Photo Shooting! BANG!BANG

Just one more post for today... maybe...

Tomorrow is the Roots photo shoot of epicness! We are having it at Crown Isle and the theme is *crackling noises...bzzpt..zzztt.....* nne *zzpptb* art *bzzzshhhhh* ogu *crackle* oot.

Sorry, really bad reception over here! I guess you will have to wait and see! I am so excited, it's going to be amazing and so much fun!

If you are all interested in some little tidbits of information, possible 20lb hints and paparazzi shots ala Sadie the Receptionist, do tune in to my Twitter feed and my Twitpics feed. I will be updating constantly throughout the day.

My boyfriend, the amazing silent camera man named Bryden, got the day off just to come hang out with us and take some video. (oddly enough, he works at Crown Isle, so is it REALLY a day off? The answer after the show!)

We'll be filming, snapping photos, Twitting, Twitpiccing, paparazzi-ing, gossiping and doing a lot of laughing tomorrow and I would love to share that with you guys. It's your only way in and I have unlimited tickets!

See you at the shoot!

Thank you for calling,

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