There is a Reason...

Hello folks!

I know. It's been a LONG time no? There is a reason, and though it is rather personal, I can say that I have had problems with the public nature of this blog and people coming back from the past to 'haunt' me. Let's just say that being an open sort and sharing things on the internet is very rewarding, but in situations like this, is VERY bothersome.

I have been dealing with this privately, and of course, had to stop the posting in this blog while I was dealing with it.

Honestly, I'm sure nothing can be done to ensure my peace of mind now, as the damage has been done. However, I do have some ideas and refuse to be silenced because these ghosts of life past decided to stick their noses where they certainly do not belong.

Just wanted to post and let my readers know what the dealio is. Sorry for not informing you sooner, but it was in my best interest to say nothing at all given the situation.

I will be posting here and there, and more there than here eventually. The blog will be moving and the person writing in the blog will be waaaaaay more anonymous. Lesson learned, never be so trusting.

I will be providing a way for those of you that follow my blog to follow me to the new one. I will have to be a bit tricky as I don't want these people following me as well, but rest assured, I have a solution!

Anyways, if you do still read this thank you for your patience!!

Thank you for reading,