Holllllyyyyy cows and horses it's been busy in here today! That, by the way, equals AWESOME. After talking with a few of the clients these past few days, I feel super ok with being SO late at this whole Christmas thing. It seems like everyone is feeling like this year, Christmas totally snuck up on us, and I am certainly not alone in the 'I just put up my tree yesterday' club. In fact, this club is almost full!

Some people were asking me how my 'eye ball twitch' is going, and well, first off, thank you for asking! Secondly, it's almost gone... I think. I've been resting it as much as possible, which is the most frustrating thing ever! These days it's all about things you do with your eyes... internet, television, reading... what is entertaining about 'eye ball rest' I ask you? But, it's going away so I'll be able to be entertained again soon enough!

I do hope you all have sent Santa your wish lists because Christmas is right around the corner! It will be fun to come to work after the Holidays and see what he brought for all of my lovely co-workers :) Actually... I want my co-workers for Christmas, in my stocking... think they would all fit?!

Dear Santa... I want Anthony, Staysea, James, Andrew, Bexie, Megs, Mel, Annierose... *insert the rest of my co-worker's names here* in a large box or crammed in my stocking. Thank you, have a cookie! Love, me

If you are looking for some good Christmas stocking stuffers, sorry the staff are MINE, you can watch our Roots Facebook daily for our 12 Days of Christmas deals. If you spot one you like, you just have to mention it, and that you saw it on facebook, to one of the receptionists and boom! You get the deal! It's pretty awesome, so do check it out.

Alright folks, it's getting quiet in here all of a sudden so I'm going to start cleaning up like a good girl (take notice Santa Clause!)

Blog ya later,

Thank you for calling!