Death of a Weekend

So the weekend is over, which means a new week full of fun, fabulous hair and fantastic people shall commence in approximately 8.5 hours! I get the privilege of opening up the Courtenay location as the grand opening of the week to follow. You may think I'm crazy for updating so late, but I was just plotting my day at work tomorrow and felt like running to the blog to share my thoughts with you guys.

The Christmas staff party is taking place next weekend, and I've been contemplating what I want to wear. I could dress up and be totally uncomfortable, or I could be comfortable and not dress up. What do you think? Should I try and find a happy medium somehow? And if so... what would be appropriate for this 'dressed up comfort' sheik look? Keep in mind the gong show factor that is promised by the roots staff. We don't take parties lightly you know. In fact, they are serious 'bidnizz'!

In other news (is there any other news? Christmas staff party for Roots is pretty much as epic as it gets... but I digress) I am still trying to render those photo shoot videos and get something up for you. It's a struggle with this old computer. It really wants to retire and start collecting it's old age pension, but I refuse to let it. It still has another good year or two that I can beat it in to submission... it just means that things like this are taking time. I also have this urge to make the videos I post as close to perfection as I can... but I might try to shed a bit of that and settle for less in the name of posting SOME video. Just be aware that this old man *pats computer* is doing his best.

And just for a little idea of what is going to happen in this blog this week:

1. A new open forum for discussion on what YOU guys would love to see happen in this blog, as well as a welcome invitation for you to express your opinions on the blog so far.
2. TWO Roots personalities posts since circumstances disabled me from posting
one on Friday.
3. The big reveal on something totally AWESOME happening at Roots in December
5. POSSIBLE video of the shoot (if I can get it so I like it... enough)
6. A hint at the next Sadie the Receptionist contest and when it will be starting, prizes and how it will go down

That's what you can expect this week, as well as what's happening in the salon of course :)

OH, I'm not sure how many of you are aware that we have a color distribution business as well called 2U, which by the way distributes an amazing color line at lower cost than you will find from any of the other (heinously expensive highway robbers) color line distributors out there. We had an office for 2U in a building behind the Courtenay location, but the Huska folks spent a few days moving it to another location last week. I will do a little write up on the color line we distribute and how you can get in on it if you are a salon owner or stylist, but for now check out our 2U website. We use our own color line in Roots by the way... that's why you all get such fantabulous colors when you come visit us!

The above is not tooting our own horn either... I used to be a hair stylist and this color line totally OWNS any that I have ever used. For serious. I mean seriously you guys. So super serious.
So that's that folks, it's going to be a fun week at the blog, and at Roots of course. Hope you all had a delicious weekend full of doing fun and wonderful things... and yes, that includes lounging around in your comfortables!

PS: I just did a camera photo dump, so the photos you see scattered around this post are little gems that were hiding in my camera's memory.

Blog ya later!

Thank you for calling,

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