Hallowed be thy Ween, or something.

WARNING! WARNING! LARGE POST AHEAD! *tosses up caution signs everywhere*

This past weekend marked the passing of yet another Halloween in the world. Technically, it's Halloween right now, and it has not passed yet, but most of us celebrated this fine and freaky holiday yesterday! Roots celebrated it yesterday, as did 5th street! There were zombies, witches, vampires, weird things, batman(s), super marios, more weird things, more zombies, a few hairy beasts, the odd Cleopatra, gnomes, pirates and all sorts of scary and wonderful creatures walking around outside.

The zombie walk down 5th street happened yesterday, which is always funny. I think there were about 30+ zombies out there that started their walk right in front of Roots. One dude looked like he had his head blown off and there was a pile of gooey mess on top of his 'shoulders'. It was a rad costume, but not very factual. If you shoot a zombie's head clean off it's shoulders, that zombie would no longer be shuffling along, it would be dead. I guess they are already dead, so I should say it would be 'deader'? Yeah, that works.

Our beautiful and insanely talented Crystal-Lee was just slammed with makeup yesterday. She's quite popular, and here are some examples of why... Oh, and the dead lady on the bottom is our very own Sam Greeley! Her neck wound was making all of us gag. It even made her gag when she looked haha!

Just a little 'ps': You can go to my Flickr (click me!) to see more photos I took yesterday, and larger versions of the ones I am showing you here.

It was so much fun watching Crystal do her thang, and I have to admit that watching her do that all day made me once again crave going to school to learn how to do it myself. I probably will never follow through on that though, I'll just keep playing with makeup on a hobby level and making myself look disgusting. No really, I looked pretty gross yesterday! I got in to Crystal's makeup, and she so graciously didn't slap my hands away as I was digging through her kits. I made myself up to be a zombie (obviously...I love zombies!) It was fun bleeding all over the place at work, and I'm proud to say I did not leave one drop on anything! Mad skills.

Crystal dressed up like a stitched doll, and her costume could have won awards. She looked so cute that it really was a shame that I had to bite her. It was a zombie urge and I could not help myself! Thankfully she is a makeup arteest and covered up the bite marks. I wonder how she's feeling today....
*creepy music*

Anthony was busy working away in the Salon all day with
some zombie makeup that Crystal applied in the morning. He got in big trouble when he wiped it all off though! Zombies... so undisciplined. Not only was he bad with taking all his makeup off, he also could not resist the urge to come steal some candy from the front desk. I caught him in action though! I guess the chocolate tasted a lot like braaaaaaaaainnnnnssss?

Our wittle Andrea was a sparkle queen leaving trails of sparkles behind her, and on everything. She looked super pretty, and it was nice to have a bit of sparkle to counter the massive amounts of blood from zombie attacks.

Even Ida-Marie got in to the spirit of Halloween and makeup festivities! She looked AMAAAAAAZINGGGG (Hi Mike!) with her sexy wig and hawt makeup (compliments, yes, of Crystal!). I almost had to wrestle her to get a picture, but I won in the end, and voila! Look at this diva!

Bex got her bro and buddy in to give them ridiculous (SEE: Aweeesome!) hair cuts. It's pretty rad when people not only do their hair for a costume, but go all out and actually get it cut in to something that would work. These guys walked out of the salon lookin' like real charmers hey!? Hahaha, so good. SO good. Well done Bex!

We handed out TONS of candy to the little kiddies for the 5th street trick or treat festivities. They were soooo cute! I think I scared them a little though because some of them were asking me if I was really bleeding. Fake blood is getting better every year apparently!

It was super windy and raining pretty hard, so after a while of standing outside tossin' around candy, Ida and I sacrificed Anthony and Annierose to the streets and let them finish up with the kids. They came in looking like frozen popcicles! hehe.

After close, a few of us went to Staysea Brown's place and had a super fun Halloween party! We drank ice water and ate chips and told ghost stories. That's totally a lie, and you all know it! It was such a fun night, complete with fireworks and shinnanigans. Yes I have pictures, yes I will post a few. I'm debating which ones to post because we have an image to uphold and I can't let a few paparazzi type pictures ruin our futures as top models and high paid actors!

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween, or are HAVING one as we speak! Remember, friends do not let friends drive drunk, bitten or rabid. Look after each other and eat lots of candy!

Scare ya later!

Thank you for calling,

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  1. Meghan Says:
    November 2, 2010 at 6:25 AM

    Great post and pictures!

  2. Sadie the Receptionist says:
    November 3, 2010 at 12:36 AM

    Thanks! So mucccch fuuuuuuun!