. (Pro Tip: Never get in to editing video with a PC. Always go MAC) I -hope- to have that up sometime very soon, maybe within the week, hoorah!

We have a reception meeting at 8am on Friday. I am not sure how productive my brain will be that early in the day though. I've never been known to function at full capacity that early on in the day, but maybe I can communicate through a series of grunts, hand gestures and eye movement (reminiscent of REM sleep perhaps?) and get my ideas across. Wish me luck! And wish those I will be in the meeting with luck as well, they will need it to intemperate my somewhat primitive form of morning communication.

That's it for today. Just a quick update on the good things to come, and an apology for my bratty computer!

Oh... and I also have a very silly video of Michael that involves booty shaking and dancing... that is coming soon too. I know, I know, you can't wait! Neither can I!

I leave you with a cell phone photo of Annierose trying to eat and/or murder Anthony. She isn't normally this homicidal I promise, just stay on her good side and you will be ok!

And remember, here at Roots we would 'curl up and dye for you'.... oh snap, bad joke for the win!

*blows kiss*

Thank you for calling!

Sadie's Stumbles: Part 1

Well hi there! Don't you just look lovely today! Don't look out your window, I'm not peepin' you, I just know you look great. Call it instinct, call it my sixth or tenth sense, call it what you will. I just know these things.

I haven't had any Rootsy stuff to write about since I am on day two of my weekend. Never fear, I'm back there tomorrow with bells on! Maybe I should skip the bells part hey? Think that would be too much? I suppose I could have stalked the staff and gone in on my days off, or peered through the windows, wide eyed and camera ready, but I don't think that would have gone over too well. Plus I'm lazy, as I've stated previously. But come tomorrow, I will have photos to twit or flick(r), words to type, stories to tell, shinnanigans to document, all that good stuff!

I decided that I would share with you guys some of what I do on my weekends. I'm not going to get in to all the boring details of how many times I brushed my teeth, or flat ironed my hair, or played with my new Mac makeup (thank youuuuu Crystal!), but I will share with you some of my Stumbles!

What are stumbles? There is this great site called that basically lets you check off your interests and then you click 'stumble' and it takes you to a bazillion random websites. I honestly spend hours doing this... it's becoming a bit of an obsession, bordering on some sort of new compulsive disorder. However, I do find some really interesting sites and I figured I'd share a few of them with you!

So without further adios... or adieu or something like that, I bring you the first addition of 'Sadie's Stumbles', brought to you by the letter W. W being for weekend of course!

Sadie's Stumbles: Part 1

I stumbled on this little gem today, and oddly enough I was not sure where my phone was. 'Why the heck not' I thought to myself as I hunted and pecked in my cell number. Sure enough, I heard the little tell tale 'ding a ring ding sing sing dong ding ticka lala' sound of my cell ringing somewhere in the mountain of coats, purses and other paraphernalia on my bed. My ringtone doesn't totally sound like that, but it's close. I answered it and a mysterious automated lady was quite happy that I had, indeed, found my phone. But then she hung up on me... which I thought was a bit rude. Maybe I wanted to get to know her! A neat site to bookmark if you are like me and lose things quite frequently!

Future me is a great idea for a site. You know the concept of time capsules where you stuff some items and a letter to yourself and shove it in a pod, bury it under a random tree and come back 30 years later to dig it up and cry over your past? Yeah it's kind of like that, only fully online based and you don't have to bury Fozzy your favorite childhood teddy bear for 30 years! I wrote myself a nice little letter reminding 'future me' to keep keepin' on and never stop trying to be awesome. Hopefully future me finally becomes awesome and stops being such a total dork! Give it a try, write future you something! Just remember you have done it and never lose the email address :)

I am a huge sucker for all things photography. It's something I do on the side, and would like to do more of in the future. This being said, I have about 100+ photography based websites and blogs bookmarked. This site, however, caught my attention for the amazing quality of photos that are displayed. I spent a good amount of time on here with equal parts awe and envy. It's 'totes' worth checking out if you like to look at pretty pictures!

WARNING: This site contains 'swer wordz'.

