So I've been surfing the internet today gauking at amazing eye makeup trends. I'm a sucker for LOTS of color on the eyes, but then again, it has to be done well as to not look gaudy or trashy. There is, of course, a time and a place for wearing crazy colors on your lids... oh who am I kidding, I would wear these all the time, EVEN TO BED! Multi-colored pillow slips here I come!

Personally, I used to find it really hard to do my own makeup, and I still kind of do because I lack the makeup to do these looks properly. However, it's a small matter of reading through some tutorials, finding one you absolutely love, and making a solid effort to purchase the products needed. Any good tutorial will list off exactly what they used (what line, the color name, brush type etc) to create that specific look, and so really it's like a little ready made shopping list!

I find a lot of the really popular 'tuts' use MAC makeup... duh? MAC is amazing. Our very own Crystal-Lee carries around a TRUNK load of the stuff in to the salon to use in combination with our Jane Iredale line whenever she's got a ton of makeup to do. If you are from the Comox Valley, getting your hands on MAC may seem hard, at best, but it's really not so bad. If you ever take a little trip to Victoria there are some MAC outlettes there. I'm not certain, but last year I was in The Bay in Nanaimo and they had a little kiosk set up. Also, the easiest way would be to order online right off the MAC site.

Normally ordering online for things like makeup can be sketchy, but as I said, these 'tuts' provide a shopping list with everything you need, so you can just order that specific list and be done with it, no worries!

Keep in mind that our Jane Iredale makeup line is AMAZING and we carry a very wide selection of eye shadows and everything else your little heart desires! Be sure to check it out before ordering out of the valley :)

So here is a collection of eye looks that I absolutely LOVE. I had to stop myself here, because there are literally hundreds on the site I got them from that I adored.

PS: Go to Temptalia and get your eye shadow fix! If you find one you love, it's all gravy, they happen to have awesome tutorials!!






Aren't they prettyful!? I for one am going to try some of these out with our Jane Iredale makeup line!

Anyways ladies and some gents, I am going to get ready to close up shop here. PS: Bex is super funny ;) (loev ya girrrrllllllll)


Howdy hoooo people!

So I have about 4 blog posts saved in my drafts that I've been working on. It's surprisingly hard to accumulate images I like for new trends this year. They are kind of all over the map, and a lot of them in my opinion are just... not 'trendy'. I have found a lot of things on celebrities that I feel like gossiping about, mainly anti-gossip gossip if that makes sense. I have also been peeping the clothing trends, so I may dabble in to that a bit as well.

All of that up there is why there are four draft posts cluttering up my blog! I'll be putting them up randomly as we go along!

It's a nice quiet little night at Roots. Just sitting here creeping the internet for blog fodder and listening to the faint murmurs of voices over the wall.

I shall be posting more pictures from our salon soon, sorry about the lack of em' these days! I got a new camera for Christmas so I am going to buy an extra cord to bring with me to work that will allow me to onload them on the computerrrr and put them up for you guys.

Annierose just brought her brand new bull mastiff puppy in to visit me, along with her pug-a-lug! So cute and so friendly, I love animal visits! Thanks Annierose ♥

I posted a link on our Roots fanpage on Facebook earlier about 'pre-pooing'... I know right? WTF?! Well, when I first read that I thought it was something revolting revolving around bowels, but there was a picture of a lady's hair next to the link. I took a deep breath, got up the courage and clicked on the link, half expecting to be taken to nasty images and/or stories, but to my surprise it was actually awesome!

Check it out, and if you are already a 'pre-pooer' do let me know what you do to 'pre-poo' (lol) because I would like to write up a little recipe post for what everyone does. It seems like a great thing to do for your hair, and I am going to try it!

Pre-Pooing for Dummies

So that's all for now guys, just wanted to give you a little update and let you know what's up! Stay tuned for one of the four draft posts to go live before the weekend... possible tomorrow... dun dun dunnnn

Much love from me to you,

Thank you for calling,

Sadie's Trend Picks 2011: Hair

I never was a trend setter, but I never was a trend follower either. I certainly do have an eye for things I find attractive and/or interesting in all things. I've spent the better portion of the morning at work today browsing over all the 'top trends 2011' and 'hair you must have in 2011' type of articles in all of those fashion websites out there. Honestly? No. Just no.

I see some I like, while most just seem dull, predictable and drab. I see 2011 as a year for changes, a year for starting over and a year for taking that extra step... this includes in what we wear and with hair. If you are not claiming to be fashionable and trendy, this excludes you of course. However if you are one of those people that tries to keep up with the year to year trends, this totally concernes you.

I am making my own damn list! Yeah Elle magazine has the 'smarts' behind what they write about... but so do I right? I do work in a salon, I am an ex hair dresser and I am extremely opinionated. Pretty much the perfect combination of what is needed to have your own list right? Well I think so, and since this is all about my opinion, I guess I'll roll with that! :)

So here it is, Sadie's top hair picks for 2011!!

The Short:

There are a TON of short cuts that I absolutely love... picking just four took me 'four'ever. I literally am going half blind from scoping the internet for styles, and then even blinder from narrowing it down. These are my top four, enjoy!

The Medium:

Picking four here was almost as tough as picking four for the short hair, but again, after a long time squinting at the computer, scratching my head and doing a lot of grumbling and murmuring, I have decided on my top four.

The Long:

Long hair cuts are hard to find faves for, just because it's part cut, a LOT styling. Long hair needs a lot of tender loving flair for it to look like it does in model shots, but still, after even more squinting I cut through the blow drys and curlers and found four that would look good even without all the styling... or not... but they look good here!

