3am Blog Tweakage

*stares like a zombie*

I am a bit tired, but lack of sleep is good for one thing... productivity! I know that sounds totally insane, and I know proper sleep is supposed to be beneficial to the whole being productive thing, but eh, three cheers for being different (Also known as: stupid, backwards, wrong and asinine)

Anywho, I was messing around with the whole RSS feed concept. I've never really streamlined the RSS world to any blogs I've managed, but since this is a brave new world of online comfortability and ease of use, I figured I would make it a bit easier for all you RSS'ers to subscribe to the blog.

If a man had as many ideas during the day as he does when he has insomnia, he'd make a fortune. ~Griff Niblack

To your left you will now see three new things. They are not totally shiny, and they don't promise a spot in heaven if you click them or type things in to them, but what they DO do is provide other ways for you to follow my jibber jabber! You can now subscribe by email, subscribe through feedburner and become a fan on FanBridge.

Now FanBridge is used mostly for musicians, but hey, I like music, have lots of friends in the music industry, and well... who pays attention to rules anyways?! I happen to think it's a great little tool, and more importantly it's fun! You can ask me questions which will be posted over there, and I can answer them. Ask me whatever you want, I'm not shy so you shouldn't be either :) It also has other nifty features that I fully will be using later on... such as? Such as the ability to give you downloadable content as a thank you for subscribing, mailing lists and more flexibility in all things social media based.

PS: CONTEST CONTEST CONTEST! Only five more days before I toss up the three best bad hair day submissions and start calculating those credits for the draw. Get'em in guys! Don't even TRY to tell me you all wake up with stunning, perfect and flowing locks in the morning... I know better! I can't be alone in the 'OMG MY HAIR IS A CROW'S NEST' mornings! It's science, hair likes to be a rebel in the wee hours of the day.

Now, it's off to research more of this thing they call social media. It's a great big dragon all of us bloggers get to wrestle with and try to slay... or tame. I guess tame would be more appropriate.

One more 'ps'... I will be starting a new fun thing on the blog that I hope will allow you and I to interact a bit more. Check in tomorrow. Yeah, I like to keep a bit of suspense in the air, that's how I roll.

If you have literally one spare second to vote in the following poll, that would be greatly appreciated! Feedback can help me make this blog much better :)

(For some reason the server that hosts the poll is down... lol? I will put a different one up if it doesn't fix itself soon!)

Adios amigos (my accent sucks, sorry)

Thank you for calling,

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