Strike a pose, my darlings

Hello beautiful people!

I just got home from an intimate little gathering of ideas with the lovely Ida-Marie (Roots owner and visionary god extraordinaire!), Annierose, Andrew Adams, Mel Dorey, Catherine Joiner and Jen Routley. Kelsey, another of our lovely receptionists, stopped by for a while as well.

We had a little sit down to chit chat and unleash our creative vision for the upcoming photo shoot! (You know, the one I said I can't talk about but would leak information if I absolutely had to...)

Well I have to. Here is the deal folks. After the meeting, a group of really angry suit wearing mafia types with cookie logos on their chests ambushed me. They kidnapped me and took me hostage! They brought me to a secluded warehouse where they threatened to feed me chocolate until I died. Don't get me wrong here, I love chocolate, and it was a very tempting way to go, however, I fought back like a brave woman on a diet! They wanted photo shoot information, and they wanted to see it posted on the blog by midnight or they would come back wielding massive chocolate bars! Frightening isn't it?!

So, I guess I have to share something now, le sigh, le moan *wicked grin*

I can tell you that the photo shoot this year is going to be the biggest photo shoot Roots has ever done. I'm talking epicsauce here guys. The people at Vogue might be a bit jealous by the time we are done, but whatevs, you can't blame the Roots family for being so talented can you? Vogue will have to just suck it up and accept our rivalry!

I can't tell you too much, but I can say that the theme is dramatic, sexy, cutting edge, theatrical and very very delicious.

Our Valley's own lovely miss Karen McKinnon from McKinnon Photography is once again going to be gracing us with her exceptional and envy inducing talents. Speaking of Karen, I got to meet her today for the first time, and after hearing so much about her, I was super excited when she walked in. What an awesome lady, and she is ridiculously sweet! Love her... ok, I will stop fangirling now...

As well as Karen, we are having a second photographer come from the glitzy Vancouver to shoot for us (not with bullets I promise!) I will keep his name a surprise... for now... *cue dramatic music* Between the two of them it is safe to say that the world needs to LOOK OUT! The world isn't ready for the stunning and highly fashionable photos that will come out of this shoot!

While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see. ~Dorothea Lange

We are going to be putting out a model call, so be sure to check our Roots Facebook page, and keep an eye out on this blog, as well as local newspapers (if you are local!) for this. Have I said too much?! Oh dear... what a predicament! I want to spill the peas! Or was that beans? Whatever, I want to spill something!

Unfortunately two very sexy people could not make it to the meeting tonight, as they were busy making people even more beautiful. We missed you Megan and Anthony! We had a moment of silence and shed a few tears due to your unforeseen absence. It was a sombre meeting without you two to share your exuberance, promise.

I hope you are excited! I'm super excited! If I had seams, they would be bursting! I will be at the shoot keeping you updated and leaking as much as I can leak that day. We'll also be shooting on location, so hopefully I can get a few little sneak peeks out to you that day. I'll post some photos, and make like a ninja and stealthily post a bit of video too. I'm not going to be able to contain myself for very much longer.

Now I must once again bid you adieu. It's curtains for me, time to go listen to the raging storm outside and dream big.

Much love and thank you for calling,


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