(PS: I cheated and chose one of the same from the medium styles section because, well, it is both medium AND long and I loved it for both, so... neener!)

The 'Tame' Color:

I love color. I love it more than I love hot coffee and toast in the morning. I love looking at it, seeing the new trends and drooling over what 'could be' if I could put my hair through endless torture. This being said, I have to have two color catagories. One is for the more tame colors, and the second is for the crazy color. Here are my top four 'tame' colors for 2011... even though my version of 'tame' is a bit more edgy than most.

The 'Crazy' Color:

Crazy color in hair makes my life. I see it, and I squee with glee and birds start to sing and everything becomes alright!! Ok.... woah, slow down there crazy. Anyways, I love it, and you should to. Here are my top four picks of CARAAAZAAAY color for 2011!

The Men's:

Men need some love too. I am a sucker for longish and messy hair on dudes, so here are my top four! It was a bit hard to narrow it down and also, to not be biased to the rockstar hair cuts... I didn't even put any in here because they sort of don't ever change, and this is based on trends so... here they are!

Th-th-th-that's all folks! I'll be doing one of these for makeup trends, nail trends, clothing etc...

Peace out homies!

Thank you for calling,

Have you 'Scene' These Kids?!

Ahhh the Scene kids, or 'emo kids'... or 'scemo kids'. No matter what you want to call them, you either love them, or you despise them. Some say they are the new 'punk kids', some say they are 'posers', some say they are 'individuals'... the list goes on, but they have many stereotypes placed on them from society, and possibly even themselves.

How do I feel about the Scenesters? I fall in the 'love them' category. They are freaking adorable. I know, I know, 'but they are all trying to copy each other and that is so lame!' right? Wrong. And why do you care so much? Every decade has something about it that stands out in common styles for youth. Hello 80's anyone? The 80's was absolutely insane for fashion and trends and today we look back on it and laugh and smile while we get hit by nostalgia and miss it. Don't tell me you 80's kids haven't had nights where you played nothing but 80's music, looked at old photos from 'back in the day' and rode that nostalgia train.

Speaking of the 80's, anyone remember her? I rest my case!

So common you guys, don't be hypocrites. How did you feel when you were exploring yourself as a youth, and trying new things and new styles, and people got all up in your face about it? Did you like being labeled? I doubt you did.

These kids today are just trying to explore themselves, be themselves and yes, fit in. Is fitting in really an alien concept these days? We all try to, in some way, even if we are unaware of it. Even those non-conformist types (I see you out there) try to fit in in some way at some point. Who hasn't bought something at some point because it was 'the in style'. Not to mention stores tend stock their shelves with 'in' styles, so we kind of buy in to it all anyways, even if we are not trying to.

Cheer up emo, these scene kids are just like you were, and are. Leave them alone and try to see them as they are, not as you portray them to be. Let them have their fun and dress how they want to, we all did it, do it, and will continue to. Stop being a bully! I've met a lot of these kids and honestly, they are really cool people that are either totally off the wall hilarious to be around, or super brainy and smart with a lot to say. Doesn't sound very different from the rest of us and our diversities does it? I think not.

These kids are not going away and are going to do what they want to do, despite your stares and pointing fingers... I guess in a way that is pretty punk rock... minus the fires and face punching.

In salute to all of you scene kids out there, I bring you some way cool hair photos. I personally love this stuff... it's crazy, artistic and quite often vibrant and creative. I dare any one of you naysayers out there to get a "scene/emo" hair style just once and I bet you would have fun with it for a while, if nothing else. Hell, some of you might even become converts!

This is my challenge to you for 2011. Try something new, something new from that something that you don't quite understand. Maybe, just maybe, it will make you a much more open minded person. And hey, that's ok!

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Tis a new year, which means everyone is making resolutions and new plans for this new year that is ahead of us. I personally have a few resolutions up my sleeve, but I am not going to call them official resolutions because we all know how that goes! If you resolve to lose weight, you end up gaining. If you resolve to quit smoking, you end up smoking more. If you resolve to get tanned and cut your hair short, you end up pale like a vampire with hair like Cousin It.

But 'off the record' I would 'like to try' to do a few things this year. Don't get too excited, it's just boring self absorbed stuff like losing a bit of weight and changing my skin tone so I don't look like that vampire I was referencing above. I also plan to throw more shows in the valley and get more bands here, and to blog more!

The holidays just ate my time away and if I did get down time the computer was the last place I wanted to be... then there was the eye twitch. I totally resolve to not get an eye twitch again!

I did get a new digital camera for Christmas... it's a beauty. I resolve to 'try' to take more pictures! See what I did there? I resolve to try... I'm going to copyright that and sell it on t-shirts nation wide. None will sell, but that's not the point.

I am going to do some inventory counting today which will either keep me awake or put me to sleep. First day back to work after a nice long holiday and my internal clock is still set to holiday time. Needless to say sleep did not come easy! But depending on the inventory and how it effects my sleepy meter, I will either get really hyper, or prop myself up against the wall and make like a statue.

If you come in and you see me leaning, face squished in to the wall, clipboard shielding the sunlight from burninating my eyeballs... just consider me a new piece of art in the salon for the day ok? You can hang your coats on me if you like!

Speaking of all that, I should get to it... time to get'er all taken care of to start the new year fresh in all areas :)

Happy 2011 guys and gals, I hope it will be a fantastic one!

Thank you for calling,