Bad Times in Sadie Land!

The title of this post is a wee bit more dramatic than things in my life actually are. I mean, there -are- some nasty things lurking about, but there are also lots of positive things and mouse sized doors opening up here and there. With a little love from my friend 'TNT' those mouse sized doors will become large enough to fit giants through!

So um, where can I get some TNT?

I will spare you a lot of the negative, because frankly who wants to hear about it and who really cares? The internet is full of griping, whining and woe is me'ing already so I need not add to the pity pile. (I reserve the right to take this back in a future entry when I am feeling especially sorry for myself and feel the need to form my own internet support group)

I will just say that EI sucks and is useless and didn't pan out for me. THAT being said, now I'm pushing harder to find work. This is not whining, this is just fact stating!

I've had to put the blog layout on temporary hiatus as I was working on a few projects and yanno, looking for work. I made a new resume and I've sent it out hither and thither but no bites yet. It really is like fishing, and you really do hope to catch the big one, but so far guys... stagnant waters still.

Maybe the ol' resume isn't attractive enough. I wonder if the colors make it look fat, or if it is wearing the wrong shoes on it's footer. Maybe I'll give it a third makeover today.

Thanks to Jessie Lightburn for giving me my first real shot at freelance work! You rule sista!

Maybe now that I am finished with that poster I'll get back to finishing the blog layout. Things that pay before things that let me play, you know how it is. I do think I should deal with this cold I've got brewing first though as it is making my eyes run as if they were in a marathon, and they are starting to cross at random... you know when you are about to have a REALLY big sneeze and your face contorts in to a shape you never knew was possible? Yeah it's like that, but then no sneeze comes, just a flood of watering eyeballs.

My face is art, very very abstract art.

Thank you for reading!

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