So I've been surfing the internet today gauking at amazing eye makeup trends. I'm a sucker for LOTS of color on the eyes, but then again, it has to be done well as to not look gaudy or trashy. There is, of course, a time and a place for wearing crazy colors on your lids... oh who am I kidding, I would wear these all the time, EVEN TO BED! Multi-colored pillow slips here I come!

Personally, I used to find it really hard to do my own makeup, and I still kind of do because I lack the makeup to do these looks properly. However, it's a small matter of reading through some tutorials, finding one you absolutely love, and making a solid effort to purchase the products needed. Any good tutorial will list off exactly what they used (what line, the color name, brush type etc) to create that specific look, and so really it's like a little ready made shopping list!

I find a lot of the really popular 'tuts' use MAC makeup... duh? MAC is amazing. Our very own Crystal-Lee carries around a TRUNK load of the stuff in to the salon to use in combination with our Jane Iredale line whenever she's got a ton of makeup to do. If you are from the Comox Valley, getting your hands on MAC may seem hard, at best, but it's really not so bad. If you ever take a little trip to Victoria there are some MAC outlettes there. I'm not certain, but last year I was in The Bay in Nanaimo and they had a little kiosk set up. Also, the easiest way would be to order online right off the MAC site.

Normally ordering online for things like makeup can be sketchy, but as I said, these 'tuts' provide a shopping list with everything you need, so you can just order that specific list and be done with it, no worries!

Keep in mind that our Jane Iredale makeup line is AMAZING and we carry a very wide selection of eye shadows and everything else your little heart desires! Be sure to check it out before ordering out of the valley :)

So here is a collection of eye looks that I absolutely LOVE. I had to stop myself here, because there are literally hundreds on the site I got them from that I adored.

PS: Go to Temptalia and get your eye shadow fix! If you find one you love, it's all gravy, they happen to have awesome tutorials!!






Aren't they prettyful!? I for one am going to try some of these out with our Jane Iredale makeup line!

Anyways ladies and some gents, I am going to get ready to close up shop here. PS: Bex is super funny ;) (loev ya girrrrllllllll)

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