Who Shot Thursday!?

I think Thursday is not feeling well. It's sulky, drizzly and in a dark mood. I tried to talk to it to make it feel better, you know, perk it up and maybe get it a bit brighter, but nooooooo. Thursday is just being a cranky cranky day!

I, however, am NOT cranky! I am in a fantastic mood whilst sitting out here in the be-au-tiful Comox location. I was lucky enough to catch Annierose for an hour before her shift was over. She's a total cutie and she's mine! No touchie! Her hubby would beg to differ, but that's ok, I can take him!

I have added a Flickr Photostream over yonder to the left *points* I'll be uploading more and more photos to it, so be sure to stalk it because I wont always post them to the bloggie. If I did this blog would turn in to a photo stream itself! I've got sooooooooooooo *deep breath* ooooooooooo *gasp* oooooooooo many photos!

We have an awesome promotion this month here at ye ol' Roots the Salon! I might have to partake in said promotion myself! You spend $79.95 and you get to pick 3 services from a very generous little menu that the lovely Ida-Marie concocted from her fabulous and creative brain! It's a crazy buffet of self pampering deliciousness that should not be missed! I think it would make a spiffy birthday gift for someone... do I know anyone who has a birthday in November? Hmmmm... too bad I have such a ridiculously horrid memory. Time to break out my notebook, also know as my personal memory assistant.

I always have trouble remembering three things: faces, names, and ... I can't remember what the third thing is. -Fred Allen

Looks like everyone is gearing up to go home here in Roots land, so I had better get ringing our lovely customers through and letting them get home for their dinner! Maybe someone wants to take a stray Sadie the Receptionist home for dinner too? I don't eat much, I travel light and have been known to fit in a medium suitcase if folded properly so I'm pretty portable!

Just putting that out there... *big grin*

PS: Jason got a new yo-yo yesterday. It was a very important moment in his life, so I had to share it with all of you as well. He is very proud of it, and I think I saw him huddled in the corner facing the wall gently stroking it and saying 'my precciiiioussssss'

Little creepy Jay, not going to lie. But it IS a lovely yo-yo!

PPS: Mike is a super awesome brat! Just sayin' :)

Now I'm off! *drops smoke a bomb and disappears in to the shadows like a ninja*

Thank you for calling!

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