Day off update!

ello' ello'

I didn't work at Roots today because it's Sunday and we are not open on Sundays. We believe it should be a day of rest and self pampering. And that folks, is precisely what I did! I hung out with my old friends 'Senior Pajamas and Sir Coffee' and together we sat around the computer listening to a wide variety of tunage and catching up on what's going on around the internetz.

I admit to venturing out in to the world just once, and that was to take my dog Chester for a walk and to... well, get more coffee from Tim Hortens. I know that a lot of you that are not from Canada haven't discovered the sweet sweet nectar that is Tim Hortens coffee, but in my personal opinion, it puts Starbucks to absolute shame! It was so worth leaving my proverbial comfort zone for, I assure you.

So, back to my day of slothing..

I admit to having a bit of a guilty pleasure in reading celebrity gossip blogs from time to time. While on one of these blogs today, and still very much in the company of my dear friends Senior Pajamas and Sir Coffee I might add, I came upon a picture of Rihanna's new 'do'. Personally, I love it, but it seems the popular opinion is that she should go back to her dark hair 'bad girl' image. Maybe it's just me, but I have yet to see a hair style on the girl that she can't rock, and rock hard. It helps that she is drop dead gorgeous, and that you could probably shave her head, smear lipstick all over her face and tar and feather her and she would still look stunning!

Anyway, what do YOU guys think? Is this a hair style you would get? What about the color? I always love it when clients come in to our salon and want something completely crazy. They check in, then go 'poof' behind the big wall in front of the reception desk, and then they come around the corner to pay and it's like BOOM! New person!

It is not often that someone wants to go from a very casual style and color to something like the lovely miss Rihanna's new hair though. I almost want to put out the challenge to someone to get her new look just to see how many would actually take me up on said challenge!

Speaking of crazy transformations, I was creeping around online trying to find some unique costume ideas for Halloween because I'm always ALWAYS last minute with these things. I have a few ideas, but still haven't come up with anything conclusive. Maybe I should just go as myself, a receptionist, but give it that old school secretary feel. It would be fun to pull off an Audrey Hepburn look and secretary it up a bit! Just look at the picture to the right and imagine it... ok, ok, I think that might be fun, and I might just do it!

(Pssst, Crystal-lee? Are you reading this? I may need your magic makeup skills girl!)

What's on the agenda for tomorrow? It's a National holiday still, which means one more day of slothing! Or maybe I should embrace the Halloween costume idea I just came up with and go tackle some of the pieces I would need. Time to hit up the old faithful thrift stores!

Let me know what you all plan to be this year! I love hearing about Halloween plans, it is my second favorite holiday of the year, next to Christmas of course :)

Blog to you all soon, for now I'm off to go attempt to channel Audrey Hepburn and see if I can pull off her sultry stares and seductive pout face....

Thank you for calling!

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