Spring Motivation

Internet, oh internet. Throw me a bone.

You would think in this technological age it would be super easy to find work. I mean, this town isn't coughing up anything for me yet. It's a funny place, it seems busy and ripe with opportunity, but then it still has that small town 'I'll hire you if I know you' thing to it. I keep turning to the online world to search for something, anything really, that I can call 'my new job' but so far so fail.

The good thing is that it is Spring, or so the fat little Robin perched in the tree this morning told me. The birds are cheering me on outside the window... probably just begging for food, but food costs money, so in a way it's like cheering me on right?

My nocturnal nature is hard too... perfect for working from home, but horrid for pretty much everything else. It's hard when you are nocturnal, all of your senses and ease of thought come in the wee hours of the night when silence allows you to gather yourself and get inspired. It's like a drug, super hard to kick and very very addictive. It's hard to have much of a 'life' when you are a later nighter though, unless you find other people made from the same mold. Funny thing is, we nocturnites don't know who is a fellow nocturnite because we keep to ourselves and are pretty much solo. Maybe I should start a group and see who all is out there. We can start a revolution and reverse the natural order of the world! YEAH!

I keep staying up longer than I want in hopes to sleep REALLY weird for a couple of days and then be tired enough to go to bed at a decent time on day three. It worked before I got that damn swine flu, and that blew it all to Hell really fast. Now it's back to this nocturnal stuff again. I guess I'll try that three day night cleanse soon. I just tend to think like a 'normal' person when I sleep normal and that, guys, is really harmful to the creativity!!

Decisions, decisions. Someone just give me a job already so I'm forced to sleep normal!! That always works!

Anyways, off to sleep for a couple of hours and set twenty alarm clocks so I can get up around noon. Yep, two hours sleep for me woooo! Maybe I'll drop dead (SEE: sleep really deeply) tonight at a decent hour.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,

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