Roots Personalities: Megan Griffiths

And as promised, a second Roots Personalities this week! The secret girl I was talking about is Megan Griffiths! I'm sure a lot of you see her as your stylist, and those that don't at least know of her. She's been with Roots a looonnnng time and she's a very very talented young lady.

I love working with Megan, and absolutely LOVE her energy!
She is a very positive and inspirational lady and so it is my pleasure to feature her here!

Megan? I MEGA HEART YOUR DAMN FACE!! ♥♥♥♥♥ x 10000

Q. What is your favorite thing about working at Roots?

I LOVE the positive vibrant energy of the salon. We are a little (always growing) dysfunctional family... have been very fortunate to work with such creative and beautiful people for the past six years!

Q. When did you decide you wanted to become a hair stylist and what made you decide to become one?

My VERY first experience with styling came when I was about 5 years old. I had a yellow plastic breifcase that I filled with various tools (kitchen sheers, nail scissors, hairbrush etc...) and went by the name "Shirley the hairdresser"!!! My dad paid me 25 cents to trim his eyebrows!!! Hahahaha.
Down the road a while when I was in middle school I met Mike & Ida at the salon on Church Street in Comox and was recruited as a hair model!!! I fell in LOVE with the "cool" factor!!! The industry was calling my name... everything just seemed to fit. Mike & Ida have served as amazing mentors sharing their skills an knowledge over the years... shaping me into the stylist I am today ;)

Q. Do you want to specialize in one particular area of hair design in the future? Example: Platform artist, working on movie sets, owning your own salon etc? Or are you content with having your own clients and working for Roots?

I am NEVER satisfied to live within preset perameters. I love to learn and will always strive to grow from new experiences along the way. Adventure runs in my blood...I would take a spin at any or ALL the above! A few things on my career list; work backstage at NY Fashion Week, compete and win a major national/ international stylist competition,have my work published, climb Mt. Everest! HA... I could go on and ON! Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

Q. Now on the the more personal and random stuff... What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

I think my ability to interact with people is one of my greatest strengths. I also have a TONNE of energy which can be both a great strength AND weakness depending on the situation. My endless perfectionism in most everything that I do has been a struggle throughout my life to date. clients don't seem to mind that about me ;)

Q. What do you think the world needs to learn?

Love. Acceptance. Humility. Things we can all work on.

Q. What is your dream concert lineup starting from opening band to headliner?

I love music... however, I wouldn't say I have ever really dreamt about concerts. I like live music in small intimate venues. The last concert I really wanted to see was in Australia, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. My friend Cian introduced me to the band when I first arrived in Sydney and we tried (and failed miserably) to scrape up cash to go when they were touring Oz last March. I would still
LOVE to see that show!!

Q. If you could have anything delivered to your doorstep each morning, what would it be and why?

Wheatgrass shot. To keep me strong and healthy.

Q. If you could write one message on a ten dollar bill that people would see as the money circulated, what would it be and why?

What do you call two turtles mating...??? SLOW POKE!!! Hahahaha.

Q. If someone were looking for you in a bookstore, which section would they be most likely to find you?

Travel section....dreaming about my next adventure! It's very possible I might also be in the food isle drooling over colourful pictures of beautiful fresh cooking! I LOVE FOOD!

Q. What is something you used to love, but have outgrown?

Doubled diagonal forward slices....translation: zebra stipe highlights.

Q. What is something you used to love and refuse to outgrow?

Candy. CANDY. CANDY!!!

Q. Is there anything that you enjoy that would probably surprise most of the people that know you?

No? Well....I'm sure theres LOTS. Just cant think of anything this second.

Q. What is your biggest fear, and how did you come to fear it?

Incompetence. I HATE not being able to do things...

Q. What are the five things that make you happiest in life?

All PEOPLE....Too many to LIST!!!

Q. Other than being a hair stylist, what is another career you would pursue if we had not have kidnapped you to our dark side?

Biologist, lawyer, environmental engeneer, cabinet maker...

Q. What type of hair styling excites you the most? For example, crazy rockstar hair styles, conservative hair styles, trendy styles?

I'm loving softness and harmonious "pretty" with hair colour...even in terms of fashion shades, bright and bold doesnt have to look tacky! I love EVERYTHING with texture, movement, bounce...never TOO polished. I like combining a bit of "old school" flavor into my special occasion styling with glamorous s-waves, pincurls and soft curling iron sets.

Q. What are your biggest pet peeves?

I really don't like spitting... EWWWW!

There ya have it folks, the lovely Megs has spoken!

And now I'm off to eat some MUNCHIES! No, not the actual brand munchies, but probably something junkish like that ;)

Thank you for calliing,

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  1. Anonymous Says:
    December 7, 2010 at 4:12 PM

    Wow that Megan sure is a firecracker!!! She must have picked up most of her awesomeness from her big sister! That's right! Awesomeness runs in our family....
    love you Megs