Holding Monday for 'Rainsom'

What is it they say? The early fish catches the bird? Or was it the worm catches the early fish? Or bird...ear..ly....fish...tree... oh hell, nevermind! It is EARLY! It's an early post for once. And not my usual 'post midnight' kind of early, but a true, honest to goodness MORNING post.

I'm a little in shock with myself right now, I'm not going to lie. This coffee of mine is mocking me quietly on the desk telling me I'm a blathering idiot and to stop what I'm doing and drinkkkkk moooooreee. I swear these Tim Hortons coffees should come with little 'drink me' notes just like the potions in Alice in Wonderland.

It is one dark and moody looking Monday, complete with complimentary rain. It's better than snow though right?! Right. Oh no... I just said snow. I have jinxed us all!

ROOTS STUFF! Yesterday was our annual Fun Razor, and this year we were raising money for Jenn. I wrote about in this here bloggie earlier in the month... well I am not sure about the exact amount that was raised, but I will update this post when I find out :) I wasn't able to make it here yesterday due to feeling extremely ill and trying to get stuff done inbetween laying down. I'm not asking for cheese to go with my whine, but I did want to be here for the event and for that, I'm whining.

I'm hoping everyone took pictures and have stories to share. I'm sure I'll hear more as the day rolls on!

I never know what I think about something until I read what I've written on it.
William Faulkner

*time warp*

It's 2 hours after I started writing this post. Time flies when people want to get beautified! It's great that it's busy today, that means lots of people are telling Monday where to shove it, and doing stuff they enjoy!

I have a bit of a 'photo dump' to do, so I'll start here and post a couple of my faves from the past week. One is of Anthony and his client thugging it out, and a couple more shots of her AMAZING hair!

The other is of the beautiful Annierose with mud and seaweed on her face... I know, I know. I was super impressed with her for letting me take this photo. Not only letting me, mind you, but actually telling April to come get me to take the photo. This girl knows me... I like the compromising shots *devil grin* Thanks babes, you're the best wifey ever!

I will be updating later tonight as well with my Stumbles, and then tomorrow with more photos and some updates on the Fun Razor! I also know who I am featuring this coming Friday for my second 'Roots Personalities'. I'm not going to tell you, it's MY secret, MINE! My precciiiouuussss! You only have to wait a few more days, suck it up princesses! :D

I just realized I've been writing this post for about 3.5 hours now, and that means I'm too busy to be writing, which means I should probably make like cars at a red light and just STOP.

(would you believe I came back an hour after writing that last sentence?... apparently I didn't stop and I got a ticket for running the red light. Le sigh.)

*screeches to a halt at the next set of lights and ends post*

Thank you for calling (talk to you later tonight shhhh...)!

2 Response to "Holding Monday for 'Rainsom'"

  1. Annierose says:
    November 15, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    Its early bird catches the worm my darling! And yes, I look great with seaweed on my face! haha

  2. Sadie the Receptionist says:
    November 15, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    It IS?! I thought it was the late bear catches the early frog.

    Nevermind this bird and worm business, that's just silly talk!

    You look frickin' fantastic with the seamonster mask! haha xoxox