Happy 2011 Everyone!

Tis a new year, which means everyone is making resolutions and new plans for this new year that is ahead of us. I personally have a few resolutions up my sleeve, but I am not going to call them official resolutions because we all know how that goes! If you resolve to lose weight, you end up gaining. If you resolve to quit smoking, you end up smoking more. If you resolve to get tanned and cut your hair short, you end up pale like a vampire with hair like Cousin It.

But 'off the record' I would 'like to try' to do a few things this year. Don't get too excited, it's just boring self absorbed stuff like losing a bit of weight and changing my skin tone so I don't look like that vampire I was referencing above. I also plan to throw more shows in the valley and get more bands here, and to blog more!

The holidays just ate my time away and if I did get down time the computer was the last place I wanted to be... then there was the eye twitch. I totally resolve to not get an eye twitch again!

I did get a new digital camera for Christmas... it's a beauty. I resolve to 'try' to take more pictures! See what I did there? I resolve to try... I'm going to copyright that and sell it on t-shirts nation wide. None will sell, but that's not the point.

I am going to do some inventory counting today which will either keep me awake or put me to sleep. First day back to work after a nice long holiday and my internal clock is still set to holiday time. Needless to say sleep did not come easy! But depending on the inventory and how it effects my sleepy meter, I will either get really hyper, or prop myself up against the wall and make like a statue.

If you come in and you see me leaning, face squished in to the wall, clipboard shielding the sunlight from burninating my eyeballs... just consider me a new piece of art in the salon for the day ok? You can hang your coats on me if you like!

Speaking of all that, I should get to it... time to get'er all taken care of to start the new year fresh in all areas :)

Happy 2011 guys and gals, I hope it will be a fantastic one!

Thank you for calling,

1 Response to "Happy 2011 Everyone!"

  1. Doomz says:
    January 12, 2011 at 7:47 AM

    Happy 2011 to you too :) Don't know if I'll manage to stop by and visit anytime soon, 4-5 hour flight and all, but keep up the awesome work :D

    --case p.