What's crackalakin guys? I didn't write to you beautiful people yesterday because it was a day off in Sadie land. I spent the entire day NOT being lazy. It's shocking, I know, but I actually went out and did stuff. I have to admit I stopped by work twice though, and hung out for a bit both times. Is that a bad sign? Should I be joining some sort of 'I love my job too much' support group? I have heard people asking 'what's wrong with you?!' when people go in and hang out at work on their days off before, and I have to admit I agreed with that question. However, now that I am in that boat, the one that docks at work a few times on it's day off, I don't see what is wrong with it.

Denial? or...

I had to bring the video camera in because Michael called me DEMANDING it. Seriously, he was like 'if you don't bring it in, I'm going to fire you and give horrible references to any future employer that you try to get to hire you. Bring the camera right NOW!'... ok he didn't say that, but he probably thought it (didn't you Mike!? haha). He wanted it because we had our model fittings and test runs for the photo shoot on Sunday. I am SUPER excited about the shoot by the way! Anyways, I wasn't able to stay for the trial run night as I had other lifey things to go dabble in, however apparently it was super fun!

I haven't seen the footage that was taken yet, so I have none on me to update with, but I'll work on collecting everything and showing you guys (and me!) what went down. Apparently one of our models was sent home from work because of her hair color (pink!) and she had to come back to the salon and borrow Ida-Marie's black halloween wig! Too funny, but on the other hand, how horrible! What is with all the pink hair haters!? Having pink in your hair shows a lot about who you are, and mainly it screams 'I am a fun and daring person that you want to know!'. Apparently some people hate awesome people? I don't know, but it's just silliness.

Thankfully Ida-Marie saved the day yet again!

I would post pictures from my shift today but a sneaky Anthony has kidnapped my camera and is holding it hostage somewhere over at his station... or in his pockets... or in a secret government lab somewhere. I am sure he will release it sometime before the end of our shifts, but if not, I will have to break out my inner ninja, scale his building, sneak in to his appartment and kidnap it back!

If I plan on going 'ninja-ing' tonight, I better lose this feeling in my belly. I just ate the world's largest chili and cheese hotdog, compliments of Annierose who was lovely and bought it for me before she left work today. It feels like I just ate an entire Thanksgiving dinner, I'm that full! I can't see the building scaling working out too well when I'm stuffed full and feeling like a sloth.

OH! And I still have to do my stumbles, sorry about the delay!

I'm going to go and see what kind of trouble I can get in to... maybe I'll throw stuff at Mike over the wall. Refer to latest Twitpic to see the wall I am referencing... it would be perfect for projectile pen missiles!!

Blog ya later!

Thank you for calling!

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