Terribleminds is written by a man named Chuck Wendig. I could rattle on about how awesome this dude is and what a great writer he is, but I will leave that for you to check out. He writes about all sorts of things and he is insanely witty, funny, sarcastic and one badass writer. I stumbled here tonight and spent a SOLID amount of time reading his blog. I am going to go read more when I am done writing here. He is my new blog/writer hero, he's that good. I laughed several times, and smirked through most of his entries. I suggest getting yourself a nice hot cup'a'joe, or some tea, or warm milk or... hot rum, and spending a bit of time reading over there. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. That's all I can say.

I found this site a while ago and watched all of the videos. However I randomly stumbled on it again today and thought 'OH! I want to SHARE this!!' It is like a modern day Garfield with less orange, more open doodly lines and funny noises. There is no Odie, but there are other little critters, and yes, Simon. It is so cute, and I guess you could say 'cat typical' that if you have ever been a cat owner, or you are one, I promise you that you will get a chuckle out of this.

That's it folks. That's my stumbles for this weekend. I shall bring you more next weekend!

I will catch you all on the flip side (SEE: Roots the Salon) tomorrow.

Keep it classy!

Thank you for calling,

Faux Friday Time!

Hello to all of you!

Today is Saturday, but it's actually MY Friday, so I'm going to party hard and celebrate the weekend in style!

I'm lying... I'm actually going to do absolutely nothing and lounge around, fully excercising my right to flaunt how lazy I can truly be! THAT is how I party! Don't judge me...

It's pretty calm in Roots today, which is nice. I can hear the buzzing sound of conversations and I get a chance to visit a bit with my co-workers. On busy days I feel like I never see them. The reception desk becomes leper island and I am all alone! Oh dramatic, as always!

We have a few people away on little vacations right now, Megan just so happens to be in Mexico as we speak. Not going to lie, her Facebook status messages about sun and drinking delicious drinks in the tropics are making me a bit jealous! And how rude that she did not offer to fold me up and put me in her suitcase! I mean really now... I stated in a previous entry that I travel light and fit in medium sized suitcases, so what gives!! Megan, SHAME ON YOU! Look how pale and withered I am, the Mexico sun would have revived me to greatness, painting my skin a brownish tone and making me look alive.

I have to look good... I'm a receptionist! Pffbt, so much for team spirit!

( love you Megan! xoxox )

Don't forget to enter the contest and draw guys! I want to give stuff away BAD. It's in my nature... I have this giving disease, I think it is called 'generousititis' or something. If I don't take my giving away something medication I get really unhappy and pout a lot. At that point nobody wants to be around me and I get sent back to Leper Island again. ERGO: let me give you free stuff right meow!!

I also caved under the heavy pressure of social media and made a fanpage on Facebook. I also got my Twitpic working so I can toss photos on there from the salon all day with my cell phone. I should not have gotten one of these... it's too instant, and if I have that kind of power, what's next?! THE WORLD?!

Did I mention I have the Flickr for higher quality photos? I think I did. But remember me complaining about the bad memory? Yeah. Point proven.

Anyways (but sideways!) I'm going to do some work around this joint... perhaps clean up the candy *cough*eat it*cough* and dust and keep the stylists in line. I'm super scary and intimidating like that!

(DISCLAIMER: Don't worry... I don't pick on Anthony, he's too good at getting out of trouble with that sulky face he has perfected. He gets away with murder! <3)

This is a picture of Nicole's client that she just finished pamper-ino-ing. She's rediculously super awesome and loves bitching about things with a smile on her face, just like me! There is bitching, and then bitching with a smile. Bitching with a smile is SO much more badarse!! A woman after my own heart!! Had so much fun with her while she was here :)

Just look at that sassy look she's rockin'! That is epic sass right there, love it!

Over and outtie!

Thank you for calling,

Who Shot Thursday!?

I think Thursday is not feeling well. It's sulky, drizzly and in a dark mood. I tried to talk to it to make it feel better, you know, perk it up and maybe get it a bit brighter, but nooooooo. Thursday is just being a cranky cranky day!

