Hello Strangers!

Just wanted to pop by and let you all know that I have not died, been abducted by aliens, been stranded on a deserted island (although a very sunny one with lots of fruit would be LOVELY for a few weeks!) or any other such dramatic thing.

I have been told to stay away from the computer as much as possible for eye strain... this, this does not sit well with me. Plus, I happen to have a job that requires lots of computer time! So, I've been behaving at home as much as possible and not doing too much reading on the internetz, playing games *cry* or dabbling with anything that involves my eyes on the screen for too long.

I shall be back to regular updates as soon as this irritating problem ceases and my eyes are back to full strength. Is this a symptom of aging? If so, have any of you found the fountain of youth yet?! If you have, do send me some to put under my tree for Christmas ;)

PS: 12 days of Christmas have started over at the Roots Facebook fan page, so be sure to keep your eyes on that daily for some amazing deals. Remember, you have to mention that you read it on the facebook page when you come visit one of our receptionists at either salon in order to get the deal. It's a secret, almost, or more accurately, a prize for all of you that give us online love ;)

I'll talk to ya soon! Pray for the speedy recovery of my eyes! I know I am!

Thank you for calling,

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