Faux Friday Time!

Hello to all of you!

Today is Saturday, but it's actually MY Friday, so I'm going to party hard and celebrate the weekend in style!

I'm lying... I'm actually going to do absolutely nothing and lounge around, fully excercising my right to flaunt how lazy I can truly be! THAT is how I party! Don't judge me...

It's pretty calm in Roots today, which is nice. I can hear the buzzing sound of conversations and I get a chance to visit a bit with my co-workers. On busy days I feel like I never see them. The reception desk becomes leper island and I am all alone! Oh dramatic, as always!

We have a few people away on little vacations right now, Megan just so happens to be in Mexico as we speak. Not going to lie, her Facebook status messages about sun and drinking delicious drinks in the tropics are making me a bit jealous! And how rude that she did not offer to fold me up and put me in her suitcase! I mean really now... I stated in a previous entry that I travel light and fit in medium sized suitcases, so what gives!! Megan, SHAME ON YOU! Look how pale and withered I am, the Mexico sun would have revived me to greatness, painting my skin a brownish tone and making me look alive.

I have to look good... I'm a receptionist! Pffbt, so much for team spirit!

( love you Megan! xoxox )

Don't forget to enter the contest and draw guys! I want to give stuff away BAD. It's in my nature... I have this giving disease, I think it is called 'generousititis' or something. If I don't take my giving away something medication I get really unhappy and pout a lot. At that point nobody wants to be around me and I get sent back to Leper Island again. ERGO: let me give you free stuff right meow!!

I also caved under the heavy pressure of social media and made a fanpage on Facebook. I also got my Twitpic working so I can toss photos on there from the salon all day with my cell phone. I should not have gotten one of these... it's too instant, and if I have that kind of power, what's next?! THE WORLD?!

Did I mention I have the Flickr for higher quality photos? I think I did. But remember me complaining about the bad memory? Yeah. Point proven.

Anyways (but sideways!) I'm going to do some work around this joint... perhaps clean up the candy *cough*eat it*cough* and dust and keep the stylists in line. I'm super scary and intimidating like that!

(DISCLAIMER: Don't worry... I don't pick on Anthony, he's too good at getting out of trouble with that sulky face he has perfected. He gets away with murder! <3)

This is a picture of Nicole's client that she just finished pamper-ino-ing. She's rediculously super awesome and loves bitching about things with a smile on her face, just like me! There is bitching, and then bitching with a smile. Bitching with a smile is SO much more badarse!! A woman after my own heart!! Had so much fun with her while she was here :)

Just look at that sassy look she's rockin'! That is epic sass right there, love it!

Over and outtie!

Thank you for calling,

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