Black Hole Weekend of Crazy

What day is it? What is my name? Where am I?! WHO ARE YOU!?

That weekend flew by, and half of it was wrapped in a haze called 'Christmas Party'. We had a great time at Joe's Garage, and pretty much everyone showed up which is always awesome. There was so much food, and all of it was finger food, so that was perfect for mingling and grabbing the odd snack throughout the night. My eyes were bigger than my stomach at first and after the first plate of food was consumed, I was STUFFED. So much better than being hungry, but oh wow was I full!

I got some pictures, but I am waiting to see the pictures Andrea got. Her camera was working a bit better in the low light conditions inside the venue, and she got some 'gooduns'! I got some good ones from the after party of the party part of the evening. Andrea said she will let me gank the photos from her camera on Wednesday, but I'll throw up some of my Gullivers footage when I get home for you guys :)

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but you must understand that my head was feeling a bit like a pound of bricks just fell on it, and my body felt as if I threw it in front of a train, and the train sped up just before impact.... maybe that's a bit over the top, but maybe not. I barely got out of bed to be honest!

Oh and the stylist that still has to give me her answers STILL hasn't given them to me, so we will all blame her for procrastinating! I will harass her some more, and prod her with a big stick, and possible dangle delicious treats that she can't have until she submits and gives me her answers!

So yeah, just wanted to update you on the weekend and let you know what's up. It's a REALLY quiet day here today, so if you want to come visit with us and keep us from shedding tears of woe that would be awesome. If not, we still love you and totally understand!

I'm going to finish devouring this delicious scone that the lovely April got for me, and I will blog you later with pics and more updates from the bestest salon ever!

Happy Monday beautifuls!

Thank you for calling,

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