Busy really means Brain dead!

Ok, it's official, I have lost ALL of my marbles, a few bricks from my load and my light bulb has burnt out. I have spent the entire day losing things, being clumsy and having not only the worst short term memory ever, but I think it has found that void zone of absolutely NO memory at all. I think it's genetic memory failure, so I fully blame my mother, my mother's mother, and my mother's mother's mother's mother... you get the idea.

This makes work... interesting. It was a good exercise in 'faking it till you make it' all day today whilst trying not to look like an incompetent boob behind the desk. I'm certainly harder on myself than others are, but when you ask someone their name, and they tell you, and you have to ask again no more than three seconds later... they do give you that look of 'are you kidding me'? I keep wanting to say 'I AM NOT ON DRUGS I SWEAR!' but then you just sound paranoid and they are more likely to think you are, in fact, on drugs.

Paranoia aside people, if I am having one of those days and you happen to come in or call me, I am not on drugs. Really. It's just genetics :) I will give you my mom's email so you can forward all complaints to her. Love you mom <3

Tomorrow shall be better, and to celebrate a day of genetic boobery, here are some stumbles for you with a festive theme! And do come back tomorrow evening to catch a Roots Personality on one of our Roots men.... ohhh! Saturday I will be posting yet another one on a Roots girl!

Oh! And I will be posting that hint on the next Blog contest, which is fricken epic by the way! *whistles and waggles eyebrows*

Sadie's Stumbles Part 2:

This is a great place to snag a new desktop wallpaper or two if you are like me and have to have evvvverything festive, even your computer. These ones are super high quality and made for widescreens. Even if you don't have a widescreen you can use them though, it just wont display the entire image (unless you squish it, but that's gross!) I am using the one with presents and Christmas balls because it pleases my eyeballs and makes me yearn for Christmas morning... mmm presents and copious amounts of chocolate.

A lot of you probably already know about this fun and hilarious little site as it has been around a while. However, it came up in my Christmas Stumbles and so I thought I would post it in case you ( a ) have never seen it before or ( b ) forgot all about it. It's fun to play around with and post to your Facebook or send to friends and family. It looks absolutely redonkulous, which is what makes it awesome. So hey you, go elf yourself!

I absolutely LOVE this site and was so happy to see it in my Stumbles! I've been going there for years and it's always so much fun. You can make your own snowflake and put a message on it, as well as where you are from (I just say Vancouver Island, snowflake stalkers need not apply) and then it will fall from the sky on the site. Anyone that hovers over your snowflake will see your message and can respond, and you
can do the same for others. I always get in a Christmas mood after spending some time on here for an unexplainable reason. You can also email your snowflake to your friends and family. I admit to making a few of these... maybe ten.. or more...shh

This site is sort of like the snowflake one, except that this one allows you to customize a gingerbread man/woman/tree and send it to your friends and family via email. I just like playing around with it more than I like sending them, it's a bit addictive and it gave me ideas on how I want to decorate my own cookies before I attempt to do it without practice and make them all look like I punched them in the face.

This was just a hilarious video I stumbled on... just watch. The patience of this cat amazes me, and I wonder how many takes it took to get the complete video. If it was only one take, then wowza. Also, how would one go about teaching a cat it likes to be wrapped in paper? *looks at her new kitten*

That is it for tonight guys, early to rise tomorrow for my first morning shift in ages. I almost want to give you all my phone number so you can bombard me with text messages and phone calls until I get out of bed. Almost... I'm a big girl now though, I think I can manage this. Either that or I will bribe my boyfriend to kick me out of bed and on to the floor.

Sleep tight everyone!

Thank you for calling,

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