I, however, am NOT cranky! I am in a fantastic mood whilst sitting out here in the be-au-tiful Comox location. I was lucky enough to catch Annierose for an hour before her shift was over. She's a total cutie and she's mine! No touchie! Her hubby would beg to differ, but that's ok, I can take him!

I have added a Flickr Photostream over yonder to the left *points* I'll be uploading more and more photos to it, so be sure to stalk it because I wont always post them to the bloggie. If I did this blog would turn in to a photo stream itself! I've got sooooooooooooo *deep breath* ooooooooooo *gasp* oooooooooo many photos!

We have an awesome promotion this month here at ye ol' Roots the Salon! I might have to partake in said promotion myself! You spend $79.95 and you get to pick 3 services from a very generous little menu that the lovely Ida-Marie concocted from her fabulous and creative brain! It's a crazy buffet of self pampering deliciousness that should not be missed! I think it would make a spiffy birthday gift for someone... do I know anyone who has a birthday in November? Hmmmm... too bad I have such a ridiculously horrid memory. Time to break out my notebook, also know as my personal memory assistant.

I always have trouble remembering three things: faces, names, and ... I can't remember what the third thing is. -Fred Allen

Looks like everyone is gearing up to go home here in Roots land, so I had better get ringing our lovely customers through and letting them get home for their dinner! Maybe someone wants to take a stray Sadie the Receptionist home for dinner too? I don't eat much, I travel light and have been known to fit in a medium suitcase if folded properly so I'm pretty portable!

Just putting that out there... *big grin*

PS: Jason got a new yo-yo yesterday. It was a very important moment in his life, so I had to share it with all of you as well. He is very proud of it, and I think I saw him huddled in the corner facing the wall gently stroking it and saying 'my precciiiioussssss'

Little creepy Jay, not going to lie. But it IS a lovely yo-yo!

PPS: Mike is a super awesome brat! Just sayin' :)

Now I'm off! *drops smoke a bomb and disappears in to the shadows like a ninja*

Thank you for calling!



That's right, I am holding a blog contest. This will be the first of many to come, and I do hope you all participate and enjoy! The more participants, the more contests I will be able to run, and the more fun we will all have.

The first ever Sadie the Receptionist blog contest is going to be a bad hair day contest! I want you to show off your bad hair day, and the best bad hair is going to win a $50 Roots Gift Certificate!


1. Only one entry per person
2. All entrants must submit ONE photo each
3. Your photo must be a frontal shot of your face and your hair
4. Participants who get creative with their photos are most likely to win
5. All entries must be submitted by email only
6. Photos do not have to be professional quality, but do your best to get a nice, clear shot :)

How to Enter:

1. Email your entries to
2. Put 'I'm having a bad hair day!' as the subject
3. Send the photo as an attatchment
4. Include your full name, phone number and address in the email body

Added Contest:

As an added bonus to this contest, I am also having a little side contest to walk hand in hand with this one. I am holding a name draw to win an extra prize for a $30 Roots gift certificate!

See the instructions below on how to get name credits! There is no limit to how many entries you can have.

(you may choose to participate in this side contest only)

1. If you refer someone to enter the main contest, make sure they say you sent them in their submission email. I will add your name in to a draw each time you refer someone. 2 credits each referral.

2. Follow me on Twitter and state you followed it in a comment here with your name. 1 credit

3. Follow my blog on NetworkedBlogs for Facebook and state you followed it in a comment here with your name. 1 credit

4. Follow my blog with Google Friend Connect (sidebar of blog) and state you followed it in a comment here with your name. 1 credit

4. 'Like' Roots and state you followed it in a comment here with your name. 1 credit

5. Tweet about this contest and link your tweet URL in a comment here. One tweet per day is allowed and will count as a credit. 1 credit

6. Talk about this contest in your own blog, and link to it in the comments of this post. 1 credit

7. Follow Roots on Twitter and state you followed it in a comment here with your name. 1 credit

Extra Details:

1. Not from Courtenay? No problem! You can redeem your prize from anywhere! I will personally box up and ship any products you wish to spend your gift certificate on! If you win, I will contact you with the details on how we can arrange it all.

2. Gift certificates are not exchangeable for cash!


That's it folks! Get submitting those bad hair photos!