Miners and Monster Eyebrows!


It's been a great night over here! I've been having an uplifting evening of sipping warm drinks and watching news footage of the Chilean miners being rescued. It's been so inspirational, emotional and... GOOD! News that makes you feel happy? Wait... WHAT? impossible! I am having a hard time going to bed because I am so captivated by the footage, and I don't want to miss seeing one more come up safe and alive.

The happy story of the miners seems to completely overshadow anything I have to say today, just because in light of mass rescues that are complete success stories, most things seem trivial. I know they are not all rescued yet, but I know they will be!

But you don't need my reporting on the issue, I'm sure most of you have been watching as well. It's all over the place, as it should be!

I do however have my own piece of epic news to report... my eyebrows are waxed! I finally had April tame those beasts. I made the mistake of tweezing my own about a month ago, and I did a horrible job! They looked like two very misshapen, very odd, very deformed caterpillars. I kid you not. This is not comedy central, I'm dead serious. Anthony did a fantastic job of recording the entire saga of this epic eyebrow transformation, and I will have it posted for you tomorrow. I am putting myself out there for ridicule, and for a visual lesson in why you should never, never, EVER, attack your own face with metal pinchers.

April is an eyebrow master. She takes those eyebrows, whoops their arses and makes them behave and sit like a lady! She sent my eyebrows to bootcamp and they came back very obedient!

I am very overtired at the moment. It's been a great day, with a slight sleepless night trailing behind it. The combination of the two, with a side of 10+ coffees, have left me extremely hyper and yet so very tired. It's an interesting contradiction, but going to sleep soon is probably for the best... maybe?

I do want to rest up because I am working at the Comox location first thing in the morning, and I don't want to have to greet our beautiful clients with the groggy eye! In case you were just wondering, groggy eye kind of looks like this...

That would be bad, amirite?

Oh, and in case you've noticed weird words with links in my blog, they all link to my 'Sadieisms dictionary'. What the hell is that you say? Well, I tend to make up words, or use two words, mutilate them horribly and then string them together to form a completely unintelligible word that scholars all over the world would wince at. However, being that I do it regardless of said wincing, I decided to put a little dictionary up for you to reference when you don't know what I am going on about. Enjoy or mock, no extra charge!

Click me - Sadieisms

One last thing before I drag my sorry self off to beddy bye land; I took some random photos today in the salon as well, and I will share one with you. It was one of my favorites from today, and is oozing with hotness. I will leave you with this photograph of miss Annierose, Andrew and April the Eyebrow Ninja!

I promise to post a much more detailed, and slightly more embarrassing post on the morrow. You have my word. WORD!

Thank you for calling!

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